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Use sappy in a sentence

Definition of sappy:

  • (adjective) ludicrous, foolish;
  • (adjective) abounding in sap; "sappy maple trees"; "sappy kindling wood"

Sentence Examples:

The White Linen Nurse's nostrils were smooth and calm with the lovely sappy scent of rabbit-nibbled maple bark and mud-wet arbutus buds.

This method was adopted in order to cope with high winds and at the same time to arrest growth, for in the damp soil in which Japanese pears are rooted, the branches would be too sappy.

There is a vulgar pretentiousness about what we may call the sappy style of work which is very undesirable.

Caution is also necessary where the winters are cold not to apply water late or in excessive quantities, lest a sappy condition of the plants shall be induced, which will make them succumb to the cold of the winter following.

The plants being set out on high land are extremely seldom inundated, and a conflagration could not spread far amongst green leaves and sappy petioles.

A pigeon was cooing; the sappy scent from the lopped bushes filled all the sun-warmed air.

My throat and tongue and whole body have often been parched and feverish dry with this measureless thirst, and again moist to the fingers' ends like a sappy bough.

The railroad track was about a mile from the house, and the whole country, hereabout, was sappy, dank, and almost barren.

For in their center lies the sink, ever open, and the floors are sappy with uncleanliness.

The cambium in these vigorous, sappy shoots is in the most active condition possible; just the condition most suitable for the union of stock and scion.

In our top-working experiments this fact was further emphasized by a windstorm which broke off many of the sappy shoots just above where the bud was put on.

The cambial region was grayish-black and the inner bark was sappy and greenish-brown.

The weight of sapwood or the sappy, peripheral part of our common lumber woods is always great, whether cut in winter or summer.

Between himself and its slender birches lay piled amidst the parched and dusty grass, and the first courses of a wooden building, rank with the smell of sappy timber, already stood in front of him.

Probably for plucking some trashy flower, or, at the worst, looking twice at some sappy freshman acquaintance waving his hand from a frat house.

"And what does the wise, sagacious, sappy, perspiring man of wisdom like yourself who knows a thing or two do?"

In the foreground, on the bank of a stream, a crooked tree reaches out its sappy young branches, which form, together with the latticed railing of an intimate white bridge, a delicate pattern against some evergreens behind.

The ineffable sappy green of spring everywhere sets and embowers it.

Several gunboats were also built there, and early in May, their sappy timbers yet reeking with woodsy odors, the new craft dropped down the river to join the fleet at the Buttonwoods.

Care should be taken to see that all knots and sappy streaks shall be covered with a coat of orange shellac.

The stumps of trees chopped down by the axes of the Pioneers were still green and sappy in the track, and the wheels of the cart jarred against rocks that traffic had not worn down, and crushed through the houses of white ants who had not yet acquired the wisdom to build elsewhere than on the road leading to the country of Cecil Rhodes.

Between groans and maledictions, heaped upon the sappy one, he wholly agreed with him.

The wood should be well primed with raw linseed oil and white lead after the covering over with shellac varnish of all resinous and sappy parts in order to stop their coming through the paint coats.

Though he goes gunning all day without finding one young rabbit for his pot, the bark of the homesteader's orchard trees will be gnawed by them at the precise sappy moment.

The soft sappy bark hardened itself to resist the rains, the roots spread further and further, and burrowed more deeply: the murmur of sea began to nest in its branches, and its shadow spread like a pool around it.

So, 'these tender young plants, being past the sappy age,' as Heywood poetically calls them, spent some happy months, till an event happened which changed everything for everybody.

These leaves however are fat and full of juice, and shaped like a tongue, and slightly serrated round the edge, with a somewhat astringent flavor; the whole shrub is coated with a thick, fleshy, sappy bark.

The trees would be full of unripe wood, and sappy shoots shrivelled by the frost, and scurfy bark, and perished boughs, and general discomfort, and sulkiness.

Heat and moisture and a plethora of raw material, leaves, flowers, soft, sappy and fragrant woods, growing grass and moist earth, these are the essential elements for the manufacture of ethereal and soul-soothing odors suggestive of tangible flavors.

The cabin sheathing is of narrow matched boards planed on both sides and as free from knots and sappy places as it is possible to get them.

The thin layers of affectation came off easily and cleanly, leaving bare the white sappy smoothness of her innocent sensuality.

Death, when the savage planters muster to avenge their fellow, and drag you down to yon bayou, to shriek and scorch your life away among the sappy fagots of the slow fire!

The sappy stalk of a young bracken leaf is very sturdy; when it is only six inches high the stalk may be already half an inch across at the bottom, and half that thickness where it curls over at the top to form a crook.

The flamethrower had to be used this time, and for several minutes clouds of steam swirled about the men as its blue-white tongue fought the sappy, rain-soaked undergrowth.

While only the leaves should be collected for the best pharmaceutical trade, the young growth, including the smaller sappy twigs, has medicinal value and may be sheared from the plants and dried in the same manner as the leaves.

You cannot have a rank, sappy race, like the English or the German, without plenty of moisture in the air and in the soil.

The sawmills have been hard at work for the last month, and huge gaps appear in the circling files of redwood where the fallen trees are transmuted to a new style of existence in the damp sappy tenements that have risen over the burnt district.

In the tepee there was no light and very often no fuel, and owing to the forced marches there was not much time for cutting wood, also it was hard to light as it was so green and sappy.

I swear and promise that, in what I can, I will preserve it sappy, full of juice, and as well victualled for her use as may be.