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Definition of sedition:

  • (noun) an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government

Sentence Examples:

This was adjudged sedition and felony.

The regiment is just seething with sedition.

The city seethed with intrigue and sedition.

The religious element is introduced into Irish sedition.

What an inevitable harvest of sedition, radicalism, infidelity!

This explosion of sedition alarmed the German authorities.

"Nay, the sedition in Tape is old and vitiated."

The place seethes with hidden treachery and sedition.

What can be more "pestiferous," or more prone to sedition?

It was seething with sedition and readiness for revolt.

Many of them become dangerous demagogues and fomenters of sedition.

Aye, this stirrer up of sedition makes much of the poor.

When these are unusually licentious, sedition is interpreted liberally and laxly.

Already he has excited my own tenantry to sedition against me.

The phenomenon is explained by soothsayers, and the sedition is appeased.

Again, they are stigmatized as the 'wild stirrers up of sedition and insurrection.'

No one can write the facts of Irish history, without committing sedition.

The phenomenon is explained by the soothsayers, and the sedition is appeased.

Members, who considered the description inapplicable to a person deported for sedition.

"Not going to let a damned German agent talk sedition in my hearing!"

Once they've tried, the Germans will have another shot at stirring up sedition.

As for the capital, it was a seething riot of sedition, from the reports.

German propaganda is sowing sedition and the King himself is uncertain about the future.

Appalling distress prevailed, and Chartism and other more dangerous forms of sedition were rife.

He was branded of course by the clergy as a heretic and propagator of sedition.

Palmer, a Unitarian clergyman, were tried for sedition, and sentenced to various terms of banishment.

I dreamt a dream about your being before Parnassus upon your trial for sedition and contumacy.

Cooper was arrested, and finally arraigned on four indictments for riot, sedition, and arson.

Through moral suasion, eschewing all violence and sedition, its authors proposed to secure their object.

Their tardiness, their disinclination, their inertness, left the streets in some quarters open to sedition.

The two were classed together by English Conservatives, as "pestilent fellows" and "promoters of sedition."

Their zealotry was sustained by political theories which made no distinction between partisanship and sedition.

I hate to think of you up there, the stormy petrel, the apostle of unrest and sedition.

The indictment was comprehensive, charging sedition, homicide, spoliation and robbery, arson, and various other felonies.

Already I have appeared before the consistory and before the county court, accused of impiety and sedition.

It was felt that a breakwater had become imperatively necessary to stop the inflowing tide of sedition.

Incriminating papers were found in many Canadian cities in the possession of many who were suspected of sedition.

The first pretext for exciting any sedition against him was a most slight and trumpery one.

That those who dislike insubordinate conduct should be ready to foment sedition, is something absolutely unknown.

The reins of the stirrers of sedition among various sects were held firmly in the grasp of power.

One of these is well known by the name of Ferret, an old, rancorous, incorrigible instrument of sedition.

We should guide them firmly, stand no nonsense from them, and crush intriguers and agents of sedition.

Mark, by the way, this sedition is not the result of misplaced generosity but of military misfortunes.

Yet, lest ye be stirrers up of sedition, I enjoin you to leave the city with what expedition ye will.

In July came continual bombardment, and with it cholera, and the seeds of sedition spread by Austrian spies.

She was a Southern sympathizer, and her house was a hotbed of sedition and intrigue for both sides.

They mistook normal complaint for treasonable sedition; hence, leaflets such as this seemed practical to the Germans.

The southern fire of the newcomers kindled again the flame of Parisian sedition, and the radicals fanned it.

I have been accused of irreligion without deserving to be, and I have been accused of sedition without deserving to be.

An old woman threw her footstool at the head of the officiating clergyman; sedition sprang up in the streets.

A city without faith, a city cynical and accursed, its blood-stained stones ever ready for sedition and barricades!

The most terrible scenes of sedition and strife followed, and the fields of Germany were drenched with blood.

In case of popular sedition, every man was to be dishonored and disfranchised who took no part on either side.

No one knows better than I that it is, at the present moment, honeycombed with sedition and anarchical impulses.

The disappointed men will not work with their hands; they find their avocation in the plotting of sedition.

Finding sedition ascendant, he has been able to advance it; finding the nation combustible, he has been able to inflame it.

Among the various causes of sedition or mischief in the Grecian communities, we hear little of the pressure of private debt.

Gentlemen, 'twas all "according to law;" and to demonstrate sympathy for him and "disesteem" of that law was "sedition."

In a military sense it is a grave crime to aid or abet in mutiny or sedition, or excite resistance against lawful orders.

On the eve of the insurrection this province, seething with sedition, was put under the rule of Sir Henry Lawrence.

