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Use unprecedented in a sentence

Definition of unprecedented:

  • (adjective) having no precedent; novel | Never before seen, done, or experienced

Sentence Examples:

He'll be perfectly scandalized at such a shocking and unprecedented outrage.

A precocity unprecedented, we believe, even in the annals of that fighting era.

To combine sculpture and satire, signore, has been my unprecedented ambition.

Cried Larry, astonished at the beast's unprecedented skittishness, "you old fool!"

At the various musical festivals, she created an almost unprecedented reputation in oratorio.

The excitement held until midnight, an unprecedented occurrence for the sanitarium.

His popularity and prestige were unbounded, and his audacity and courage unprecedented.

Edward's face grew signally white over the contents of this unprecedented challenge.

The convention has, therefore, laid a foundation of Irish agreement unprecedented in history.

Wine flowed like a river, and the scenes of carousal were of unprecedented extravagance.

The present unprecedented prices have bestirred the exporting firms to feverish activity.

Public politicking or wrangling by delegates to a party congress would be unprecedented.

A few more weeks sufficed to plunge him into an unprecedented state of hypochondria.

Any other line of action on their part would have been unprecedented and disconcerting.

It was unprecedented, and yet evidently only a result of the heretical abuses.

The little drab nonentity felt in her veins an unprecedented stirring of resentment.

With a splendid impassivity in the face of precautions so unprecedented, the servant withdrew.

I may have classed it as a freakish pedantry, the result of an unprecedented memory.

He wrote the heroic couplet, which was his favorite measure, with almost unprecedented evenness.

Thomas Potter, emboldened by impunity, proceeded to behave in a most unprecedented and outrageous manner.

On that occasion an unexampled and unprecedented outburst of horror thrilled the whole civilized world.

Though the post was no sinecure, a scandal such as threatened now, was quite unprecedented.

The salary which the famous contralto used to receive was for those days almost unprecedented.

The old marquise received the unprecedented attention paid her without the least manifestation of surprise.

It was the laggard tape and the unprecedented violence of the movements that awful day.

The marriage ceremonial was throughout the same, with the redoubled splendor of an unprecedented magnificence.

Their predominance has been practically complete; and so far as I know, it has been unprecedented.

His popularity would have been unusual for a white man, for a Mexican it was unprecedented.

He would set impositions of unprecedented length, and revile himself for ruining the victim's handwriting.

The general result of the German attack, therefore, though serious enough, is far from unprecedented.

Merry was astounded, for such a demonstration on the part of Hodge was almost unprecedented.

Or perhaps it makes an unprecedented harmony out of things existing before, but jangled and detached.

He lived, from day to day, in a bewildering succession of encouragements and trials, all unprecedented.

The turmoil now convulsing human affairs is unprecedented, and many of its consequences enormously destructive.

He thought what every grenadier in the army thought; but he thought it with unprecedented force.

In this way the almost unprecedented number of one hundred and ten triremes were got ready.

Having enlarged his resources through original discovery, he dazzles by display of a virtuosity wholly unprecedented.

This case has been described by my learned friend as unprecedented in the annals of Australian history.

At a time of unprecedented depression in the value of land, it called a general auction of Irish estates.

Had the Japanese got possession of our communications, a catastrophe unprecedented in military history might have resulted.

The forests, evidently always green, grew rapidly and abundantly, with foliage of unprecedented size and luxuriance.

Although he expected Wordsworth to transmute philosophy into poetry, he admitted that the achievement would be unprecedented.

In an instant the Hermit of the Silver Girdle was in a very great and unprecedented fluster.

This great and unprecedented anarchistic conspiracy of May 4th will doubtless result in a blessing to America.

To turn back within the very smell of his stable was unprecedented: it violated every equine code.

Besides this, however, there was the unprecedented immediate booty, transferable as so much asset to the conquerors.

This renewed explosion was, I ought to say, almost unprecedented in the long story of colliery accidents.

Sir William Johnson succeeded in rousing the Iroquois, whom the French had been courting with unprecedented assiduity.

None of his people had heard the rector quote any Greek or Latin for a length of time unprecedented.

Like many another ship that came after her, famous for unprecedented size, she was destined to be unlucky.

Basil, which is top-heavy with spires, domes, and minarets, ornamented in the most irregular and unprecedented manner.

Colonel Zane clapped his hands, and everyone stared in amazement at the unprecedented sight Wetzel danced not ungracefully.

You may object that the propounding such a scheme would be discreditable, and that the thing is unprecedented.

I shuddered, there in the gloaming, as my mind dwelt reluctantly upon the unprecedented perils menacing my happiness.

This was effected by caissons with air chambers and air locks, a feat unprecedented in the annals of engineering.

It was clear that the matter would be protracted to a length unprecedented in the annals of criminal law.

After the repression of Mexican domination, politics arose to unprecedented heights, and everybody was affected by political fervor.

