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Use tedium in a sentence

Definition of tedium:

  • (noun) the feeling of being bored by something tedious
  • (noun) dullness owing to length or slowness

Sentence Examples:

Tedium and inquietude reigned everywhere, and sometimes terror.

The impression of stagnation, tedium, provincialism was overwhelming.

Now, as then, the company was defeating tedium with wassail.

It is the tedium of the contest, I suppose, that disheartens most.

Real repose, however, is something much more recondite than uniformity or tedium.

The Methuselah monotony and tedium seem much like that thin seriatim row of items.

This thought enfolded his heart in cold tedium, his body in enfeebling languor.

Australian trains always run at night, and so avoid much tedium and loss of time.

There is a joyousness and sparkle to it that can relieve many an hour of tedium.

The antimacassar, he believes, gives just enough occupation to the fingers to make absolute tedium impossible.

We felt that anything was preferable to the tedium and dreariness of our compulsory detention.

The prevailing note was a high seriousness, culminating in the last Act, when tedium supervened.

Behind him the punchers relieved the tedium of the march, each after his own manner.

The sameness of it sickens me to tedium; I'll quit unless you switch it for a while.

A parrot, perched on a pen rack, seasoned the official tedium with a fire of choice Castilian imprecations.

Some sensation of voluptuousness and some sensation of tedium: these have as yet been their best contemplation.

This work and Forsythe's comradeship helped me to bear the tedium of my work in the country.

Stevenson still delays, and still I have no resource against tedium but the waggling of this pen.

Flag signals and rockets now and then relieved the tedium; so did the gambols of porpoises.

Yawning tedium hung in it like a vapor, that tedium which is the implacable secret enemy of dissoluteness.

Measureless vanity was depicted then, as at all times, on his face, together with tedium and suffering.

They try to be much more classical than the classics, with astounding results of barrenness and tedium.

It is, according to her, a way of stultifying one's self in order to escape the tedium of existence.

Such an acquaintance serves to transmute the tedium of a railway journey into the excitement of a tour of discovery.

They would be doing something, instead of suffering the tedium of passivity, acting instead of being acted on.

She will be a Russian Grand-Duchess, and the tedium of petty German court life will know her no longer.

By its own outlandish and inflated ridiculousness it has been reduced to the tedium and monotony of everyday life.

And those eyes, too, were veiled by the drooping eyelids, in the fatigue and awful tedium of the protracted watch.

You are the man's lawful, honest wife, and therefore all tedium and homeliness, all fretful brow and tearful eye.

The tedium of inactive waiting, of day-to-day hopes and disappointments, was as unpleasant and irritating as a blanket of damp horsehair.

The fatigue and tedium of marching to and fro, began to be sensibly felt, and many of our camp followers deserted.

Commenced to wear away the tedium of a protracted winter, it continued, for nearly three months, the amusement of my leisure hours.

The little Medici who endured the tedium of the services here are to be felicitated with upon such an adorable presentment of glory.

In order to dissipate the tedium, we ransacked the place for food, and found an excellent ham and wine in abundance.

Jack Rogers had once owned a yacht and suffered from tedium; now, as a foremast hand, he was enjoying himself amazingly.

Not a tree has apparently been cut upon its banks, and not a village is seen to relieve the tedium of an unimproved wilderness.

This realism had a romantic vein in it, and studied vice and crime, tedium and despair, with a very genuine horrified sympathy.

The sound came sharp and clear like a challenge against the tedium which had been stupefying him for so weary a time.

A deep affection may exist side by side with a mental disparity that creates an unwilling but irresistible sense of tedium and discordance.

It was upon this hint that the Minister of War acted, executing a rare piece of drollery that so enlivened the tedium of executive session.

This is also exhilarating to yourself, as in every stage of the journey you have the excitement of a race to beguile the tedium of the way.

He did not, as so many high-born prelates did, relieve the tedium of the clerical estate with the hunt, the banquet, and the mistress.

His schooldays, we are told, were marked by indomitable diligence in the successful finding of means of evading the tedium of one school after another.

