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Definition of vindication:

  • (noun) the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.
  • (noun) the justification for some act or belief

Sentence Examples:

The task of vindication is ignoble.

He sat down in complacent vindication.

He had been unanswerable in his vindication.

Nick was vociferous in vindication of his trustworthiness.

The traditions of her race clamored for vindication.

A vindication presupposes an assault, and injury inflicted.

The volume is a vindication, a refutation and an apology.

Was she lukewarm and unfaithful in my vindication?

Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.

At least I would make them the reparation of vindication.

For all the triumphant vindication, he looked very pallid.

In a defeat there would be a roundabout vindication of himself.

Connor's spirited vindication, certain rumors would not be stifled.

Let me realize it and be equipped to fight for vindication.

My own cause must not mingle with such vindications.

The ladies made their remarks; and alterations or vindications ensued.

All the energy of his mind goes into denunciation or vindication.

His is the greatest of posthumous satisfactions: vindication by history.

The time seemed opportune for a vindication of the President's policy.

Protestantism had made necessary such a vehement vindication of the beautiful.

I have not hesitated to labor unaided for my own vindication.

Vindication of the Mosaic account of the hardening of Pharaoh's heart.

Whereupon Sally, in vindication of her judgment, began a lugubrious hymn.

I look with confidence to her malady as my triumphant vindication.

Besides this, truth is generally the best vindication against slander.

By way of vindication, of scrupling it, and suffering upon it.

Before a vindication so unanswerable criticism has no further word to say.

They can only take cognizance of it in vindication of their member.

And the stout lad appealed for vindication to his tall chum.

He loathed the necessary lie, yet his egotism clamored for vindication.

Vindication of ecclesiastical rights belonging to the crown from papal usurpation.

And all the while conciliation was as active as vindication was stern.

I tell it as a vindication of Roscoe and all the other navigators.

Again, your deeds are their own vindication; your acts are their own eulogy.

He had laid his case before the Judge and professed to expect vindication.

This fact is the South's vindication against the slanders of the Abolitionists.

No vindication could be more complete, no condemnation could be more absolute and humiliating.

Never was there a more complete vindication of the policy of pegging away.

In times of more than wonted assurance I would not accept complete vindication.

He had anticipated a full acquittal, and a triumphant vindication of his honor.

From such atrocious slanders, the Italians of the sixteenth century deserve a vindication.

She sat down, sensibly affected by the necessity of uttering this vindication.

Yet pragmatism must respect this way, for it has massive historic vindication.

Up to this time he had regarded it optimistically, confident of vindication and acquittal.

English history, wisely read, is the vindication of the brain of that people.

At length, regaining his self-possession, Columbus delivered an earnest vindication of his course.

It was to be a bloodless revolution and a vindication of the rights of men.

The present state of the market was a remarkable vindication of his sagacity.

He survives in his art; and that is a complete vindication, an undying memorial.

The best of everything tonight, in vindication of her still unimpaired beauty and potency.

Was a triumphant vindication of part, at least, of Ora's faith in the renunciation.

His impassive face gave no betrayal of any happiness he might feel in his vindication.

Ritter, must have been misunderstood, if it was considered in the light of a vindication.

I shall die without vindication, in the depths of some obscure prison, some noisome dungeon!

To rend and crush had become obligatory, the vindication of his claim to live.

A statement and explanation or vindication of one's conduct with reference to judgment thereon.

My father's wise and noble vindication of our dishonored name I had presumed to frustrate.

Half confession, half vindication ensued, and the poor fellow's story was manifest enough.

To the boy, that blackboard was a trial, a temptation, a vindication, or a betrayal.

Why should I intrude my vindication on him, when he cared not to hear it?

His writings are mostly vindications of the belief he had in them while still unwritten.

Although in the garb of a felon, was not the vote I received a grand vindication?

The vindication of national unity is the great issue; the abasement of slavery a subordinate one.

His friends, however, extolled it as a masterpiece of eloquence and a complete vindication of himself.

It professes at least to be a vindication of the being and providence of the Deity.

The words of the officer wounded me deeply, and I entered hotly on my vindication.

Jacobs, apart from their mere hilarity, is their triumphant vindication of the right to jest.

This vindication of his own occasional remonstrances, as well as of Shuffle's, was founded in truth.

Listen to adroitly narrated lies of detectives, caring only for vindication of their theories of guilt!

Each suffered abuse at the hands of his countrymen and lived to witness a triumphant vindication.

Cried Norwood, savagely, and as if impatient at a vindication for which he felt no interest.

The vindication of his ministry is forced from him by the calumnies of false brethren.

On the contrary, his vindication, and much of the evidence adduced, clearly betray his guilt.

The very violence which you justly condemn, is not only my vindication but my eulogy.

Purified by trial, he was to stand forth once more in vindication of the truths of freedom.

Swift took up the charge in his usual ironical manner, and wrote the Vindication which follows.

Thomas Jefferson had again become a member of the House after his vindication from threatened impeachment.

The nature of the vindication evidences the nature of the whole movement which the work inaugurates.

It was a noble and temperate vindication of natural liberty, the doctrine of more enlightened days.

The vindication of ecclesiastical rights belonging to the crown from the usurpation of the papal see.

It was at once a deterrent from crime and a vindication of the majesty of the law.

This portion of Paul's career seems to be capable of complete vindication on the ground of conscientiousness.

The sole prospect I could endure was of some gigantic, inexorably cruel vindication of my humiliated self.

The restaurant keeper was made jubilant by this dramatic vindication of the accuracy of his judgment.

Rather, let us arise and fight manfully, and defend our liberties or die gloriously in their vindication.

To such as repelled that proffered vindication, there was in the sorrows of the war no alleviation.

He may have his vindication to his hand, but it rarely has the vogue of the calumny.

Many of them are a vindication of popular judgement as against the far-fetched arguments of professed scholars.

The prose writings of Milton exerted great influence in favor of toleration and in vindication of reason.

Although twenty-four years have elapsed since its publication, but little of the vindication has become obsolete.

For the Princess it was a triumphant vindication, which was hailed with acclamation throughout the country.

The remonstrance of this friendly poet was unavailing; Dryden having soon after published the following Vindication.

I am innocent; but my tale, however circumstantial or true, will scarcely suffice for my vindication.

His address was prompted in part by this circumstance, and was a vindication of his enlisting.

This he intended as a vindication against all the calumnies which had been associated with his name.

And with this final vindication of his theories he made another stately obeisance and went his way.

It was a vindication of the subterfuges, a reward for the sacrifices, a balm for the pain!

The only vindication which an author is entitled to offer, is that which his works themselves present.

Throbbed this cadet who had waited patiently all these months for complete vindication before the corps.

She cried, "over two generations that ugly old mantel concealed the vindication of a man's honor!"