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Use undercut in a sentence

Definition of undercut:

  • (noun) the material removed by a cut made underneath
  • (noun) the tender meat of the loin muscle on each side of the vertebral column
  • (noun) a cut made underneath to remove material
  • (verb) sell cheaper than one's competition
  • (verb) cut obliquely into (a tree) below the main cut and on the side toward which the tree will fall

Sentence Examples:

The abacus always undercut.

These are from what we call the undercut of the sirloin.

As time permits, improve these shelters by deepening, covering, undercutting, and sandbagging.

The Hawaiian fisherman and the American artisan or shopkeeper were alike ousted by ruthless undercutting.

The ends (not the sides) of the mortises may be slightly undercut to insure a tight fit.

The capital, with undercut volutes, was suitable for a straight architrave, but not for the arch.

We profited by his instructions as to guards and undercuts by practicing with models whittled in wood.

This undercutting drives up a little silver rim, which does the work of a bezel on the stone.

If the undercutting is bold and deep, and the projection of solid form unreduced, you have full relief.

Their foliage is tormented, serrated, and deeply undercut, almost too prodigally and delicately sculptured for an exterior decoration.

Grave City was new then; a yearling of a city, but built on silver, and undercut with mines.

The Landscape Changes Fine sand, silt, or clay is found beneath the windblown sand wherever the river banks undercut the dunes.

The bases of the piers differ from those opposite, and the capitals of the shafts are enriched with excellent leafage, much undercut.

Lofty ledges or plateaus, with vertical or undercut faces, furnish similar means for the lodgment of debris within the body of the ice.

She certainly felt a little nervous, but she knew her skill, and she sent a scorcher of an undercut skimming across the net.

He had a hawk-nosed profile which might have been effective had not his undercut jaw stuck out aggressively, suggesting extreme, hectoring obstinacy, even cruelty.

The stone breaks down, therefore, in immense blocks where undercut by the river which leave for ages the scarp behind them as a vertical wall.

They walked closer to the big pine tree as two muscular sawyers started to make the undercut that would determine the direction the tree would fall.

Therefore, being no coward but a sturdy seaman with a swinging undercut, he had in times past delivered many a blow in order to uphold the Mollie D.'

A few choice morsels from the undercut of the sirloin broiled on the embers made a palatable supper, and, putting our feet to the blaze, we all fell asleep.

In inlaying bronzes they generally hollow out and somewhat undercut the design, into which the ornamenting metal, usually in the form of wire, is laid and hammered over.

Undercut dovetails prevent a proper grip of the glue; they give a weak joint, and often cause the face of the drawer side to be splintered whilst driving up the joint.

Its cap is similar in its large convolutions to that of the light variety, but it is covered with many intricate vermiform ridges, sometimes in high relief or even strongly undercut.

The common practice of undercutting seedlings during the dormant season to induce a branched root system requires additional labor, and often results in reduced growth and vigor during the following season.

A hollow or a protuberance on an object which would prevent a mold from drawing away makes what is called an "undercut," and necessitates the making of a separate piece in the mold.

The employment of these in lieu of gunpowder, to force down the block of coal that had been undercut, is one of the means to be looked to for diminishing the explosions in collieries.

Each separate blade is firmly secured by the dovetail shape of the root, which is held between the corresponding dovetailed slot in the foundation ring and the undercut side of the groove.

Care must be exercised whilst cutting away the core to ensure the chisel being held nearly perpendicular; if too much lead (or bevel) be given, a faulty and undercut dovetail will be the result.

This seemingly misplaced diversion is meant to drive it home, with the final word, that sport overdone at once locks arms with the criminal, and undercuts at the foundation of the national structure.

On the following Monday the blizzard moderated somewhat, and we proceeded to make our quarters more roomy by digging out the floor and undercutting the sides, thus lowering the level about eighteen inches.

Sometimes, for the sake of speed, he shoots it down without undercutting, and in the anthracite mines where the coal is too hard for undercutting, direct shooting from the face is the general practice.

No excavations have ever been made in the mounds near Granite Mountain; but a tortuous little stream has undercut several of them, thus making vertical sections as in the case of the mound at Hunter's, near Farmington.

