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Use sedition in a sentence

Definition of sedition:

  • (noun) an illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government

Sentence Examples:

Mingled sedition with respect.

Peaceable assembly was sedition.

Inactivity soon engendered sedition.

Behold the subsidized sedition!

My hotel is a hotbed of sedition.

They were charged with being seminaries of sedition.

Release of two Roman citizens accused of sedition.

To extinguish the torch of sedition, too luxuriant.

Noisy demagogues who had been accused of sedition.

Rebellion, insurrection, revolt, mutiny, riot, revolution, sedition.

We should have manufactured sedition, lawlessness, and discord.

You cannot say you are unjustly accused of sedition!

This is not the language of sedition or alienated affection.

The ministers, the aristocrats, are endeavoring to excite sedition.

Their leaders were executed for sedition or confined in madhouses.

A tumult ensued, which threatened to become a serious sedition.

He crossed over to England and repressed a sedition there.

Its very soil was deluged with sedition and blasphemy.

If the banners and flags are shifted about, sedition is afoot.

Idleness bred discontent, and discontent speedily ripened into sedition.

Early in the year he was imprisoned for preaching sedition.

Did pestilence smite the city, or did foul sedition rise?

These intemperate utterances were the first seeds of popular sedition.

He was sentenced to death for disobedience, sedition, and desertion.

Currency, buoyancy, they have impressed upon sedition, upon conspiracy, upon treason.

I think all such concessions are so many sops to sedition.

The Baptists and Methodists preached what the planters considered sedition.

To these the new religion was at once sedition and rank blasphemy.

They were indicted for sedition, and, unfortunately for themselves, were acquitted.

If they are guilty of sedition, let them be fined and imprisoned.

He was fined, whipped, pilloried, tried for treason, sedition, controversy, libel.

Their complaints were, indeed, often so unmeasured as almost to amount to sedition.

Reader, calm yourself: I am no agent of discord, no firebrand of sedition.

This language will blow the coals of sedition, and endanger the Union.

I allowed him to suppose that I was a Pole banished for sedition.

To silence the murmurs of an oppressed people, a sedition law was enacted.

They plow the land with discord to sow the seeds of sedition.

They were harassed by the natives with accusations of treason and sedition.

The government followed up the blow by indicting the agitator for sedition.

I am apt to think his politic pate would have broached no more sedition.

A common charge brought against the early Reformers was that of sedition.

Some have been forced abroad by pestilence, sedition, earthquakes, surcharge of people at home.

Liberty must, in the end, lead to sedition, whose flames none can quench.

Therefore, seemingly, the sin of sedition is not distinct from that of schism.

Under the same Consuls, the dearth of corn had nigh raised a sedition.

Skeptics of the period asked how one pot of gold could cause a sedition.

It required full forty years to develop disaffection into sedition, and sedition into treason.

He answered me, laughing, that he acquitted me of all idea of preaching sedition.

Ethelburga was pilloried for sedition, and had his ears nailed to the pillory.

That silence and inaction among men in arms were a novel form of sedition.

Currency, buoyancy, they ought not to have impressed upon sedition, upon conspiracy, upon treason.

Every dreadful act, usual in a sedition, and more than usual, was then perpetrated.

In such conjunctures the people and the courtiers learn alike to traffic in sedition.

Did they not call his preaching sedition, and call his miracles conjuring?

To the community, sedition is a fever, corruption is a gangrene, and idleness an atrophy.

Then, true to the immemorial example of tyrants, he found employment for sedition in war.

Edward I is said to have hanged all the Welsh bards as promoters of sedition.

For these intemperate remarks, though anonymous, he was indicted in 1793 for sedition.

Surely no one will deny that misery, poverty and nakedness are breeders of sedition.

The accusation of preaching sedition, and sowing the seeds of revolt, is equally unmerited.

One criminal must be severely punished to terrify all the apostles of dark sedition.

The paper which was drawn up was no better than a panegyric of sedition.

Delhi was the center towards which gravitated all the wandering atoms of sedition.

The empire was honeycombed with sedition when the military reverses of the summer began.

If the reformers thus contended against sedition, it was not without receiving grievous wounds.

James's to present an address denouncing all attempts to spread sedition and uproot the constitution.

I shall speak more or less sympathetically upon the subject of revolutionary propaganda and sedition.

The Creoles ceased to mutter discontent, and all thought of sedition died away in the province.

To accuse me of heresy, madness and sedition, is one thing; to substantiate the accusation, another.

The scientific corps, however, the artillery and engineers, have always stood aloof from sedition.

To escape the consequences of a sedition, you committed horrible pillages, and thus paid your debts.

The punishment for transgressing this law was to be the same as that for sedition.

It was serviceable in securing myself and perhaps some others from the paths of sedition.

Surely this was a diplomatic embassy to their king, not an incitement to popular sedition?

Duke George thereupon complained to the Elector that Luther was exciting his subjects to sedition.

He saw "in every line of the army the most serious features of mutiny and sedition."

Punishment was inflicted on the ringleaders so swift, so terrible, as to paralyze all future sedition.

They are full of martial chivalry, of wailing dejection, of conspiracy and sedition, of glorious victories.

Before the suspension there existed only discontents; after it, general disaffection, conspiracy, and sedition.

It holds no arguments, knows no quarrels, is an enemy to sedition, and a continuance of amity.

The alien and sedition laws found few supporters ultimately, and Madison's views were fully vindicated.

These words calmed the tumult; the bodies were carried away, and the sedition was quelled.

For in a word, his shop was the very mint of heresy, schism, and sedition.

It would be burnt at the end of a pair of tongs, lest it should spread sedition.

Reports of disloyal speech or of active sedition on the part of well-known citizens were freely circulated.

You seem to think it devolved on the judges to decide on the validity of the sedition law.

Too often their exhortations have tended to sedition, their liberty has been a cloak for license.

Still, if there were luxury and insolence, sedition and uproar, at any rate there was life.

The leaders of the sedition sought, however, to color the public excesses with some specious pretexts.

Andrews, of sedition quelled, of your country delivered, of the authority of your brother the Regent vindicated?

He ascribed the measures taken to repress sedition and defeat the French propaganda as attempts at tyranny.

And behold, here he was, an active conspirator, a propagandist of sedition, a defiant and insolent traitor!

The chain of subordination, even in cabal and sedition, was broken in its most important links.

Thence had followed those famous usurpations, the alien and sedition laws of the older Adams's administration.

We see that their uniform progress has been from frivolity and nonsense to wickedness and sedition.

The argument that the body of Catholics was prone to sedition was no reason to oppress them.

Paul was, in the first place, a man very unlike the ordinary type of movers of sedition.

He was suspected of disloyalty and sedition, but not the slightest evidence was found against him.

The unpopularity of the alien and sedition laws under the administration of John Adams will be remembered.

The Mock Indians were denounced as incendiaries, and the town meetings were condemned as "nurseries of sedition."