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Definition of tenure:

  • (noun) the term during which some position is held
  • (noun) the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
  • (verb) give life-time employment to; "She was tenured after she published her book"

Sentence Examples:

During his tenure of office he was voted, and drew, the stipend attached to it.

Every clerk knows that her tenure is secure as long as she is an efficient saleswoman.

It is evident that under Pepin and Charlemagne most benefices were given on this tenure.

Barony also denotes the rank or dignity of a baron, and the feudal tenure "by barony."

A constitutional convention had abolished all feudal tenures and freed the fields from baronial burdens.

As if he knew the frailness of his tenure on life, he sought azure and elliptical routes.

During my tenure of the rectory, the last representatives left, in fact abandoned the tenements.

The tenure was thus by Scottish service of these lands, and so also of Sutherland itself.

Frequently did great lay lords, as in this case, hold lands by feudal tenure of ecclesiastics.

Tenancy at will continues to be the rule, and permanency the exception, in our land tenure.

Do not understand me as advocating a wholesale shakeup or the doing away with permanency of tenure.

Stewards would be public officials instead of private ones, and tenancy the only land tenure.

His tenure of power was about to close, to close amidst the plaudits of a triumphant democracy.

As all men were free or villeins, so all lands were held by a free or villein tenure.

This manor was anciently held of the manor of Payton, by the tenure of knight's service.

Hereditary tenures are established in all civilized countries, and are accompanied in most with hereditary authority.

Vicissitudes of climate make the tenure of the breath Precarious, and William Perry Peters froze to death!

At least, Charles, sovereign duke, count, overlord, mortgagee, made no distinction in the natures of his tenures.

Such was the tenure of the family land, and these were the services of the free tribesmen.

Above all, I should dread one of high honor and emolument, connected with proportionate uncertainty of tenure.

A baronial court in feudal times held to decide questions arising out of the tenure of land by villeins.

Like his great rival, Sir Samuel gave abundant proof during his tenure of office of broad statesmanlike conceptions.

The question of Homeric land tenure, as of all early land tenure before written records, is very obscure.

There is no universal rule as to the appointment, duties, and tenures of office of the sexton or sacristan.

This unlikeness is another proof, if any were wanting, that the continuity of tenure had been wholly broken.

With one necessary exception all offices are appointive and the tenure of all except that is the same.

This double and continuous ownership was not confined to the semi-servile tenure of lands annexed by Athenian conquests.

Life has been, at the most, held on slender tenure, and hearthstones have been desecrated on short notice.

Probably no single incident of the war has been more determinative of final issues than the tenure of Ladysmith.

Systems of land tenure and vassalage were in operation, and some works for the public weal had been constructed.

This privilege was so much accepted, that the long tenure of a fief ended by ennobling the commoner.

Britton, who wrote in the reign of Edward I., thus describes this tenure under the name of Villeinage.

For he would violate a solemn contract, and destroy the very tenure by which he holds his preferment.

It has been frequently maintained that these spiritual lords sat in parliament only by virtue of their baronial tenure.

Nothing can afford so lively an illustration of the perilous tenure of the Scottish crown in the fifteenth century.

The question of the personal status of the villein tenant is a different one from that of villein tenure.

Dion allots fourteen months less three days to his tenure of power, counting to the day of the battle.

The complicated and unintelligible irregularities of the Anglo-Saxon tenures were exchanged for the simple and uniform feudal theory.

The English obtained the permanent tenure of their "immemorial rights" only by beheading one king and banishing another.

It is, however, observable that tenure by barony is not taken away by the statute, except by implication.

The system, never perfected, was much disorganized by the "tenure-of-office bill," which has almost destroyed official accountability.

The security of their tenure caused them to be the natural leaders of the peasantry in resisting pressure from above.

The abolition of feudal tenure and serfdom on the distinctively Austrian lands, of all his attempted reforms, alone was permanent.

Nearly every possible combination of dismembered prerogative and actual tenure had resulted from the long series of ducal compositions.

The difference concerns small tenure, on which the statements are slightly at variance with those of the large landholders.

It will be observed in this classification of Italian tyrants that the tenure of their power was almost uniformly forcible.

It deprived the eldest son of nothing that would be his in accordance with the usual tenure of English primogeniture.

This incident, fantastic as it seems, is only an example of the way in which certain Scottish tenures were held.

The citizen held his burgher's rights by his tenure of the bit of ground on which his tenement stood.

Still it must be the tenure of the office that is touched, and it must be touched by misconduct or incapacity.

Discontent, however, would still remain smoldering, and Disraeli prophesied that its next phase would threaten the tenure of land.

Joseph's administration opens up questions as to Egyptian land tenure, and the like, which cannot be dealt with here.

We are not justified, perhaps, in attributing to McClellan all the evils and errors that disfigure his tenure of office.

