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Use wade in a sentence

Definition of wade:

  • (verb) walk (through relatively shallow water) | to progress with difficulty | to enter recklessly.
  • (noun) An act of wading

Sentence Examples:

Our horses waded to the fetlock in sand; the sun scorched like fire, and the air swarmed with sand-flies and mosquitoes.

The experienced horse treats them with the contempt such light-minded senility deserves, and wades through their phantom attack indifferent.

Unable to find words to express their feelings, they turned simultaneously, and waded in silence from the sandbank to the shore.

And yet enough for him, for the day, is the wading in the snowdrifts, or the sliding on the diamond-sparkling crust.

In order to set about it one must wade through their nauseous literature; but one sickens at the sight of their filthy trash.

Old Thames had often been as cold, when as a schoolboy he had waded through its weeds hunting the dive-dapper's nest.

Snatching up their weapons and food the two voyagers quickly waded to the bank and hid behind a clump of trees.

It is a wader and, if it can be considered as specialized for any occupation, it is wading in mud and shallow water.

All that had been in her forepart, which yet stood, had washed out and rolled ashore or stranded within wading distance.

Breasting the gale, and wading through the drifts, the Prussian troops tramped along, unable to see scarcely a rod before them.

We waded through the drenched grass and the tall, dripping weeds, listening for the faint, foolish peeping of the wanderers.

They were four days on their way to visit the commander, being obliged to wade through miry swamps much of the way.

They were drenched with rains, pierced with freezing gales, and covered with the mud through which they were always wading.

Take a bite of apple and then wade right in and tell me what you're doing in this burg if you don't like it.

The worst thing that he saw was the stupid hungered boy on the adjoining farm coming wading through the corn.

Then I waded into the heart of the monster, right into its middle with the gray oiliness billowing out all around me.

I found no pleasure in plunging into bogs, wading through rivulets, and penetrating thickets, for the sake of dispatching woodcocks and squirrels.

Over the main channels pontoons had been thrown, over others light plank bridges, less strongly supported, through others everybody was wading.

We waded the creek, made mud pies, and gathered posies in the narrow glades between the cottonwood, beech, and alder trees.

He laid down the gun, pulled off his moccasins and socks, rolled up his trousers, and waded in for the prize.

Why, once Ali had waded into the lake up to his waist to rescue two amorously fluttering butterflies that had fallen into it!

It is known, however, that she waded in through miles of mud and water, and was nothing daunted by the experience.

One cannot use snow-shoes, as there is too little snow between the piled-up blocks of ice, and one must wade along without them.

They had not more than tied up when an immense crowd began to gather about the sampan, even wading out into the water.

When I started away from her house I had to wade through the snow again, and then I went home and had tonsillitis.

Outside the belt of surf, the latter would jump overboard, and, seizing favorable opportunities, wade to and fro with sundry bundles.

That elk waded across the river and went up the other side, so now you know where to find his spoor.

He came up out of the water blowing and snorting like a porpoise with a cold in his head, and waded to the shore.

They ran away screaming, leaving behind a pair of spotted sandpipers, "till-tops," that had been wading with them in the shallow water.

She walked down the aisle as if into water, wading through pools and waves of boys, who plashed and gurgled around her.

Then again, we traveled onward for a time, wading the swollen creeks, and plodding through the mud as fast as we could.

I waded out eagerly to the fresh bit of salvage and found a seaman's chest with quaintly knotted handles of tarred rope.

She saw in him the possibility of rescue from that dismal swamp of neglected spinsterhood in which she had waded so long.

Wading across a bayou we caught a glimpse of green shining on the shore, and it proved to be a teal, directly in front.

The glue's so thick and strong, after the soupy stuff you've been wading through, that you welcome the solid look of it.

The Australian struggled to his feet and waded the stream once more, joining the soldiers on the veranda of the government bungalow.

One time I went in to my waist by surprise when I was wading in the edge of a pond after a grebe's nest.

It is to be waded in the riffles, so that he can cross from one shore to the other as the mood suits him.

Into its icy waters the Romans waded breast-high, and when they came up on the opposite bank they were benumbed with cold.

The rows of wooden houses, the oyster-sheds and the company store seemed to be wading on stilts, and most people wore rubber boots.

After thus wading through those resting on the table, I discovered some shelves, upon which were a number of cases, which I opened.

Disdaining to cross the rustic bridge that spanned the brook, they took off their shoes and waded over its pebbly bed.

The fouling of the udder and flanks comes from wading in dirty water, muddy yards, and from improper type of stalls.

In the teeth of the impending danger, through the dark night, he waded back across the snowdrifts, and saved the book.

The wheeling gulls, the wild swans, and geese, and mallards, wading and diving birds, and storks, and owls have been modelled.

Called the child in a tone of such distress that the selfish German bestirred herself at last, and began to wade cautiously in.

The catch was heaped in a pile, and Bandy-legs left his fire long enough to admire the product of the morning "wading act."

Many of them wade in barefooted, others wearing low cowhide shoes, and their feet, at least, are necessarily wet all day long.

I had but to wait and then wade in over the shallow to where I could see the sandy and pebbly bottom quite plain.

More than half asleep already, he obeyed in silence, waded to the shore, and sat down on a bank to take off his moccasins.

Uncle Ben unfastened the line, and wading out a little way into the lake, jumped in, and rowed over to the rock.

The creeks and rivers on the route were swollen, but he never stopped for them, for wading through, we went plodding on.

