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Use unethical in a sentence

Definition of unethical:

  • (adjective) not conforming to approved standards of social or professional behavior
  • (adjective) not adhering to ethical or moral principles;

Sentence Examples:

Driven by motives that were completely unethical and prurient, I now examined the handwritten notes.

There she discovered that these computer-intruding hackers, who had been characterized as unethical, irresponsible, and a serious danger to society, did in fact have their own subculture and their own rules.

She rose in her wrath, reached for her shoe, and made short work of the unethical despoiler.

A member of a learned and honorable profession should be scrupulous in his conduct, and to keep for one's self more than half the money recovered for a client seems to me to be bordering on the unethical.

He was less concerned with the ethical issues at stake in decisions between railways and communities than with the unethical fact of such a prodigal lot of lines having been built at all to give trouble to the nation.

Physicians feel very strongly that it is as unethical for an optician to fit eyeglasses without a physician's prescription as for a pharmacist to give drugs without a physician's prescription.

Laymen and physicians must be taught that it is just as unethical and unprofessional for oculists and physicians to fail to bring their knowledge within the practical reach of the masses as for the optician to advertise his wares.

No person's morals can be relied upon who is tempted constantly to do immoral acts; ethical training seeks to incapacitate us for committing unethical deeds and to habituate us to ethical acts alone.

How incongruous to build up the lofty structure of a faith upon so unethical, unsocial, and cruel a foundation!

What was frowned upon as unethical and poor business policy, if not illegal at home, was condoned and winked at or openly espoused when foreign markets formed the basis of operations and foreigners were the competitors.

The third cause for the defeat of woman suffrage was the disgust which the manners, methods, and unethical sentiments of the suffragists aroused.

That is to say, Ethics has to recognize the truth, recognized in unethical thought, that egoism comes before altruism.

A more unethical termination to her adventures can hardly be imagined; for Euripides, following hitherto upon the lines of the Homeric story, has been at great pains to analyze her legend into a common tale of adultery and female fascination.

To begin with, parents in that era would certainly consider it hopelessly and criminally unethical, if not actively immoral.

If scientific discipline is not supplemented by a truly humanistic or religious discipline the result is unethical science, and unethical science is perhaps the worst monster that has yet been turned loose on the race.

A man has a good or bad character, he is ethical or unethical, as one may say from the Greek word for character in this sense (????), according to the quality of his choice as it appears in what he actually does.

He felt like an outsider, watching a complete stranger being led in docility towards a police car by a uniformed policeman, obviously the perpetrator of some outrageous, illegal, immoral, unethical act.

"I know it's unethical for me to take you away from the men when they need your help more than ever before," Hawkins began slowly, choosing to stare moodily at the table instead of directly at the man he was talking to.