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Definition of vindication:

  • (noun) the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.
  • (noun) the justification for some act or belief

Sentence Examples:

Carry's disinterested vindication electrified her.

We stood at least for the vindication of Serbian nationality.

Jacks on one occasion, "as a vindication of the Unitarian attitude."

"No wonder," sighed Thompson, purposely misconstruing the honest vindication.

This vindication inundated us for some days with agricultural visitors.

This is a vindication, and the work of an Irish Protestant.

It had been republished with Charlotte's introduction, her vindication of Emily.

Therefore, I ask the reader to distinguish between vindictiveness and vindication.

Billy beheld with pride a final vindication of his exactitude in ratiocination.

It is to inflict pain for the sake of vindication, or retributive justice.

What vindication for the staying power of these many beleaguered species.

His uprightness was unrewarded, and what had become of his vindication?

Chamberlain made unctuous profession of sympathy with the vindication of Parnell's memory.

Are the opinions and practices of the Greek sophists incapable of vindication?

Brett was overjoyed by this vindication and the expectation of immediate release.

By far the ablest vindication of miracles which I have met with.

It was the vindication of human freedom against royal and sacerdotal despotism.

Yet it is avowedly done in the article which compels me to this vindication.

Does an American statesman venture any such suggestion in vindication, apology, or extenuation of war?

No one, indeed, is better than the Admiral at such lofty and dignified vindications.

Nor does the vindication offered by the Athenian herald meet the real charge preferred.

And there were reasons why any such vindication by him was especially indelicate.

How few of our systems of theology contain a manful vindication of truths so important!

Sue asked me to proofread "A Vindication of the Rights of Women" by Mary Wollstonecraft.

He knew the world misjudged his action; but he felt no need of its vindication.

I expect and desire you to vindicate yourself from aspersions so foul, if vindication be possible.

And in fact, the book was hailed by the rationalists as a vindication of Rousseau's philosophy.

I can give nothing in my vindication but the word of a nobleman and a Castilian.

The King was appealed to, and refused to countenance so uproarious a vindication of their rights.

Indeed, it is much better expressed by Luther, in his vindication of the doctrine of consubstantiation.

The vindication of Thomas Clarkson has been triumphant; the punishment of his traducers has been exemplary.

"As a vindication of the women's enfranchisement demand, this popular, clever, lively book is worth reading."

Judd choked again in the gleefulness of his vindication and Jesse shot him a malignant glance.

The purpose of punishment is the vindication of the law and the reclamation of the transgressor.

Nothing could be a more complete vindication of herself than this respectful, dispassionate, and dignified language.

Enough has been said to show the statesmanlike nature of his plans for the vindication of European independence.

The General was fighting as much for personal vindication as for the glory of Russian arms.

In republishing his book, he added the Vindication, in order to give his ideas a more systematic expression.

Their vindication is in the historic tale of the successful advances which they have won for workingmen.

I earnestly hope the vindication and confutation will fall into your hands while you are on the spot.

He published a short vindication of himself, which is a model in its kind, luminous, temperate, and dignified.

A popular miscellany is not the place to enter into a history, or a vindication, of the phonetic system.

Sparing neither whip nor spur, seeing that he carried the vindication of his patron's fame in his saddlebags.

Desmond, the last-named gentleman manifesting great anxiety to shoot somebody or other in vindication of his Anglo-Saxon lineage.

The history of pious and charitable foundations is a vindication of the truth of the portraiture of the "Prologue."

Politics, history and the very vicissitudes of human events seemed subservient to the vindication of this humble victim.

The strictness of the modern laws is a striking vindication of Laval and those who stood by him.

I make this declaration, not merely because it is solemnly true, but because it is inseparably connected with my vindication.

The rapidity with which the young pilot's vindication had followed upon the heels of his accusation bewildered him.

The remarks were all tinged with vindication; and the prophet indulged freely in threatening wrath upon their opposers.

The result was a complete vindication of the colonel, and a loss of considerable custom to the indiscreet barkeeper.

The occasional harshness and ruggedness of character, that diversify her Vindication of the Rights of Woman, here totally disappear.

It is at once the vindication of Prussian policy, and, in the light of the last forty-four years, its condemnation.

And, at any rate, the Americanism of Emerson is better than anything that he has said in vindication of it.

Poor's facetious Addenda in "Vindication of Sir Ferdinando Gorges;" not shying either at his Appendix of fifty-two solid nonpareil pages.

We can vindicate Greek studies in a manner wholly strange to them, had they ever thought a vindication called for.

With this vindication of the true position of the Hebrew leader the Cloud removed, and Aaron looked on Miriam, and behold!

Holloway had been arraigned on a charge of murder; if he is not guilty, he is entitled to the vindication of an acquittal.

