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Definition of usury:

  • (noun) an exorbitant or unlawful rate of interest
  • (noun) the act of lending money at an exorbitant rate of interest

Sentence Examples:

His companions accuse him of miserliness and usury.

Preach a sermon on usury for that popinjay.

This Commandment is broken by extortion, or oppressive usury.

What griping usury, what extortion are practiced within it!

That was usufruct; but usury was a different thing.

For other misdeeds, as for example usury, he imposed heavy fines.

The one wrote a Jeremiad about usury, and was called Jeremy Bentham.

There is the usury of lands as well as of "money or victuals."

Even Cato was a usurer and recommended usury as a means of acquiring wealth.

In former times moralists and lawmakers were opposed to all usury or interest.

The rule of the Punic merchant princes had the very soul of usury.

Have you injured him by stealing, cheating, usury, extortion, or any unlawful contract?

Besides, they were limited to the meanest trades and to usury and peddling.

Many similar traditions fulminate against usury in the widest sense of the word.

I hate usury, nor care I to earn money for others to filch from me.

Moses, Solomon and the prophets connect usury with the oppression of the poor.

Devout Hebrews during the period of the Judges obeyed the Mosaic prohibition of usury or interest.

What are the practical remedies for extortionate usury in India, and principally in the Bombay Deccan?

Indeed, we find several Popes upbraiding them "for maintaining that usury is not a sin."

Chesterton says that we should break this "net of usury" in which the peoples are enmeshed.

Ever since their return from exile, the common people had been impoverished and paralyzed by usury.

He took occasion to defend his brethren against three other charges: usury, child murder, and proselytism.

This woman was a usurer on a scale so pitiful and petty that it almost condoned usury.

He who borrows for usury does not consent to the usurer's sin, but makes use of it.

Nor is it the usurer's acceptance of usury that pleases him, but his lending, which is good

The use of intoxicating drinks is strictly prohibited, hospitality is recommended, gambling and usury are not allowed.

He laid out for the plenteous harvests of usury, not pressing the seasons with too much rigor.

This is usury, in the bad sense of the term, but is more correctly called oppression or extortion.

The old antagonism, jealousy of their riches, hatred caused by extortionate usury, were roused and armed for revenge.

That "extortion, usury, and oppression were never so attacked as they are likely to be by the bank."

The provinces groaned at once under all the severity of public imposition and the rapaciousness of private usury.

Never did oppression light the nuptial torch; never did extortion and usury spread out the genial bed.

I will put my talent to usury, and be no slothful steward of what has been entrusted to me.

Seamanship was his vocation; he understood few of the ins and outs of a financial order founded on usury.

While Mammon is permitted this usury, his chief tool, he will use it for the oppression of the world.

Their greed was insatiable, although they were lazy and slothful; and for that reason they practice unheard-of usury.

Who knows but fortune waits, upon my getting off this dangerous shelve, to compensate my shipwreck with usury?

It would be hard in the history of usury to come across the well-ascertained details of a more grasping, griping usurer.

The ordinances of private law embraced regulations as to marriage and family relations, testamentary disposition, inheritance, debt, and usury.

The box was full of documents, and represented the ruin and wretchedness of the impecunious victims of his remorseless usury.

The first is the charge of usury and unproductive loans, the second the charge either of treason or of unpatriotic detachment.

Despoiled by herself, no avenger to wipe out the stigma Twin maelstroms of debt and of usury suck down the commons.

You have set yourself against the usurer, but the world will practice usury, and you practice usury with the world.

We had won; we had sacrificed the flower of our youth, and they came to us with bills of usury and extortion!

The usurer and the borrower on usury, both, reverse the true order by assuming that a thing can claim man's service.

The wretched goldsmith was haled before a magistrate, and, as he had a bad reputation for usury, was forced to disgorge the reliquary.

These cloisters owe nothing to public charities; our walls were not raised by the usury of publicans, nor their foundations laid in base extortion.

Declamations in favor of poverty rang hollow on the lips of a man whose enormous usury poured in from every part of the Empire.

He diminished official expenses, walked his circuits with a single attendant, administered justice with strict impartiality, and restrained usury with unsparing severity.

The exacting of usury has always been more or less practiced, and there has always been a contention against it as impolitic and wrong.

Desires to realize our gains are akin to the passion of usury; these are tricks of the usurer to grasp his gold in act and imagination.

Bentham appends to it a respectful letter to Adam Smith, who had supported the laws against usury inconsistently with his own general principles.

He lamented his birth because he was treated as a usurer and oppressor, when he had never exacted usury, nor had business with usurers.

Let polygamy become as universal as usury and even the seventh commandment in its strictness will seem impracticable and unkind if not positively cruel.

Judicial murders were frequent in the city, and minor forms of oppression, such as usury, spoliation of the unprotected, and robbery, were of daily occurrence.

The interest exacted by the princes and nobles was no doubt so extortionate that it could be called usury in the modern legal sense.

The wealthy made usury their business, and pursued their debtors with such severity as to make slaves of their impoverished debtors or their children.

As adultery, usury, murder and suicide are among these little eccentricities, offset against superstition, religion and rationalism, the reader may take his choice of theories.

If the usurious interest has been paid by the borrower, double the amount of the usury may be recovered from the bank by the borrower.

The fifth, that it beats down the price of land; for the employment of money is chiefly either merchandising or purchasing, and usury waylays both.

Wherefore human law has permitted usury, not that it looks upon usury as harmonizing with justice, but lest the advantage of many should be hindered

If Esther wrongfully withheld from that earnest, masterful, persuasive suitor his just dues, she now feels such ethical qualms as to prompt payment with usury.

