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Use veneer in a sentence

Definition of veneer:

  • (noun) coating consisting of a thin layer of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood
  • (noun) an ornamental coating to a building
  • (verb) cover with veneer; "veneer the furniture to protect it"

Sentence Examples:

In spite of her pride, her high courage, the veneer of hardness which her experience of the world had given, she was infinitely pathetic in my eyes; and though I had never loved her, though I did love another woman, I would have given my life gladly at this minute if I could have saved her from the catastrophe she dreaded.

Always, everywhere, man is man, nor has he altered greatly beneath his veneer since he scurried into a hole between two rocks to escape the tyrannosaurus six million years ago.

A veneer of Greek refinement was spread thinly over the savage animalism of the man.

Unless it be so, his civilization is a mere veneer, ready to wear off at the first rub, and he himself a parasite upon the civilized world.

No character is so justly hateful as "A rogue in grain, Veneered with sanctimonious theory".

If the apparent civilization evolved by the nineteenth century had been good and wholesome, it might have been really sad to find that it was only a thin veneer laid over a structure that man's primitive passions might at any moment overturn.

Being really a nice girl, under the veneer that was so industriously placed upon her, she made friends among her fellow scholars, and was invited to more than one of their grand homes in Kensington and the suburbs of London.

It is almost new, and the walls and pointed ceiling are veneered with some Canadian wood, which looks like bird's-eye maple, but isn't.

Like all mosaic work, to which branch of Industrial Art it properly belongs, this kind of decoration should be quite subordinate to the general design; but with the rage for novelty which seized public attention some forty years ago, it developed into the production of all kinds of fantastic patterns in different veneers.

The truth seems to be that to this day the peasant remains a pagan and savage at heart; his civilization is merely a thin veneer which the hard knocks of life soon abrade, exposing the solid core of paganism and savagery below.

The Gallic nations are only veneered with decency.

Its coarseness, its vulgarity underlay all her veneer.

They mostly lack the pettiness that so often fatally limits their sex and quite as much, they lack the veneer that obscures the broad lines of character.

Its vaunted civilization is seen to be but a thin veneer, and its religion a matter of form rather than of life.

The veneer of civilization may have fallen, to a certain extent, from the wayfaring man who tarried in this cow town, yet his word was a bond, and he reverenced the pure in womanhood, though to insult him invited death.

A veneer of snobbishness over solid independence.

A castellated gateway, veneered with copper ores, gypsum, and slate was flanked by a balustrade of slate surmounted by onyx balls.

It was as though the iron in the man took shape, shook off the veneer, encased him like a coat of mail.

We say that these veneered vandals have the perfectly serious aim of destroying certain ideas which, as they think, the world has outgrown; without which, as we think, the world will die.

The thinner the veneer of civilized habit, the more easily the animal, always waiting and craving war, breaks through.

Among the miscellaneous objects also in these divisions are various boxes in wood, papyrus, one veneered with white and red ivory, some inscribed with names; and one with a pyramidal cover, veneered with ivory and ornamented with figures and birds.

Another variety was of oak, veneered with walnut and inlaid.

Bookcases were of mahogany and satinwood veneer, and the large ones were often in three sections, the center section standing farther out than the two sides.

David Graham Phillips has a way, a most clever and convincing way, of cutting through the veneer of snobbishness and bringing real men and women to the surface.

The action was to cover with a veneer of merriness a question which it embarrassed him to ask.

It was first made in a small cubical grain formed by cutting the actual fiber of timber transversely, and then breaking this veneer into cubes.

His household was veneered with evangelism.

The seats were veneered with tortoiseshell, and covered with quilts stuffed with feathers, and ornamented with costly embroideries.

Not that veneer which passes for it, but that deep inner culture, which gives a deft, artistic touch to the hand, softens the voice, gives elegance to the carriage, with a heart and mind nicely balanced.

The news of Lance Desmond's sudden death had startled and saddened her; had pierced through her surface serenity to the deep places of a nature that was not altogether shallow under its veneer of egotism and coquetry.

Leonie shuddered as the veneer of refinement cracked under the strain of the man's rage, showing the brutality and grossness immediately underneath.

The situation had gone to the man's head, she felt dumbly; his courtesy was only a scant veneer over that Oriental cast of view which, like the Latin, reads every accident of propinquity as opportunity.

