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Use sappy in a sentence

Definition of sappy:

  • (adjective) ludicrous, foolish;
  • (adjective) abounding in sap; "sappy maple trees"; "sappy kindling wood"

Sentence Examples:

She dug, she clipped, she explored, inhaling, with little thrills, the faint mounting odor of forest loam and sappy stems.

Water does not flow out of boards and timbers of its own accord, but must be evaporated, though it may be forced out of very sappy specimens by heat.

This pedigree the old soldier took care to explain to every one about him, more particularly to the sappy youths aforementioned.

Green and blue was that fairyland, warm with the sun and redolent of the sea and the sappy fragrance of sun-bathed foliage.

If you wish to be healthful, sappy, strong, wish to attain any desirable thing, it is to be bound not in defiance of the laws of the universe, but in loving and tender obedience.

The boss, or chief man in the gang, then chipped away the white sappy rind surrounding the scarlet heart with its crystals of brilliant red.

He noted that the leaves, which at noon had been green and sappy, with only a slight crumpling of their edges, were now gray and curled into tight scrolls, crackling as he brushed them aside.

Then sow a cover crop of rye, cow peas or soy beans to take up moisture, slow up growth and prevent the late sappy condition that is often responsible for winter injury.

I became absorbed in the glory of the day, the sunshine, the sweet air, the yellowing corn turning from its sappy green to summer's noon of gold, the lark's song like a waterfall in the sky.

At long intervals a little breeze ran through the corn like a swift serpent, bringing to his nostrils the sappy smell of the growing corn.

Then we came out in a glen that cut far into the mountains, full of the laughter of falling water and the rustle of sappy foliage.

The silence was absolutely ghostly, except when now and then a bullock would give a big long sigh, or a sappy stick in the fire would crack and hiss.

Only a day or two before he had struck his hatchet into one of them, and concluded from its soft white sappy rind that it would not provide fit timber for his boat.

All sorts of great sappy stalks of unknown plants barred the way and tangled the foot; and there were boggy places into which one sank horribly.

The low flames danced beneath the trees, red goblins in a dust of smoke, twigs and branches crackling, the sappy wood adding rather to the smother than to the blaze.

The writer has found by experience that on the cheapest jobs (of two-coat work) where the wood is sappy, and the work has been rendered rough by the painter using a large quantity of drier in his priming coat, a much better surface is made to grain over by this method.

Tropical climates soon develop defects in wood, and though it may be impossible to detect any flaws or signs of early decay in a new vessel, the timber of which she is constructed may have been put in sappy, and she may be ready to break out into dry rot on the slightest provocation.

This scattering of the sap-filled cones, together with the bringing of each into contact with dry foreign substances, secures ventilation and assists the sappy cones to dry and cure; if closely piled, many of these moist cones would be lost through mold and decay.

Hence, if the press contains any specimens of a succulent or sappy nature, they should be taken out after the first day or two, and then replaced with a fresh supply of dry paper.

The bearing of this fact on the peculiarities of warping and shrinkage is that when cut down the log is drier at the heart and more sappy at the outside, so that evaporation occurs near the surface.

Beside him the cattle crunched the sappy grass in so sweet and hearty mouthfuls that he could well wish he had the taste of nature himself, and they breathed great breaths of content.

The roasting ears burned to death on the stalk and the wide fodder blades slowly cooked from sappy greenness to a brittle dead brown.

This can be made of sycamore cherry, holly, or willow branches, where there is a fairly thick coating of sappy bark outside the firm woody fiber.

There is a prejudice against soils too rich, some holding that on overly rich land the growth is soft and sappy and therefore a good medium for the multiplication of the blight bacteria.

As the sun warmed the ground, the sappy perfume of tree and fern and grass mounted, scenting the pure, cool air with warm and balm-like odors.

A simple canvas cot is easily made from two pine or spruce sticks seven feet long, two inches in diameter, and free from knots or sappy places.

The larger fruits, especially under the exuberant sappy foliage, were so huge that they might have been grown in the garden of luxury itself, still the whole had a look of reality.

The piece opens with a long dialogue in blank verse, between Loveless, a newly married rake, rejoicing in the happy cause of my content, and Amanda, his bride, that Sappy cause.

A new door of good sound pine will be treated differently to one made of an inferior wood, which is knotty and somewhat sappy.

You will mount the scaffold, and while the great concourse stand uncovered in your presence, you will read your sappy little speech which the minister has written for you.

Screamed the Apple-Seed Elf, and Sappy the Owl gave him a kick with his foot and sent him off scampering through the grass.

The girl wrenched apart two sappy lengths of vine, and with a jerk of her head bade Planter slip through into the great thicket.

The effusion may either be of blood or of serum; blood constitutes the old and the new corn, serum gives rise to the sappy corn.

While they were harnessing me a cart, I went for a stroll about a small orchard, now neglected and run wild, which enclosed the little lodge on all sides with its fragrant, sappy growth.