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Use unprecedented in a sentence

Definition of unprecedented:

  • (adjective) having no precedent; novel | Never before seen, done, or experienced

Sentence Examples:

Whatever may have been the cause, speculation began and increased at a rate which was quite unprecedented.

To the military authorities these expressions of opinion on the part of their subordinate appear utterly unprecedented.

From his tone one would have thought the making of cake a wonderful and quite unprecedented performance.

She rode home slowly, so wrapped in meditation that she was late for dinner, an unprecedented occurrence.

The changed character of the reading public furnished one reason for the unprecedented growth of fiction.

This curious local change in habits, by the way, is nothing unprecedented as regards wild animals.

However, an unprecedented number of Russians fled across the Iron Curtain, seeking asylum in the West.

It has produced a national debt and a degree of taxation unprecedented in the history of this country.

The memory will not let him alone of that marvelous, that unprecedented experience of the afternoon.

His journey however was so unprecedented a step, that it brought him into trouble with Tiberius.

Cold Anglo-Saxon as he was, the unprecedented miracle this gentleman presented made him seem almost lunatic.

This mental condition must have led to my waking about midnight, which was an unprecedented thing.

This was an unprecedented circumstance, as upon all former occasions this barbarous custom had been permitted.

Let the celebration be of unprecedented splendor, so that the Master may be filled with wonder.

By her personal energy alone this woman brought the family to an unprecedented height of prosperity.

With almost unprecedented speed the trial of Chamberlain came on, and Cora Bell appeared against him.

And they were censured as novel and unprecedented by critics who ought to have known better.

At any rate he set out on a wild run, attaining a pace probably unprecedented in his history.

Moreover, the book which was announced in this lively strain was as unprecedented as the announcement.

Do we need any other proof that the work is capable of producing a most unprecedented effect?

The unhappiness and failure in many marriages looms before us a colossal, an unprecedented and menacing fact.

Very well, Patty, I am glad to know that this unprecedented behavior is caused by charitable motives.

"Of course they might have been carried halfway around the world by a wind of unprecedented velocity."

"A curious and entertaining piece of domestic biography of a most extraordinary person, under circumstances almost unprecedented."

Dick helped her, forgot his chemistry, seemed in the way to become a father of unprecedented devotion.

He lives, speaks, writes, composes, only in the interest of his carefully laid plot to be unprecedented.

Suddenly there came an unprecedented welling of tears in her eyes, and a lump in her throat.

Miss McCabe, with a glow of lovely enthusiasm, contemplated the unprecedented whiteness of the paternal character.

It was irregular, unprecedented, and therefore utterly wrong and subversive of the morals of the town.

Rivers of fire seemed suddenly to course through his body, and an unprecedented rage burned up within him.

She gathered from his words that she had done an unprecedented thing in deserting his side.

The circumstances were so unprecedented that they were at a loss what to say or how to act.

The only interference thus far with the grapes has been the unprecedented late freeze last spring.

Baron should turn toward the growing crops, neglected by reason of events unprecedented in their experience.

Now the press was free, and had begun to exercise unprecedented influence on the public mind.

She was afraid that this unprecedented proceeding would terribly upset Henry and so make him worse.

It was not very long before something most exciting and utterly unprecedented occurred in the family.

"This is a most unusual and unprecedented action on the part of a jury," said the Court gravely.

The basic trait of his character was probably lack of confidence, and this bore unprecedented fruit.

"I see," said the Little Red Doctor, recognizing a condition by no means unprecedented in local practice.

They could not have withstood the new gases which American chemists were preparing on an unprecedented scale.

The panic of 1873 was followed by an unprecedented combination of individual businesses and partnerships into corporations.

For a moment, we could scarcely take in the scene before us; in our experience it was so unprecedented.

The unprecedented expansion of trade and foreign commerce justifies prompt consideration of an adequate foreign mail service.

Her citizens believed that the end of the war would begin a golden age of unprecedented prosperity.

Was he waiting for her to demand what he meant by this unprecedented outrage on her privacy?

His perseverance drove his adversaries to a series of extraordinary, and in this country, fortunately, unprecedented measures.

Instead, he did an unprecedented thing: he went for a walk, through the streets of the City.

Yet to the people of thirty years ago, a round hundred million was something vast and unprecedented.

It was considered quite unprecedented that so large a sum should have been collected in so poor a district.