He was not seriously ill; but his whole soul revolted at the babyish nature of his complaint, and at the tedium of the darkened room.

He touched lightly upon his doubts as to making calls on Sunday, and how they were overborne by the unspeakable tedium of his own rooms.

Amongst other plans for killing the time, and lightening the tedium of a sea passage to the refugees, we bethought us of getting up a play.

You have chosen to solace the tedium of your uncongenial marriage by a proceeding as vile and unprincipled as any woman ever ventured on, to her eternal shame.

The hen alone sits, while her mate warbles his song to relieve her tedium, or searches for insects and flies, which he continually brings her.

Ferguson had relieved the tedium of many a half-hour by short-handing bits of dialogue that accompanied connubial spats between his employer and his employer's wife.

The tedium of the time has been relieved in part by a first interchange of dinner parties between the wardroom mess and the commodore and captain.

Perhaps, however, that might be regarded as vaunting over your comrades, who, I've no doubt, relax the tedium of war in temperate indulgence of some of these vices.

Such dramatic effect as he might have got out of his position as a proconsul arraigned before a senate he spoiled by the length and tedium of his harangue.

The tedium of routine duty occupied our time without specially exciting incident until pleasanter weather towards the middle of April brought rumors of impending army movements again.

Clay was often impetuous in discussion, and delighted to relieve the tedium of debate, and modify the sternness of antagonism by a sportive jest or lively repartee.

The workmen cheerfully acquiesced in this arrangement, as a relief from tedium, and especially when a shilling extra was added to their wages for each additional machine.

This is the true analysis, I think of that chill of tedium that strikes to the soul of any intelligent man when he hears of such elephantine pranks.

To many in the upper classes he is, perhaps, but one among a thousand artificers of amusement who entertain and scatter the tedium of their idler hours.

The Countess nearly died of ennui in the gray, sultry, sirocco-like monotony of an autumn heavy with the fragrance of roses, and in the tedium of an Italian winter.

Ordinarily, however, he seemed to be lost in vacancy of thought, dreaming, perhaps, of other scenes, or inwardly repining at the eternal monotony and tedium of a teacher's life.

It had been one of those dull, monotonous, clerical days, replete with platitudes, the tedium of custom, and all the petty ceremonies and observances that she hated.

I am not here to defend the English pantomime, but not all its agonies (as Ruskin called them) reach such a height of tedium as a revue can achieve.

The meeting of the two young people had indeed served to beguile the tedium of the voyage, but in a way the Vicar as yet had no prevision of.

One of the worst effects of smoking is that it deadens our susceptibility to tedium, and enables us to keep on enduring what we ought to war against and overcome.

And a hobby such as this, combining indoor and outdoor pursuits, does more than relieve the tedium of a tired brain, it invigorates every organ and tissue in the body.

The existence it crystallizes is a dull one, unrelieved from tedium for Philip except by the presence of his little child, and the trembling consolations of his religion.

They felt as well the weight of time which was falling on their heads, and the mortal tedium which was enveloping them in that so far profitless conversation.

Smith's Hotel was swarming with busy grangers, generally good-hearted, garrulous characters, whose society lightened the tedium of two days, while I nursed my cold and weaned Mac.

He finds himself in a certain position, and he sits down very congenially and adds and adds and adds, and relieves the tedium of his leisure in literary composition.

Yet there is variety enough, both on the surface of the canal and along its banks, to amuse the traveler, if an overpowering tedium did not deaden his perceptions.

Comic scenes were freely interspersed to enliven the tedium of royal declamations, and in these lay the possibility of the combination of history and comedy in the Falstaff plays.

He, who only saw in the life of his own world tedium, inanity, stupidity, extravagance, monotonous repetition, could not guess what enchantment its externals had worn to her.

The ensuing three days were spent by the brothers in shoeing the horses, a job of no little tedium and difficulty, they being the only farriers of the party.

She who had always despised visiting was now glad to escape from the tedium and monotony of home into the comparatively refreshing atmosphere of other people's kitchens and dooryards.

A moment later, he appeared outside his swinging door, yawning and stretching himself, as one who, wearied with the tedium of life indoors, would see what beguilement might await him abroad.