Though the land may not be held by base service, or vassalage, yet it is possessed by some conditional tenure.

The attempt to carry the freehold tenure of land down to the yeomanry, subdivides land too much for economical farming.

The commons of wood and of pasturage yet recall the time when agricultural lands were held by a common tenure.

The third year of Irish tenure in Canada will, it is believed, array two of the great powers against Great Britain.

In trying to realize the methods of land tenure amongst the Greeks, we are baffled by the indirectness of the evidence available.

She arose on the seventh morning of her tenure of office rigidly determined that the office should no longer be a sinecure.

The thanes were the proprietors of the soil, which was entirely at their disposal: hence the origin of freehold tenure.

We may here observe that there was another form of barony, that by tenure, which, however, long ago became obsolete.

Already men whose tongues, and pens, and hearts were busy pleading for better tenures and juster rents are silenced.

These documents have become the legal basis of landholding by the Pueblos and the first step toward eventual single tenure.

Granger sat down firmly and worked himself into the seat of his chair, as though to secure an additional fixedness of tenure.

Responds Lady Peggy, her temper rising the more at the sense of the injustice and falseness of her whole tenure.

The improvements he introduced in the tenures of his peasantry anticipated in some respects the agricultural reforms of the next generation.

They might also hold their land by villein tenure, although free as a person with the legal rights of a freeman.

This is an additional evidence in favor of the views we have taken of the growth of landed tenure among the Mexican tribe.

His tenure of the office coincided with the critical period in Prussian and European affairs which culminated in the revolutions of 1848.

The continual tenure of the consulship involved a continual series of ceremonial duties, which added to the immense burdens of his position.

A more secure tenure of the lands they occupy would tend to make industrious and respectable crofters more diligent and successful cultivators.

Whether unconsciously or not, the framers of these statutes were themselves striking the hardest blow at the old system of tenure.

They might also hold their land by villein tenure, although free as a person with the legal rights of a free man.

The frail tenure by which an infant holds its life will not allow of a remitted attention, even for a few hours.

The tenants held their land on hereditary tenure, and default in payment of rent was visited with distraint instead of eviction.

Each held eyes and ears intent, realizing far too well that his particular tenure of preferment hung upon the mood of the moment.

He holds his opinions as men do their lands, and though his tenure be litigious, he will spend all he has to maintain it.

The monarch held his crown by the tenure of extirpating heresy, of seeing that the laws were sharp and were pitilessly enforced.

In short, their lives and property were held on the same precarious tenure, the mere will of their capricious, cruel and avaricious taskmasters.

Even the warmest advocates of the "earldom by tenure" theory would admit that such an anomaly was absolutely unique of its kind.

As this tenure virtually hands over the unearned increment to the lessee, it is regarded by the advanced land reformers with mixed feelings.

Benefactions should be noted; also the nature of the tenure of the parish school, with an intimation as to where the trust deed is kept.

The tenure of the use of the mines by the lessees was usually simply the period of the continued satisfaction of the lessor.

The second organic law, promulgated in 1838, gave that functionary the title of director supremo, limiting his tenure of office to two years.

His tenure of office is subject to the approval and authority of the Turkish Sultan, whose garrisons occupy the fort near the town.

This long and unfortunate tenure of his is illumined only by one or two delightful phrases which one cannot but retain as one reads.

It is nearly as long since he carried the first bill recognizing and seriously endeavoring to remedy the evils of Irish land tenure.

This is the tenure of all our possessions; we are not uninterruptedly conscious of ourselves, our physical environment, our ruling passions, or our deepest conviction.

For what purpose did the framers of the Constitution confer upon it these varied and important powers, and this long tenure of office?

Gentility, now hereditary, was derived from the tenure of land; the idea of it was emphasized by the adoption of surnames and armorial bearings.

With such easy conditions of tenure and lands of unsurpassable quality for grazing, it might naturally be expected that these pioneers amassed easy fortunes.

The nature of several of these imposts and taxes has been explained in treating of the landed tenure and the condition of the peasantry.

Among those causes, I am inclined to think that, next to the tenure of land, the insolvency of the proprietors has been the chief.

For the owners of such a garden, the precariousness of their tenure is the first thing, I think, that is forced upon their attention.

The nation's representative is less secure in his tenure of office than his own servant, to whom he must give warning of his impending dismissal.

You have taught me how powerful is the breath of the slanderer, and how frail is the tenure by which we hold our good names.

The tenure on which the generality of houses are held, does not warrant a tenant to let, or a lodger to take apartments by the year.

In order to prevent the legislature from prolonging its tenure forever, he proposed, not to forbid prolongation, but to allow it for two years.

It is conclusive as against the system of tenancy at will, or any of those short tenures which are, in fact, a standing notice to quit.

There was an over-long first act, and a tragically protracted third, but the pith of the play is the tenure of the Colonial Secretaryship.