The success of this work, of which the libretto is founded on the story of Pamela, was almost unprecedented.

The case I have to present to your worship I think I may characterize as unprecedented in the annals of Australian history.

Basil, which is absolutely top-heavy with spires, domes, and minarets, ornamented in the most irregular and unprecedented manner.

The whole nation was astounded at the unprecedented favor, but as usual it was only the prelude of a storm.

The departure of the Haj in the year of the discovery of the New World was one of unprecedented commotion.

The present unprecedented situation in the paper industry has fomented considerable speculative enthusiasm in Canadian paper and pulp stocks.

The German believers have undoubtedly experienced a very severe trial and their faith has been tested in an unprecedented way.

There may even be plagues of unprecedented ferocity that will depopulate great areas before the wit of man can overcome them.

This unprecedented spread of common acquaintanceship of the world has been supplemented by discoveries of science in many other directions.

It was unprecedented, and it was, therefore, wrong, unnatural, diabolic, a violation of the sound principles which uphold human society.

I can scarcely hope to convey to you an idea of the intensity and agreeableness of my sensations at this unprecedented epoch.

Meantime, Marion's mind grew and flourished, like some rare and beautiful plant injudiciously cultivated, yet glowing in almost unprecedented luxuriance.

The performance would have been creditable to anybody of greater experience and longer years; as it is, I believe it to be unprecedented.

Then with perfectly unprecedented perspicacity his roving glance snatched up suddenly the unmistakable tremor of the May Girl's chin.

The cold was almost unprecedented, and snow fell many inches deep where it had rarely whitened the ground before.

Hell was full meaninglessness and savagery without rationale and with a judicial system forcing the mutilated further into unprecedented horrors.

It will, without the slightest doubt, if generously and vigorously supported, arouse unprecedented interest among all classes of civilized society.

As a story of unprecedented adventure in a distant and unknown region it speaks thrillingly to the universal human sense of romance.

Statisticians, in their turn, noted down in their papers the unprecedented discovery of an astonishingly complete population of the above-mentioned category.

In imitating Chaucer's use of the final -e, he employs this suffix with unprecedented freedom, and rather avoids than seeks elision.

Many sorties were made to incommode their covering works, and most unprecedented were the bodily fatigues and mental anxiety of all.

It was this unprecedented concentration of all power in the hands of a single man that overawed the imagination of Henry's subjects.

A proceeding so unprecedented, so perplexing to all who knew him, could not, in the nature of things, be passed over in silence.

The unprecedented increase in expenditures which followed bespeaks their sincerity, or, rather, bespeaks each nation's mistrust of the sincerity of others.

Astounding as the statement seems, yet that is one of the many unprecedented facts which recent study has brought to light.

The Netherlander had intentionally commenced a conversation on art, and it was almost unprecedented to find Philip disinclined to enter into one.

Here it grows and aspires with unimagined rapidity to an unprecedented height, threatening to shiver its frail covering in its upward career.

Our generation was destined to sustain the unprecedented horrors of a base attempt to destroy France, that very glorious asset of all civilization.

It must not, however, be forgotten that it is not unprecedented in an unformed nation for the faint-hearted to desert to the enemy.

I wonder who was responsible for the libel that Spanish innkeepers cheat; any attempt at overcharging is an almost unprecedented event.

The former half may be said to have been quite normal, while the latter half represents a totally unprecedented condition in Canadian immigration.

Perjury in transactions with the national revenue and with municipal assessors is by no means unprecedented among persons of high general reputation.

Emboldened by the thought of the crowds of women that were flooding the whole Embassy I decided on an altogether unprecedented move.

Though we had a February of almost unprecedented warmth, I am told the primrose is shyly and charily putting forth its blossoms.

Now that my own memory, somewhat iced up by these alleged unprecedented conditions, is thawed out, the week seems quite grotesquely impossible.

And the nation itself is fairly entitled to no small credit for its cordial, ungrudging approval of a measure of such unprecedented liberality.

Fate could not deal so rapaciously with a whole group of human beings; such unprecedented, inconceivable injustice could not have been done them.

Every fair-minded man would say without hesitation that such an ultimatum would be an unprecedented outrage upon the fine proprieties of civilized life.

The blessings that will be vouchsafed to them, if they unitedly persevere and vigorously prosecute their urgent task, will alike be unprecedented.

These problems were compounded in the summer of 1997 by unprecedented flooding which inundated much of the eastern part of the country.

The law proposed the introduction of polytechnic studies on an unprecedented scale in order to provide skilled workers for agriculture and industry.

Unprepared, weakened, impoverished and sick, we are required, at the most unlucky moment, to work out a new and unprecedented order of life.

To justify the confidence placed in it, it had ransacked its imagination for something unforeseen and unprecedented, something altogether out of the ordinary.