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Use scoot in a sentence

Definition of scoot:

  • (verb) run or move very quickly or hastily

Sentence Examples:

We can soon scoot if necessary.

"We've got to scoot quick!"

Now scoot, and I'll watch till you reach the gate.

The women scoot in all directions from the danger zone.

We'd better scoot before I buy any more things by mistake.

"Then scoot home now."

Old Joe scooted away.

She scooted even closer.

He scooted further west.

He scooted in ahead of you.

We are certainly scooting along.

Oh, they scooted like fun.

It has been a great scoot.

Never mind, I'll just scoot.

Then I up anchor and scooted.

See them all scooting away now.

Couldn't a fellow scoot around then!

I scooted along in great shape.

A tech sometimes sends 'em scooting.

Maurice scooted for the back door.

The houses seemed scooting by in madness.

Don't try away from me to scoot!

He cried, as he scooted for first.

There he scoot-um head first on ground.

"I'd like to take a scoot around outside."

Already Hodge was scooting for second.

We'd better be scooting back to school.

Look at that barrel scooting down yonder.

Forward he scooted in a cloud of dust.

I've got to scoot back to the house.

"You'd better scoot," he advised him kindly.

Then tell me why the dogs scooted.

They will come here as their scoots came.

Please open that door again, an' let me scoot!

Grabbed his hat and scooted right off.

Look at the way it scoots around over there!

I reckon we'll have to do a scoot, Jack.

"Perhaps you scooted them farther than you thought!"

He called it Boy Scoots, and Frank roared.

I'll make him scoot for home, you bet.

Daisy scooted, and Patty locked her door again.

Then he turned and scooted off like fun.

Then you ought to have seen the settlement scoot!

Several boys scooted as we came up the stairs.

Hugo saw a narrow hole and scooted into it.

Let's scoot into this hollow and enjoy ourselves.

The obedient creatures scooted quickly after the soldiers.

Scott scooted off of his bar stool laughing.

I saw him scooting off like a scared dog.

"Took the courier boat and scooted away from here."

It was our train scooting along around the mountains.

I'd best scoot before the kids find me out.

"You scooted up the tunnel for a brisk toweling?"

More than a score were scooting around on their machines.

"I think the 'old man' is scooting for cover."

Everything small has scooted to harbor long before this.

Then I must take my books and scoot off.

Wait till somebody tries to pass, an' then scoot.

Did you scoot back when you saw his fin?

"Let's scoot for that bus, or we'll lose it."

Now you just take these vases and scoot along.

Redskin scoots out of sight into a corner right away.

"We'd scoot up there now if it wasn't so late."

I waited for no more, but did a flying scoot.

"Then we won't scoot," advised Dick, changing front instantly.

"Bunk, bottle, scoot, skip, vanish, exit," said the soldier.

I say, let's turn down the gas and scoot.

On the next ball pitched Jack scooted for second.

They never said a word, but scooted up the stairs.

You promised your aunt you'd scoot when her guests arrived.

You scoot now, and fetch your man over this way.

Anybody would have to admire them as they came scooting past.

"The nicest thing just now would be to scoot indoors!"

Ye scooted down the companion all right at eight bells.

Perhaps she too will scoot off in the night soon.

Put the wind up them properly; they scooted like hares.

Then I scooted through the bathroom door and locked that.

That's why I say you made a big mistake by scooting.

Some of them scooted away when they caught sight of us.

He scooted across that ledge like a cat after a bird.

You call me, I take a car and bring her scooting!

She scooted by our hut and down dropped the yeast.

I should have brought it with me when I made my scoot.

We must scoot back, because he'll be in a hurry to start.

We scooted pretty quick out of that piece of scenery,' he said.

She did tell me to scoot up the tree in a hurry.

She scooted off his lap and ran into the kitchen.

There he goes scooting away over past that other pile of lumber!

She'll scoot you all down the yard to the main line.

I guess I will scoot to bed, now; I'm awful sleepy.

The horse scooted out of the camp, and I clung on.

Its head scooted smoothly over the water for a short distance.

See, though: they scoot here and there, but always head upstream.

I wanted to talk to him, but he scooted in double-quick order.

"Now, Paddy, that patrol has scooted; let's get after them."

Tell the professor to lay off, before he sends us scooting too.

And scooting in a motor is not so very disagreeable after all.

There was something else I meant to tell you; must you scoot?

Louis just scooted for his own house as fast as he could.

We'd better scoot and get a place to stay all night.