There is no undercutting anywhere, nor exhibition of technical skill, but the fondest and tenderest appliance of it; and one of the principal charms of the whole is the adaptation of every subject to its quaint limit.

One evening, before camping at the base of Turtle Mountain, Clarke and I gave chase to some buffalo, and I killed one, which I proceeded to cut up at once by removing the tongue and undercut of the fillet.

The break between valley fill and steep slopes is most pronounced where the river runs along the valley wall or undercuts it; least pronounced where alluvial fans spread out from the head of some ravine.

Often, ruins of buildings may be seen upon the brink, that have collapsed from this undercut of the fickle flood; and many others, still inhabited, are in dangerous proximity to the edge, only biding their time.

I mean only that the Secretary of State cannot hope to undercut Australian gold, when it is available for export in large quantities, unless he is prepared to put down his price for Council Bills to this level.

Sophia the surface of the form obtained as shown in the figure is wrought into crisp acanthus and palm foliage; and is in many places, especially at the tips of the leafage and behind the monograms, entirely undercut.

By undercutting is meant the cutting away of the solid portions of projections in such a manner as to make them invisible, thus throwing the carved surface work into more complete relief by detaching it from the background.

Thence, by the ingenious expedient of hacking at a thin undercut plate of rock, he exposed a small foothold on the wall that enabled him to traverse out from the pitch and into a place of safety beyond.

The surface upon which the pattern is to be traced is finely undercut with a sharp instrument, and the gold thread by hammering is forced into and securely held by the minute furrows of the cut surface.

Then, upon the resumption of the present line of drainage, with the land standing at nearly its present level, the talus may have been undercut, and so fallen down to leave the upper strata exposed as at present.

The mouths of the beautiful tributary ravines are crossed either by graceful iron spans, which frame charming undercut glimpses of sparkling waterfalls and deep tangles of moss and fern, or by graceful stone arches draped with vines.

Above us the gold brackets of the roof were reflected back, in light and dark, upon the gold architrave, adorned by the great carved peonies, red and white, and great green leaves which stood out with deep undercutting.

No scab capitalist strives to give more for less for any other reason than that he hopes, by undercutting a competitor and driving that competitor out of the market, to get that market and its profits for himself.

This procedure is followed after every biting, the plate being warmed to melt the resin and inky coating, so that it may run down between the lines and protect them from the undercutting action of the acid.

Then, the next spring, stories suddenly blossomed about his new software company; he bragged that it would be the paperback publisher of the micro world, a mass-market operation that would undercut rivals just as his computer firm had.

The process of casting in the bronze could only reproduce the front surface of his decoration; the undercutting of the leaves and tendrils had to be executed afterward with a graving tool, and for weeks he superintended the work.

There is nothing prettier than this undercut work when well and sharply done, for which purpose the tool should not only be rendered keen on the hone, but burnished and polished on the brass and iron slabs already described.

Of course, theoretically I should either have stepped back and tried an undercut, or else taken him into chancery; but I must confess to feeling flurried and rattled from the blow I had had, as well as from the suddenness of the whole affair.

They had not gone far when my champion, using a snicking undercut I had never seen, severed the little finger of his opponent, at the second joint just where it overlaid the hilt, so that the tip of it fell on the floor.

Now reinforce the nitrate bath with a few drops of nitric acid, and again immerse the plate, rocking the bath for ten minutes; watch the picture carefully so that in case of undercutting the plate may be removed before any mischief is done.

The moldings of the capitals are carried through the jamb from end to end, and on the front of the piers between the archways is a curious molding which resembles an undercut roll set up on end, and which has a capital as if it were a shaft.

On the higher banks, which were forty feet or so above the river (it was then low water), spruce and other trees were growing, and as the soil which bore them was undercut, they too dropped into the river and started on their long journey to the sea.

She could not see it, of course, but from where he stood he could see that the bank at that point was much undercut by the winter rains and winds, and although the sod looked firm enough from above, in reality there was little to support it.

The operation is performed by first cutting out the intended pattern on the handle with a sharp-pointed knife or other instrument, taking care that the cutting penetrates the wood deeply, that the form of the groove is slightly undercut, and that each ring of the pattern communicates with the one below it.