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Use sacrosanct in a sentence

Definition of sacrosanct:

  • (adjective) must be kept sacred (very holy)
  • (adjective) Beyond alteration, criticism, or interference, especially due to religious sanction

Sentence Examples:

It is the sacrosanct fetish.

The sacrosanct fetish of to-day is science.

There is nothing sacrosanct in this American tradition.

Anne-Marie's sleep was a thing inviolate and sacrosanct.

Was information derived by a confessor in such a way sacrosanct, because obtained in the confessional?

He was a decently dressed fellow, obviously no customer of this sacrosanct place, obviously a stranger to its interior.

He had outraged both throne and altar, and his sacrilegious hand had not spared things the most sacrosanct.

The sacrosanct character of the King of Castile, moreover, was still a strong tradition, and Don Juan, who knew his fellow-countrymen well, dared not aim at ruling instead of the King, but through the King.

It might again be pointed out that Sun Yat-sen differed with Marxism which, while it, of course, does not hold that all knowledge is already found, certainly keeps its own first premises beyond all dispute, and its own interpretations sacrosanct.