He said his audience with the President had been a surprise, unprecedented by anything he had ever seen.

It was a queer moment, though not an unprecedented one in the stormy history of their relations together.

The three or four years before the presidential election of 1800 are marked by an unprecedented journalistic revival.

The lake traffic has of late years become perfectly enormous, the increase of the western navigation being unprecedented.

Bella had brought dessert and two bottles of wine, thus shedding unprecedented splendor on the occasion.

If this was really the condition of things, such a break in the Corona is apparently quite unprecedented.

It was an unprecedented event, yet no one knew of it, least of all those whom it concerned.

Even Katherine was worried; and the governor had taken the unprecedented step of arming his servants.

There are many things to suggest that we are now in a phase of rapid and unprecedented development.

Compared with the growth of our population, the public expenditures have reached an amount unprecedented in our history.

The success of these issues has proved to be unprecedented, and they have attained an almost world-wide celebrity.

The prices of food, of manufactures, of land, of everything except labor, were rising at an unprecedented rate.

Although it was hard to see what might be of use in these most unprecedented and unpleasant circumstances.

The internal condition of the Republic during the first decade was one of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

His knowledge of facts, dates, events, men in our history, is not only remarkable, but almost unprecedented.

Unprecedented things happened to Ger, but he was never very clear afterwards as to what they were.

"I should hardly think so, considering the strange, and I may say unprecedented, proposal you are making."

It was nothing like his feelings for Sara, his mistress; those were totally unprecedented, not simply unusual.

During these days of deadly strife and of unprecedented slaughter, our cavalry was by no means idle.

In an age marked by unprecedented mobility and migration, they readily blend into communities wherever they move.

During these days of deadly strife and of unprecedented slaughter, our cavalry was by no means idle.

Its able advocacy of political principles was as striking as its judicial air of criticism, unprecedented in periodical literature.

In the same manner the females have been gradually broken into habits of industry to a degree hitherto unprecedented.

It met with an almost unprecedented success, not only in this country but all over the world.

This transaction, though totally disregarded in its chief front of wickedness, became the excuse for unprecedented excitement.

That enterprise will presently, will immediately assume, has indeed already assumed a magnitude unprecedented in our experience.

In order to deal with this unprecedented emergency, it would be advisable to have your thoughts on the matter.

These were days of unprecedented prosperity and triumph for the baby, as they were for the company.

When it reached the capital, all were filled with amazement at the unprecedented daring of the strangers.

Wherever he played, the theater was crowded to overflowing, and the receipts and the applause were unprecedented.

This fact accounts for the unprecedented steady increase of the amount of cigars exported from the islands.

This threw upon the governors and legislatures of the loyal States responsibilities of a kind wholly unprecedented.

Therefore, after a period of unprecedented suffering, the people took courage once more, for life is dear to all men.

The saint, to remove these causes of distraction, projected for himself a new and unprecedented manner of life.

The consumption of war material has been unprecedented, and this indicates what may be expected in future wars.

Really, except it were by doing justly and loving mercy to an unprecedented extent, one does not know.

It may be so, but it will be unprecedented if the present ruling class surrender without a struggle.

His newer plan, a bridge of a single arch, and of a span unprecedented, was seen and approved.

It is rather robust and confident; its social faiths, at least, are unprecedented in their sweep and certainty.

The only defeat he was able to inflict was upon his own soldiers, under circumstances unprecedented in war.

Shells were fired to unprecedented heights, and their trajectories were modified by unknown conditions in the upper air.

In 1861 an unprecedented fall took place in cattle, such as had not been felt 'since the gold.'

It only wanted this unprecedented siege to make clear that which, for forty years, was an open question.

What we vaguely call a "radical" is a very recent product due to altogether exceptional and unprecedented circumstances.

For the three years following the dreadful misery above described, harvests of unprecedented abundance were gathered in.

Gray that for the instant an almost unprecedented thing occurred: she could think of nothing to say.

It got heavier and heavier and soon reached an unprecedented violence and extended to the flanking Divisions as well.

Richardson's slumber may be deeper than that of most men of equal fame, but it is not quite unprecedented.

It was a "boom year": the beginning, said the wise statesmen and newspapers, of an era of unprecedented prosperity.

Her career of nine months in this country has been a triumph unprecedented in the history of artistic success.