A hunter, having shot one of a flock of terns, which fell wounded into the water near the shore, waded in to seize it.

"Say, speaking of flapjacks puts me in mind of a story," came from Shadow, who was wading around in water up to his ankles.

Among other things she was set to the task of watching muskrat traps, which work compelled her to wade much in water.

Still keeping mounted the fly that, contrary to your expectations, had already deluded the former fish, you wade out and recommence operations.

His guard for the most part were beardless boys without shirts, who, in the frost, wade as familiarly through rivers as water-spaniels.

I waded into the pleasantly and invitingly cool water, but had promptly to retreat from swarms of leeches which attacked my feet.

I was wading slowly along the beach in rather deep water, when I suddenly felt a most excruciating pain in my left ankle.

I began with you as you waded in, and finished with you holding up the poached fish with the fly in its mouth.

He shifted restlessly to his elbow and built a cigarette; through its thin blue mist he waded retrospectively in the stream of memory.

While Billie was eating her poached eggs and breakfast bacon, her new friend had waded through his repast with amazing rapidity.

I have seen the bottom of a bay on the Virginian coast so covered that it was impossible to wade without stepping upon a crab.

We waded across bayous and ponds, where white lilies floated on the water and thronging lilac-flowers splashed the green marsh with color.

Provided with rubber leggings, he waded to the stairs where mother awaited him with dry slippers and assisted him to my room.

The old woman was not daunted, even by this, she waded into the sea, determined to cross it, but she was drowned.

Momentarily it would subside, then rise till it floated him off his feet, yet gamely he struggled onwards, partly swimming, partly wading.

Eagles feed by swooping down to pluck salmon from the water or by wading out to grab a fish stranded on a shallow riffle.

Titus waded from the cellar, plodded through the house, leaving pools of syrupy water in his wake, and stalked onto the veranda.

My eyes, wading laboriously through a dark atmosphere, a darkness gruesomely tactile, perceived only here and there lively patches of vibrating humanity.

It has been wrongfully accused of inelegance; when wading about in shallow water, which is its favorite resort, its gait is far from awkward.

"Here's your man," he said quickly, and forthwith fell to scolding in vehement Dutch the unfortunate wretch who had waded to the rescue.

Many of them wear cloth pantaloons under their petticoats, which, therefore, they are able to gather under their arms in wading through snow-drifts.

Stumbling and slipping, she waded on across the inundated ground, and came out upon a half-baked mud-flat, where the walking was much easier.

A good old Moravian missionary says: "Little boys are frequently seen wading in shallow brooks, shooting small fishes with their bows and arrows."

Wading, with remarkable conciseness and penetration, reviewed the characteristics of each and every member of that tribunal, all of whom he knew intimately.

Some waded out into the water to their backs to reach after the green scum which gathered and swam delusively upon the surface.

They now waded so heavily in drifts, through a grove so deeply smothered, that their venture began to appear both difficult and harebrained.

Sometimes he wades in shallow places, thrusting his head under from time to time in a nodding, frisky way that is sure to attract attention.

When the dragoons arrived Burns put himself at their head, and wading, sword in hand, was the first to board the smuggler.

I have positively waded in my time through ruby mines (in prospectuses, I mean) till the mere sight of a ruby absolutely sickens me.

Then the Hawaiian went down to the beach and, wading out to the deep water, dragged the bodies of the two dead lepers ashore.

At one point, in a little cove behind the willows, I surprised some schoolgirls, with skirts amazingly abbreviated, wading and playing in the water.

Often in crossing bayous and ponds the water rose almost to their backs; but they splashed and waded and if necessary swam through.

Nancy decided that her first good opinion of him, formed when she had seen him wading in the millpond after water-lilies, was correct.

Lester was just on the other side of the ride-entrance, wearing a paper mask and rubber boots, wading in three-inch deep, scummy water.

When he hailed me, I was fishing in the outlet just below the camp, standing on a rock in midstream to which I had waded.

What cared he, the genial duke, although his boots and Prussian uniform should become somewhat soiled in wading across to the little island?

The first ranks of the mermen had already waded past them, heading into the way down which the escaping prisoners had come.

Now drenched and weary, with the skin of our hands sticking to the paddles, we left the canoe on the reef and waded ashore.

Peer waded and waded through deep snow to the well for water, and his beard hung like a wreath of icicles about his face.

I waded around to the door and walked in, and there was a grand upsetting of the sealskin coat and my shepherd's plaid shawl.

As we proceeded on our way we came to a bayou, which we waded, and a little later we reached one which was too deep to be forded.

Then they waded together through long damp grass which soaked Dane's thin shoes through, while Chatterton discoursed learnedly upon lines and flies.

It is doubtful if the unkempt child wading in the muddy gutter ever turns his frowzy head when these dismal retinues stream past him.

She waded ashore followed by Master Bruin, who was then allowed to regale himself on the pile of fish the old bear had landed.

See, she is alone, so weak and poor, in the snow, in the night, in the forest, wading along trustfully, as if there is no danger.

The buck having thus successfully been passed, I waded through a soggy snow-storm to the imposing Dutch building that housed our officers in blue.

Brooding ducks and wading heron peopled every placid cove, fish leaped from the clear waters, and white-plumed gulls flecked the blue sky.

A dozen of the natives sprang into the water and came wading and swimming toward them, grinning and shouting and swinging their arms.