And so it is with all of them, for there comes a certain need somewhere in the consciousness of everyone, to offset the tedium of common experience with some degree of poetic sublimation.

To relieve the tedium of this untimely day she would overhaul the cupboards containing her grandfather's old charts and other rubbish, humming Saturday-night ballads of the country people the while.

Grey recovered her health and strength, she took up her abode in Margaret's sickroom, her mother's former "hospital," and devised endless ways of relieving the tedium of her long confinement.

Their nature scarcely admitting publication during the author's lifetime, we must consider their composition to have been a pastime, a manner of dispelling the tedium of long mornings in a provincial town.

A story stilled the tumult of the nursery in our earliest days, when heavy storms shook the windows and the tedium of a long, wet afternoon had turned play into fretfulness.

The two acquaintances, thus opportunely thrown together so that they might while away in conversation the tedium of their journey, represented very different and yet very similar types of manhood.

He then relieved the tedium of that time by witnessing exhibitions of skill and daring by his private matadors, after which he spent about three hours in the society of the Queen.

I recalled my first interview with him when he had received me in a dingy room, himself wearing a frowzy long coat and exhibiting a general air of tedium and lack of energy.

It is worth remark, in passing, that when Tennyson, in a wild and rather weak manner, welcomed the idea of infinite alteration in society, he instinctively took a metaphor which suggests an imprisoned tedium.

Without inflicting the tedium of the journey upon the reader, it will be sufficient to say that the country was the same as usual, being a vast park overgrown with immense grass.

Near the close of a bright Syrian day, as Richard sat listening to the strains with which Blondel beguiled the tedium of the listless hours, his chamberlain entered to announce the emperor.

While we had been trying to forget our tired limbs in a discussion of literary tastes and standards, our workmates had been relieving the treadmill tedium of the long afternoon by various expedients.

The life depicted is in itself uninteresting; its color is gray, its keynote tedium, its only humor the humor of the satirist, not of the sympathizer, and its only tragedy, failure.

She would be glad if this tall, comely trifler, with a voice as musical as some grave-toned viol, were to be seen from time to time to relieve the tedium of life with the offensive Philadelphus.

With what a pleasant adroitness do they understand how to rivet our attention, and to keep far, far away from the tedium in which their classical ancestors, with their natural heaviness, waded!

What a refreshment it was, after the tedium of French verbs and English history, and what a pity when Antony, after a brave resistance, was at length hustled back into his sty!

My story had too much of the bareness of the Greek stage, and I was conscious that landscape, as well as action, was required to mellow the subject and relieve it from tedium.

Such a happiness is either the unworthy selfishness which moralists have so bitterly condemned, or it is, even if labelled bliss, an insipid tedium, a millennium of ease in relief from all struggle and labor.

She endeavored to renew her intimacy with Lothario; and more, as it seemed, out of desperation than affection, by surprise than with consideration, from tedium than of purpose, he had met her wishes.

Meanwhile, sweet Mistress Judith, I can but ill express my thanks to you that you have vouchsafed to lighten the tedium of my hiding through these few words that have passed between us.

It will exchange a straitened condition for competency or even wealth, and the tedium of a life of inaction for the satisfaction of having done well, the consciousness of having faithfully performed a great duty.

A few weeks after Kerensky took command, one million five hundred thousand Russian soldiers, grown weary of the tedium and the hazards of the front, quit the army and returned to their homes.

Besides, the clock, fire and candles may, with no great stretch of the imagination, be readily conceived to have volition, and, once started, they contribute not a little to relieving the tedium of living alone.

A group of young men had come to recognize the futility and harmfulness of the French boulevard drama, whose central topic is the eternal recurrence of adultery issuing from the tedium of bourgeois existence.

It was as natural for one Parisian to desire the continuance of his joy as a lover, even to expressing it in chalk in the street, as to another to beguile with lyrical snatches the tedium of cab-driving.

She would say nothing to explain to Ayala the unutterable tedium of that downstairs parlor in which they passed their lives, lest Ayala should feel herself to be wounded by the luxurious comforts around her.