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Use scoff in a sentence

Definition of scoff:

  • (noun) showing your contempt by derision
  • (verb) laugh at with contempt and derision; "The crowd jeered at the speaker"
  • (verb) treat with contemptuous disregard; "flout the rules"

Sentence Examples:

"Dada scoffs at capital letters, atrociously."

The scoffer could scoff no more.

It distorts nature and scoffs at portraiture.

Christophe would scoff at such pusillanimous ideas.

With scoffs and scorns and contumelious taunts.

To scoff religion is ridiculously proud and immodest.

Made us every caitiff's scoff throughout broad Scotland.

The scoff of withered age and beardless youth.

They added insults to cruelty, and scoffs to rapaciousness.

As little dapper knaves, as they trimly could scoff.

Cried the Count with a scoff, unloosing her arm.

Profane and irreligious men will scoff at all serious piety.

The doubter may scoff you out of believing in the resurrection.

You have drained philosophy to the dregs, and scoff at everything.

"I came to scoff, and I stay to pray," said Jarvis, cryptically.

He had dared to scoff at her histrionic talent, had he?

Valeria might scoff, as those proverbially did who never felt a wound.

She considered Sandy a scoffer, whereas Sandy did not scoff at all.

Skinner's gibes and scoffs: he would bear everything for his mother's sake.

Do you suppose that he alone is to be saved from the upbraiding scoff?

To scoff at these apprehensions is absurd and impolitic in the last degree.

Let us not scoff too loudly at their mystic visions and religious rhapsodies!

A logician who tries to scoff away any faith I count as almost criminal.

He comes to scoff and does not remain to pray, but rather to excommunicate.

Will you suffer that house of holiness to be the scoff of the idolater?

It's all very well to scoff, but one may get a side-light anywhere.

Rover might scoff at Madame Marie's astounding statement, made under such astounding conditions.

One who rails; one who scoffs, insults, censures, or reproaches with opprobrious language.

Most stand unmoved amidst all the scoffs and jeers of a reviling world.

Surely there is here but little occasion to commiserate want, or to scoff at poverty!

The silly crows, no doubt, scoff at alarming; "What's toxicology to do with farming?"

Farther, what scoffs and jeers did not the old comedians throw upon him?

There were purpose and feeling, banter and scoff, playing, mingled, on her mobile lineaments.

The scoffs and sarcasms and sophistries of infidels are not from a love of truth.

He must hear the grossness of the licentious, and endure the scoff of the godless.

And her listener did not scoff even to himself at the revelation he was vouchsafed.

He scoffs at all statements other than these, looking upon them as at bottom sophistical.

Some people profess to scoff at the introduction of bookkeeping into the running of the household.

Morgan saw his followers, maddened by liquor, scoff at the idea of discipline and obedience.

It becomes confused and disheartened, disbelieves in itself, and scoffs at fresh resolves and endeavors.

Sectarians will not venture to rhapsodize, nor infidels to scoff, in the common intercourse of society.

In fact, he tended to scoff at conspiracy theories, claiming they were a substitute for hardheaded analysis.

The titter of the girls, which was not ill-meant, sounded after him like an intentional scoff.

Why rejoice to see this once beautiful creature the scoff of all the heartless young fops of Rome?

I can anticipate the sneer of the cynic who scoffs at what he calls my glorified pawnshop.

"Don't worry, old duffer," scoffs Pepin, "but if you've got cold feet you can leave us to it."

They are ever ready to scoff at holy persons and things, and to stigmatize the pious as hypocrites.

You had begun by saying that you believed in palmistry, and then you proceeded to scoff at it.

Of course, our verminous contemporary, the Independent, will scoff, and wipe its shoes on the illustrious dead.

What though frivolous men and thoughtless women ridicule your devotion, and scoff at your churchgoing and professions!

And why is a writer to submit to scoffs and insults and tamely to hear his profession reviled?

Moore had lost few opportunities to scoff at the country his father had striven so unselfishly to aid.

She is an irreligious old creature, and scoffs with more cleverness than grace at everything new or earnest.

We scoff at the vanity of the French, but it is a graceful vanity; pardonable compared with ours.'

As the rights of man are at last recognized, the scoffers, now so heartless, will forget to scoff.

The materialist may scoff, but the voice of the Ages is louder and clearer in our ears than his.

The wise man does not scoff at them, for while they are often absurd, they are rarely baseless.

Most would scoff at the suggestion, of course, feeling that it showed the low nature of the suggester.