The story is told of a rich usurer of Vicenza urging the ecclesiastical authorities of the town to send for an eminent preacher to declaim against usury.

Hence, not merely "usury" in the modern sense of excessive interest, but it is forbidden to claim or take any interest whatever from any Hebrew debtor.

The plebeians were suffering severely from the after-war usury and profiteering of the patricians, and were incurring heavy debts in rebuilding and restocking their farms.

A time had now come when the populace clamored for their expulsion from the island, on the ground that their usury and rapacity was ruining the country.

The fault is mine, not yours; for had I not first trafficked with this Ferguson, for the sake of usury, for filthy lucre, this had not happened.

To become deserving of it, must be my great, never-wavering endeavor; I will put my talent to usury, and be no slothful steward of what has been entrusted to me.

The law declared that the usurer should not demand a higher rate than that fixed by the original contract; it also advised "Let the usury on money be moderate."

In countries where interest is permitted, the law in order to prevent the extortion of usury, generally fixes the highest rate which can be taken without incurring a penalty.

And though Cicero declaims against this article, it is not on account of the extravagant usury, but because it had never been customary to state any interest on such occasions.

These advantages they lost by not being able to curb their insatiable greediness of enriching themselves by unlawful means, such as usury, adulteration of the coin, and the like.

"For commonly they who first raise great estates, do it either by usury and extortion, by fraud and cozening, or by flattery, and by ministering to other men's vices."

The request was made that all loans with interest be not considered usurious; a request resisted in some cases by the clergy, which clung to the old laws of usury.

The cow draws the plow and the harrow, and threshes the grain, but usury makes property bring all needed material good without effort on the part of the owner.

He condemned the legal plunder of protectionist vi tariffs, government subsidies of all kinds, progressive taxation, public schools, government "jobs" programs, minimum wage laws, welfare, usury laws, and more.

Profits, rent, interest, labor value, usury, wages, crises, will then appear as economic phenomena necessary under given conditions of the social order, through which the economic principle exerts its influence.

From the purse of the usurers; that is, of the patricians, to whom all these lands finally returned, in consequence of the rapid increase of usury, and the seizure of estates.

If you are miserly, injuring your neighbor by usury, by overcharging, by false wares and fraudulent business, you have permitted the world and your own flesh to overcome you for a penny.

As regards the extension of jurisdiction over subjects unconnected with heresy, the Inquisition was not in future to take cognizance of usury, bigamy, blasphemy, and sorcery except in cases inferring erroneous belief.

Every man plows and sows his field, and having only his capitation to pay, he reaps abundantly the fruit of his exertions, which a fertile soil repays him with usury.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and if usury laws are good for the citizens, some solid reason ought to be rendered why they are not good for the government.

Civil oppression made religion more necessary and more dear; submission to tyrannical power prepares the mind for a blind, convenient faith, and the hierarchy repaid with usury the services of despotism.

On the other hand, if a man wishes to allow a rebate on the just price in order that he may have his money sooner, he is not guilty of the sin of usury

And when some of Luther's parishioners stubbornly declared that they would not desist from usury, adultery, and other sins, nor promise sincere repentance and improvement, he refused to absolve them.

When there is fraud without dishonesty, and violence without injury, and adultery without impurity, and idolatry without false worship, then may there be "usury and increase" without injustice and oppression.

The women work as hard as the men, making mats, selling buttermilk, and lending money on their own account, and are declared to be as keen in money-making and usury as their brothers.

The enormous usury, which people in trade have been induced to pay, and which will presently be noticed, demonstrates that the profits made by the other professions, are equal to those of the husbandman.

Anyway, he could afford to impart, in judicious assistance to deserving and undeserving people, more than the average squatter spends in usury and extravagance put together, and be better off all the while.

They forbade their vassals to appeal to the ecclesiastical tribunals, except in cases of heresy, marriage, and usury, and threatened delinquents with the loss of their property and the mutilation of a member.

As to his money, he always kept that locked up by him, unless he sometimes lent it to a friend without interest, for he had a mortal hatred to all sorts of usury or extortion.

The political economists can assign as reasons some peculiar conditions prevailing in each of these periods, but the wisest have never gone deep enough to discover the general cause; this constant centralizing draft of usury.

Spain allied with Great Britain, in saving herself, saved Europe from his brutal domination, and the American Creole having paid with usury his debt to the mother country could now honorably leave her.

The landless classes were ground down by usury and oppression, for in that state of society the landless man had no career in trade, and was at the mercy of the landholding capitalist.

The law, indeed, protects everyone against usury and extortion, and gives to everyone the legal right to dispute the validity of an undertaking extracted from him by knavery or under stress of threats.

And, as the young are always very wise when they find their voice and have their confidence well put out to usury, laugh (but in your cloak) when I am sententious or apt to tears.

If, for instance, you trust the earth with some grains of corn, as they corrupt they germinate and spring; and that teeming parent restores with usury more ears than she had received grains.

When such loaners were brought before the courts, and they were sentenced to the galleys, the usual punishment for usury, their debtors came and testified their gratitude by begging for mercy to them!

Our war debt is the most stupendous monument of human crime and folly in existence; and worst of all, the 'butcher's bill' has already been paid by the unhappy toilers thrice over in usury

Long before he died, his opinions upon usury were supported by the great body of mercantile men, the nature of whose business was once considered hostile to any alteration in the laws regulating rate of interest.