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Use scoot in a sentence

Definition of scoot:

  • (verb) run or move very quickly or hastily

Sentence Examples:

With this rig, we can scoot around like a pair of barracudas!

I got what he meant in a jiffy and off I scooted.

"Whether he did or he didn't we'd better scoot quick," opined Peachy.

Then we got reckless and crossed into the bobsled scoot and tried that.

"I suppose there are still some of these German submarines scooting about almost under our feet."

Two of them started off all right, and pretty soon were scooting among the treetops.

Then Dave French speeded up the motors, and the big seaplane scooted along the water.

The moment I shut off the power of gravitation I scooted upward like a wild swan.

Gabriele heard the movement of papers and magazines being suddenly assorted and things being scooted.

One Japanese scooted out and cut the rope that held the drawbridge, and down she dropped.

These fish have a hankering for Rascal, I guess, and they scoot straight for his nets.

"We caught these fellows scooting down the Thames in a high-power motorboat, sir," was the reply.

The blighter tosses us around like we're a couple of rag dolls, and starts scooting down the track.

There were other sounds now, from small animals that scooted about on six legs and looked like fur-bearing armadillos.

In a split jiffy we were scooting along the fence row to a spot about twenty-five feet farther up the lane.

If I could just be a crawfish instead of a Christmas tree, I could scoot backwards and hide behind the curtain!

Linton scooted forward on the insultingly cold metal chair and really looked at the doctor for the first time.

Occasionally a timid chipmunk would appear, nervously twitching its tail until our presence caused it to scoot behind a rock or bush.

The little cars scooted up and down the two center lanes while pedestrians, poor benighted souls, kept to the side walkways.

Freddy rolled his eyes at Sammy, but Sammy made a little scooting gesture and handed the greeter their tickets, which were ringside.

The ball caromed his leg, scooted fiendishly at the second baseman, and tried to run up all over him like a tame squirrel.

It was then that the little butterball of fur rolled in from the passageway and scooted across the deck toward Mallory's legs.

The rabbit touched third and then, frightened at the crowd in the bleachers just behind third, it turned around and scooted for the home plate.

Also, rocket tubes are so tricky that you never know when one is going to misfire and send your ship scooting off suddenly in the wrong direction.

The very instant your magnetic tapes got crammed to capacity, you pressed six dozen panic buttons and scooted like a scared jackrabbit for Home, Sweet Home.

With a rounding sweep the destroyer commanded by Dave Darrin turned out of the way of the troopship, then came up close, on the same course, scooting by.

He must have heavy hobnails, or, like the mountaineers, he has drawn thick yarn socks over his boots, else he couldn't scoot about on the ice the way he does.

Fearing the ball might be caught, Billy lingered near first; but now he fancied there was no chance that the fielder would capture it, and away he scooted.

The ball went out on a line clear of the reach of any infielder, and the runner ahead of the jay tore up the dust as he scooted round the bases.

Having thus settled that question, the Gray Fox bethought him that it might be just as well to scoot for home, lest other councils should prevail about the capital.

He made me think of eggs, so I set my jaws, looked straight ahead, and scooted across the floodgate to the post that held it and the rails of the meadow fence.

Upon completing a meal, especially if the meal had been particularly bloody, the weasel rubbed its chin on the bottom of the cage, scooting along and appearing more snakelike than normal.

At an elaborate public dinner one night, among other topical effects, a dummy taxicab suddenly scooted out before the guests, held up a dummy police commissioner, took his watch, and scooted away again.

He tossed the vodka at the giant's eyes, and scooted around the mountain of flesh before it erupted with a volcanic succession of Russian curses that shook the room with their volume and sincerity.

A second later the chase was on, and I was scooting down the row like a cottontail, running and panting and grinning to myself to think what a clever trick I was playing.

Through the glasses he could see tiny homesteads, miles of unsettled stretches broken only by a rough road, and an occasional traveler scooting along in a car or seeming to crawl behind a team of horses.

Even so, you always get the impression that one of the little rail cars that scoots along the corridors is climbing uphill all the way, because the acceleration is greater than any measly thirty centimeters per second squared.

As a result he suddenly slowed short, and retracing his steps a bit scooted up an alley so dark that it seemed that here sun and moon had been in eclipse since the last glacier slipped roaring over the earth.

The bullet must have singed him a little though, for, instead of wildly scooting for the brush, as I anticipated, he turns savagely round and comes bounding rapidly toward me, and at twenty paces crouches for a spring.

Later on he was always scraping, or blowing, or thumping, scooting about from one concert to another, making expeditions to the shrine of Wagner as he called it, composing songs, and symphonies, and operas, and Heaven only knows what besides.

Plunk and I scooted around where we could see the other side, and there, about thirty feet off, was a Jap hanging on to a short log with one arm, and paddling toward us as fast and as quietly as he could.

Emma Jane obeyed orders summarily, taking herself off the log, out the dooryard, and otherwise scuttling and scooting down the hill at a pace never contemplated even by Jacob Moody, who stood regarding her flying heels with a sardonic grin.

Others came up bristling with fight, and some, the cowardly ones, giving one look at the party of horsemen and the pack of hounds, tucked their bushy tails between their legs, and scooted off over the plateau, yelping like whipped curs!

They made a rude sled of saplings, of the kind known to hunters as a "scoot," and drew the bear home; and from the vainglorious talk of Willis one might have thought us the three most valiant lads that ever ranged the forest!

With a jerk and a rattle they were off, and there ensued an exciting ten minutes as the taxicab scooted through the traffic, shooting across streets, and missing collisions by the narrowest of margins a dozen times in the course of the brief journey.

He disliked this occupation very much, and the only way I could get him to pull me at all, was to take him to the far end of the village, near our old brown house, hitch him to the sled, and then let him scoot for home.