Remove or deform or diminish or modify the dominant features of the destroyer, and we have but the eternal and vulgar figures of jealousy and innocence, newly vamped and veneered and padded and patched up for the stalest purposes of puppetry.

It was thus there was manifested the habit of servile obedience, of arbitrary power and violence, which had been taking root for several centuries; under a thin veneer of revolution one finds the servile and violent man of yesterday.

I could see he was the worse for liquor, and as often happens to those under the influence of strong drink, his veneer gave place to a quarrelsome arrogance in which his true disposition was displayed.

All along he inferred that she understood him, and accepted his veneer of jocosity and insincerity at its true value.

Beneath the veneer of abstraction with which the Greek tongue and mind have overlaid the fragment thus quoted, we discern that groundwork of barbaric ideas which is to be met with in most Oriental theologies, whether Egyptian or Babylonian.

Vincent Farley proved to be an anemic stripling, cold, reserved, with no surface indications of moral depravity, and with at least a veneer of good breeding.

These reflections are not a mere veneer of moralizing; they show the reason of many unexplained misfortunes.

Besides, civilization has never yet made the relations of nations with each other more unselfish, civilized nations now and in the past, despite their veneer of courtesy, being fully as jealous of each other as the most savage tribes.

He had appraised the man as a dullard under his stupid, inflexible crust of egotism, despite his veneer of manners.

Ahab's "ivory house which he made" must have been either covered with a very thin veneer, or else the ivory was used as inlay, which was often the case, in connection with ebony.

He was rollicking, noisy, good-natured, but under the boyish veneer was a hard indomitable nature.

As to construction, the prevailing type is a flimsy pile of brick and timber, 'put up,' apparently, by mutual connivance of the contractor and the coroner, and screened off from the street by a thin veneer of 'architecture.'

His passion checked, the structure erected by his imagination toppled to ruin, his vanity hurt, he stood before her stripped of the veneer that had made him seem, heretofore, nearly the man he professed to be.

How thin the veneer of a sportsmanship was upon the Kaiser, which is after all but symbolic of the higher and sterner virtues, all the world has had a chance of judging.

When Edith introduced me to society I was younger than the other girls of my set, and to cover up my deficiency in years I affected a veneer of worldly knowledge and sophistication that was misleading.

No other man before had got beneath the veneer of her worldliness.

In a flash the savage, which, in the best of us, lies but skin-deep under the veneer of habit and the civilized conventions, leaped alive.

It impressed me at the time as being a thinly veneered command, and I remember fearing lest the artist should be injudicious enough to disregard it.

Just now, notwithstanding the veneer of his too perfect clothes and civilized air, the beast had leaped out.

Then, as if determined to make a certainty of his condition, he took a dynamometer from one of the drawers in his old veneered bureau.

The man was indeed "A rogue in grain, Veneered with sanctimonious theory."

Scottish education and theology are only a veneer on him, and below he has all his old instincts.

Cast more or less in the same mold, without violent emotions or sentiment, and, except for the veneer of American habits, ignorant of all that man had ever thought or hoped, their minds burst open like flowers at the sunlight of a suggestion.

And with the disappearance of the physical semblance of a company of civilized men engaged in dining in civilized fashion, the last thin veneer over hate and fury was scraped away.

Into his wild and elemental nature, in which hereditary savagery was simply covered by a thin veneer of civilization, this strong love for a woman of an alien race had struck its roots deep down, and absorbed all into itself.

Not by veneering or even inoculating the children with good qualities, but simply by allowing their better and higher nature to evolve itself freely, naturally, and under favorable conditions.

Some have no veneer like this boor, and some have the polish, but they are all the same underneath.

The jaunty, Anglo-Indian veneer had for the time being dropped off, unmasking the worried exterior of a chicken-hearted man.

Their appearance is very fine; the malachite is, however, only veneered on copper, of which the pillars are composed.

The reason I suggest starting the pruning when the trees are six inches in diameter, is that that is the size of the veneer core left after the veneer manufacturer has turned the log for the thin sheet of furniture veneer.

For packing purposes such as this paper will be found to be of much more value than thin strips of wood or knife-cut veneer, the latter always having a great tendency to split when a screw or bradawl is inserted.

In many cases all that is necessary is to veneer the face sides, thus covering and hiding any unsightliness.

She was a wide canoe, very beautifully carved and inlaid, or rather veneered, with gold ornaments.

The quaint veneer of fashion with which for many years she had overlaid her speech and manner was more apparent in this address than common, but suddenly she broke through it and spoke with an approach to passion.