I scoff at his folly, "You must have been a chump, Mac, to think it could be done," I remark.

They will bewail each other in foreign lands; but their lamentations will be the scoff of the stranger.

He yearned for idealism, for truth, and because he could find neither he began to scoff and blaspheme.

The practical person, the wary pedant, and the supercritical will scoff at this, but let it stand.

Such a theory would be as unscientific as the popular belief in miraculous creation at which the scientific materialist scoffs.

Such a scoff at economy, uttered in an assembly which is the especial guardian of the public purse, was injudicious.

They were adored; and to flatter them, the populace were prone to revile and scoff at the name of Mancini.

Columbus was exposed to continual scoffs and indignities, being ridiculed as a mere dreamer and stigmatized as an adventurer.

This corroboration rather disconcerted Horace, but he continued to scoff at any statement that Jimmie also owned a velocipede.

Scoffers will scoff, and liars will lie, whether they bear the title of Reverend, or be patrons of brothels.

Why, we once had a delightful course on almost the very subjects at which he was ignorantly pleased to scoff!

I will exterminate every lion hero with my sword: let him vaunt, let him boast, let him scoff.

It was almost a scoff, to compare the Island that had the power of the sea with an Italian duchy.

Then let not landsmen scoff at such fancies, not a whit more absurd than their own credence in spiritualism.

The room itself seemed to scoff her pretension to motherhood within the sheer volume of its cacophonous and sneering laughter.

If he learns Irish, which all the world scoffs at, he likewise learns Italian, which all the world melts at.

He could assume, as an essayist assumes when he dances naked before his readers, that they were not there to scoff.

Is protest against excess to grow weaker, until the ideal of humaneness in the laboratory shall become a scoff and a byword?

Now-a-days superior persons scoff at these benighted folk, but very often seem to be astray in just as dark a night themselves.

Ready to scoff and disparage, jealous and niggardly, marrying only among themselves, the families formed a serried phalanx to keep out intruders.

And now all at once she had a defender in whose presence no one dared utter a jibe or make a scoff of Janet.

What is it but a mutilated, feeble, discordant, and half-expiring instrument, at which Satan and his children, legally and illegally, scoff!

The materialist may scoff at it, but it remains a primitive part of human nature against which argument beats itself in vain.

Those who were still inclined to scorn and to scoff at him to-day would be his most cringing sycophants on the morrow.

None of us desire to scoff at true piety or moral loftiness, but we feel instinctively that in Eric these virtues are somewhat indecently paraded.

One half intoxicated fellow began to scoff at her, but was almost immediately hushed by the scarcely less drunken ones around him.

A fickle multitude might crowd to shout and scoff round the gibbeted remains of the greatest Prince and Soldier of the age.

It was the birth of a new sensation, the most poignant of all sensations, although philosophers deny and materialists scoff at it.

It was at a little town on the outskirts of the city where those who had come to scoff and jeer remained to listen.

Others who saw the city in these primitive Dutch days have found much in it and its inhabitants to revile and scoff at.

Now as soon as he saw the two he broke out into scoffs and gibes, till the heart of Ulysses grew hot with anger.

Here is the secret of that haughty and derisive materialism of certain modern Germans, who jeer and scoff at the lofty pretensions of philosophy.

He tramples her under foot, he laughs at her to her face, he flouts her, he denies her, he insults her, he scoffs at her!

She was so childishly delighted with her scanty possessions that she was thankful Susie remained invisible and did not come out and scoff.

Of the others, many who came to scoff remained to take raffle tickets; and one of the phonographs was finally disposed of in this way.

Yet those who snarl out suchlike dirges, which any laundryman with a little sense would scoff at, think themselves great theologians ...

The barbels had not shown themselves complacent, and seemed to scoff at the two young people, who were too just to bear them malice.

Key refused to use it, he would have deserved the scoff which, by a contemporary, has so preposterously been thrown on the "no hernia case."

Our foreign cousins scoff at it and call it immodest; but we may reserve our own opinion as to the relative modesty of some of their institutions.

Two Indian lads approached, chattering to each other over the heart-shaped horn tops they were swinging on buckskin strings, and tarried a moment to scoff.

His homeliness and anxious sincerity riveted the attention of the most thoughtless; and, as a poet says, "They who came to scoff remain'd to pray."

It is a sign of degeneracy in us to banter and to scoff, and cynically to vulgarize the ridicule and the contempt heaped upon us by others.