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Use vain in a sentence

Definition of vain:

  • (adjective) characteristic of false pride; having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • (adjective) unproductive of success

Sentence Examples:

I strove till it was vain to strive.

I have searched in vain for those arms.

I tried to be comforted but in vain.

Vain the idea of idling out the calm.

Our charge had not been made in vain!

She tries in vain to cheat old age.

Again I screamed, but it was in vain.

It was in vain to attempt any pursuit.

A thousand streams flow into it in vain.

Here again, however, Redmond's representations were in vain.

We remained for hours, and remained in vain.

Some papers protest, but protests are in vain

I will now try to make you vain.

I had always been too vain and self-centered.

Appeals to the authorities had been in vain.

Their voices had been exhausted in vain protest.

I searched in vain for her before breakfast.

To reason with them would be in vain.

In vain then have we taken him prisoner.

In vain did he struggle for a hearing.

He was by no means a vain man.

In vain because the time was not yet.

Have ye suffered so many things in vain?

It is vain to struggle with my fate.

There isn't a vain bone in his body.

The enemy tries in vain to fool him.

"Then I have warned you all in vain!"

Have you suffered so great things in vain?

Let no man deceive you with vain words.

I have motored over the roads in vain.

In vain this haughty fury you have shewn.

It was no vain dream of her childhood.

I warn you though your hopes are vain.

How vain on such a thought to dwell!

Make the blood of our fathers in vain?

Vain indeed is that which they have imagined.

Poor painted queen, vain flourish of my fortune!

Here Katherine looked in vain for her nephews.

Your life will not be spent in vain.

I do not think he lived in vain.

The major tried in vain to look angry.

His mind is spent in vain upon itself.

Would both deceive me with a vain pretence?

Boys are not what a vain people supposes.

Again and again he tried, but in vain.

I was vain of having such a correspondent.

He endeavored to pass unnoticed, but in vain.

Not in vain were their labors of love.

Half an hour was lost in vain efforts.

If you do, all will be in vain.

In vain was he stretched upon the rack.

It was in vain I protested and pleaded.

In vain the lizard struggled to free itself.

In vain their advocate has pleaded their cause.

They hunted about for some time in vain.

In vain the engineers toiled on without ceasing.

In vain the rattle-snake attempted to free itself.

I felt about in vain for another case.

I tried again and again, but in vain.

We had in vain been looking for water.

In vain her maid essayed to comfort her.

It was in vain that I warned him.

He attempted to do so, but in vain.

Vain hope, for the book is upside down.

Again and again he shouted, but in vain.

Fred tried in vain to soothe her feelings.

In vain had he sought to introduce it.

We tried in vain to change his determination.

In vain do the fugitives attempt to escape.

Nor did silver-bowed Apollo keep a vain watch.

Their fates I fear not, or vain oracles.

He glanced in vain around the pretty room.

"Who is it taking my name in vain?"

In vain those on board waited her return.

In vain David looked out for the ship.

For a long time I searched in vain.

In vain their advocate has pleaded their cause.

It was in vain to contend against nature.

We look in vain for any such thing.

I struggled to release myself, but in vain.

In vain Arthur looked the astonishment he felt.

I in vain attempted to reach the boat.

For some time they rowed about in vain.

Every one did look out, but in vain.

In vain Jack looked for what he sought.

In vain my boy begged me to retreat.

In vain Peach tried to make him move.

We have suffered, labored and denied in vain.

In vain Penelope addressed to him her appeals.

No one ever sought his help in vain.

I have not consulted the oracle in vain.

I have in vain watched his green eyes.

I tried in vain to recover my composure.

It were vain trying to comprehend their import.

That would be a vain attempt to make.

You cry in vain, rocks cannot hear you.

It was in vain that she questioned Gwen.

I made no comments, however, for words would have been vain.

It was in vain that we attempted every means of restraint.

He has endeavored, in vain, several times to void his urine.