Or, perhaps, having already disposed of you in marriage, in vindication of this step, she did not wish to be undeceived.

Two campaigns have been the bloody partisans of this earnest pen: the impending one will cheerfully undertake its final vindication.

That the vindication of her rights be left to time and reason, and that a convention under existing circumstances is inexpedient.

History has exposed the falseness of the slander; but a statesman ought not to owe his vindication to research in archives.

On the present occasion, he found the ambitious nobleman singularly courteous, and not indisposed to listen to his ardent vindication of Giacomo.

Indeed, what I have said now to you, and which cannot be controverted by a shadow of a doubt, would be sufficient vindication.

When he so zealously defended his thesis in vindication of Julian the Apostate, his own apostasy was foretold by his master.

James's as much for a vindication of ourselves and a salve for our wounded feelings as for the whimsicality of the occupation.

To this abusive performance, Barclay replied in vindication of his doctrines; which is the last of his polemical writings that are published.

This he thought a favorable opportunity for the vindication of his rights, and he proceeded to the Swedish court to solicit aid.

And, alas, what inequalities, what sufferings, what wrongs have some to endure here that require another state for vindication and rectification also!

Can you escape the conviction that but for superman the eternal gestation and agony of cosmic maternity admits of no rational vindication?

And I ask this question not to disparage their meritorious exertions, but to obtain data for the vindication of the officer now assailed.

All evidently were in agreement with Maisie, and determined to blackball Honor as a vindication of their zeal for the credit of their house.

And if the belief in the immortality of the soul has been unable to find vindication in rational empiricism, neither is it satisfied with pantheism.

She, her eyes brimming with the happiness, faith, and trustfulness of a pure young girl, rejoiced in the vindication of her insulted knight.

Now it is plain from Kant's vindication of what he calls the affinity of phenomena, that he recognizes the existence of this presupposition.

Be assured that her vindication shall be heard as loudly as her accusation, and that her destroyer shall die to expiate her death.

One gentleman did, I believe, what I suppose would hardly be done at this day, entering into an elaborate vindication of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Literary squibs and pamphlets were showered upon him, and his attempts at a vindication of his conduct only rendered him the more ridiculous.

All you have said in vindication of granting favors, was only to draw me into a confession of what I have done: how ungenerous was that!

A committee was organized for the purpose of rousing the people to a sense of impending danger and to a vindication of their injured rights.

Isabella spoke half jestingly, and Philippa thought of her conversation with the doctor and his judgment, or rather his vindication, of a beautiful woman.

It might serve as an implied vindication of him against any dark scandal from a rival brother and expounder, or from any other quarter.

The swiftness and brilliancy of wit upon which she so much prides herself are at once forgotten in resentment and vindication of her injured kinswoman.

Such legislation cannot properly cover the whole domain of rights appertaining to life, liberty and property, defining them and providing for their vindication.

Such men are wanted at the present time, and it is to such we look for the firm vindication of the rights of an injured tenantry.

No matter how emphatic the vindication may be, it is as bad for discipline to have authority questioned as for a woman to have her virtue impugned.

It is a vindication of true love, which weighs no allurements of wealth and position against itself; a love of free inclination, yet altogether removed from license.

To this play the author has prefixed a preface in vindication of himself, from the aspersions cast on him by some persons, as to his morals.

Probably it was more read than the prelate's numerous tracts and sermons, such as his Essay on Miracles, or his Vindication of the Thirteenth of Romans.

As nothing is open enough for the quick and easy detection of peculation or fraud, so nothing is open enough for the due vindication and acknowledgment of honesty.

It was the first installment of Australasia's vindication of the promise made by the Prime Minister of Australia: "the last man and the last shilling."

It was able to make short work, he believed, with atheistic materialism, and could dispense with arguments against skeptics in vindication of the reality of experience.

Can I render her a greater service than to apprize her of the aspersions that have rested on it, and afford her the opportunity of vindication?

It is said, in vindication of the character of these great men, that they were abused into a mutual dislike merely by the calumnious misrepresentations of pretended friends.

Dixon has disinterred with the facts which every thoughtful reader of Bacon's philosophical works already knows, and the vindication of Bacon as a man is complete.

And if so, though popularity with the English public may be secured by this vindication of their domestic ideal, higher interests are hardly so well subserved.

As the vindication of Captain Harry from the charge of suicide seemed to be his only object, I did not thank him very effusively for his material.

It seems to me that an opportunity was lost, that the great principle of senatorial equality was left undefended, at a time when its vindication was sternly demanded.

They called upon Gonzalo to lead them in vindication of what they regarded as their privileges by right of conquest and of their service to the Spanish crown.

There, in softened outlines and graceful language, they will find an exposition of the whole argument of spiritual metaphysics, and a complete vindication of the method of theosophy.