In many cases this is a result of sensitive timidity, or it may be an affectation of refinement which is but veneered coarseness.

"Don't you think there is something elemental in most of us which no veneer of civilization or artificial living can ever deaden?"

There were women there, and ladies of every sort, good, bad and indecipherable; yet in every instance the childlike, horribly sophisticated eyes had picked their victim unerringly, deterred by neither clothes, veneer, nor manner.

He was a selfish cry-baby, hidden behind a man's mustache and stature, and glossed over with a skin-deep veneer of culture and conventionality.

Much of the brickwork had evidently been veneered with slabs of marble, most of which has now disappeared; but it rather puzzled me to see so many great chips made in certain parts of the marble columns.

Much of our old civilization, with its veneer of politeness and its heart of barbarism, will have been riven as the ranges were riven by the earthquake.

Yet superimposed on this loathing was the veneer of civilization, that forces kindness and gentleness and self-denial toward the fit that the unfit may be kept alive.

Mayhew is essentially lacking in womanly delicacy, and mere coarseness is more tolerable than fashionable, veneered vulgarity.

It is, with Frenchmen, a kind of veneer, worn even by the most unpretentious in place of whatever may be real in them; and where this outward seeming is absent, they are completely at a loss.

"No," said Alec, scanning the Greek's smiling yet subtle face with those frank eyes of his that had so quickly learned the secret of looking beneath the veneer of men's words to discover their motives.

They take a large sheet of rubber about a sixteenth of an inch thick for a background, and by a process only known to themselves veneer it with a Turkish towel, and put it in brine to soak.

Another reform that might be inaugurated would be to veneer the cheese with building paper or clapboards, instead of the time-honored piece of towel.

The great hotel itself creaked and crackled and warped though all its painted, blistered, and veneered expanse, and was filled with the stifling breath of desiccation.

How the male had caused memories of abuse, desire for love from the former abuser, and a whole hot stream of perverse fantasies to percolate through cracks in the surface veneer of consciousness he did not know.

The truss work of the body was covered with diagonally crossing strips of veneer, so that, as a whole, with the rigid planes, the monoplane had a substantial appearance.

The churl by nature would appear through some veneer of manner, if only to bring into relief the finer qualities of his fellows; lastly, and most surely, one other would jingle a merciful cap and bells, and mingle motley with the rest.

Wherever the scorching breath of the bombs breathed on stone or metal it left a sulfurous, yellow-white veneer, acrid in odor and smooth to the touch.

I discovered soon that his hard busyness was no more than a veneer and that his freer self still lived, but in confinement.

Reeve easily saw through their little foibles, and was not deceived by the pretty veneer into believing that all was strong and firm beneath.

Much of the wood is used in the manufacture of boxes, since it works well upon rotary veneer machines.

Also in the manufacture of toys, culinary woodenware, and backing for veneer.

A large class of woodenware, including veneer plates, dishes, boxes, paddles, scoops, spoons, and beaters, which belong to the kitchen and pantry, are made of this species of wood.

It is also used in the manufacture of veneer picnic plates, pie plates, butter dishes, washboards, small handles, kitchen and pantry utensils, and ironing boards.

Attila was a scourge; his modern descendants are simply imitators who, having the thin veneer of civilization, combine science with bestial brutality in their methods of waging war.

Beneath her lingerie hat appeared Eyebrows and cheeks that were well veneered.

Next a layer or portion of cork about one-eighth of an inch thick, and large enough to cover the whole of the veneer, will be required.

This veneer had come unloosened in many places and was split up.

The wrest plank is veneered with cypress, giving the appearance that the soundboard extends over it.

How she loved him, when she felt in him the passionate lover, the wild, untamed creature that he was at heart, on whom the frigid courtliness of manner sat but as a thin veneer.

Lack of Logic Logical mentality cannot be developed when the absurd is fomented and cultivated, especially when it is presented under the false veneer of religion, when it is founded on a purely puerile and simple superstition.

Incisions were made in the trunks of seedling trees to resemble those made in inserting a veneer-shield or an annular bud.

She had expected him to have the common politeness to dress for her benefit, and she was not pleased to find that the punctiliousness he displayed in the matter on occasion was merely veneer.

Just now, notwithstanding the veneer of his too perfect clothes and civilized air, the beast had leapt out.

The veneer of gentility had underneath it the pure gold of character.