When a daily mob, emboldened by licentiousness, stood round him, he commanded a noted ringleader of the sedition to be apprehended.

You must then ask the jury whether a person so addressed must be considered as a common sower of sedition, etc.

At the first alarm of sedition, these unhappy men, with their wives and families, had taken refuge in the citadel.

He had been a drifting fire beyond the seas, an intriguer, a sower of sedition, a man dangerous alike to friend and foe.

He is a preacher of heresy and sedition, a blasphemer and traitor, and I will burn him in spite of the Cardinal.

He is now inspector of the same prison in which he was formerly immured as a pestilent fellow, and a mover of sedition.

Was as doughty an old gentleman as might well be, and would not listen without protest to remarks which bordered sedition.

The deified Julius Caesar quelled a sedition in his army by a single word: he called all who refused to follow him, townsmen.

Not only had ill-conditioned minds become insubordinate by the fruition of a little power, but sedition had been overtly taught and preached.

There was a prevalent, though unfounded, conviction that they were maintained in power by a combination of court favor with Irish sedition.

All of these four were obnoxious to the Tories, being outspoken Whigs and teachers of sedition, whether in their schools or their publications.

How impolitic, then, as well as unjust, to brand this meek and magnanimous class as 'the wild stirrers up of sedition and insurrection'!

That adulterate species of it alone, which inflames faction, animates sedition, and prompts rebellion, distinguishes itself in the open theater of the world.

They were to accomplish the purposes of order, morality, and submission to the laws, from the principles of atheism, profligacy, and sedition.

He, of course, was serenely unable to distinguish between sedition and religion; and entertained political meddlers and ordinary priests with an equal enthusiasm.

If this is quackery and spiritual legerdemain to cover sedition and conspiracy I throw up the sponge and count myself among the fools.

To make secession, or slavery, or the "bloody shirt" a rallying cry, is as absurd as to exhume the embargo or the alien and sedition laws.

The one loved to descant on liberty and the rights of mankind, the other on the mischiefs of sedition and the rights of kings.

They had been represented to him as factious, immoral, and prone to sedition; but vain and luxurious, and easily captivated by parade and splendor.

It may be observed that the decline and disasters of modern communities have generally been relative to their degree of sedition against the Semitic principle.

It was soon bruited abroad that he was to march through the tempest upon La Caroline, and his soldiers spoke the open language of sedition.

The whole history of low traders in sedition is contained in that fine old Hebrew fable which we have all read in the Book of Judges.

Revolutionists hatch their plots against the powers that be; sedition takes on life and finds adherents eager to bear arms and apply the torch.

We find that the respondents did disseminate the Irish World and other newspapers tending to incite to sedition and the commission of other crime.

He published an almanac, the marginal notes and memoranda of which were replete with sedition, and in which the public functionaries were grossly stigmatized.

The non-payment produces discontent and occasional sedition; but is only by fits and spasms, and amongst the country people, who are of no consequence.

At every moment a misdeed they did commit and bestirred themselves to sow the seeds of grievous sedition, and to ruin the edifice of the Covenant.

Herod might put John to death as a promoter of sedition, but not to gratify the spite of a woman who had been accused of incest.

Just then, as unkind Fate would have it, a pair of gendarmes came along on the lookout for anything that might savor of sedition, contumacy or contravention.

He showed that we must never parley or haggle with sedition, treason, or lawlessness, but must strike a blow that cannot be parried, and at once.

He did not seem to think of anything of the sort, but contented himself with the charge of sedition, heresy, and the profanation of the temple.

It was so easy to trump up the charge of sedition against persons who refused to be servile flatterers, that only the most courageous dared to stand aloof.

Twenty-seven leaders of the sedition were beheaded; the principal privileges of the city were withdrawn, and a citadel built to hold it in check for the future.

Popular sedition, party zeal, a devoted obedience to factious leaders; these are some of the most visible, though less laudable effects of this social sympathy in human nature.

If they could prove, that in any of the places where he had resided there was either sedition or mutiny, he would confess himself to be a malefactor.

The flames of the volcano were quenched, and the gulf of the crater was bridged by a crust, but the lava of sedition boiled and seethed below.

He had learned by experience that the priests, in the abuse of their power over the unlettered mob, were wont to foment sedition and to influence popular feeling.

If they are really clever they will catch me in worse things than that, in puerility for instance, and affectation, to say nothing of blasphemy and sedition.

If our dominions abroad are the roots which feed all this rank luxuriance of sedition, it is not intended to cut them off in order to famish the fruit.

Early in the session "an ordinance to define and punish sedition and to prevent the dangers which may arise from persons disaffected to the State," was introduced.