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Use wade in a sentence

Definition of wade:

  • (verb) walk (through relatively shallow water) | to progress with difficulty | to enter recklessly.
  • (noun) An act of wading

Sentence Examples:

I got nervous, upset my canoe and rolled into the water, but waded on shore and landed my fish.

They watched the water-fowl on the great wide marsh, they waded in the water and played as children play.

He hesitated about the water, but finally waded in and scratched the monster out from under his sheltering rock.

Seeing that Mother Osborne did not sink, he waded into the water and turned her over with his stick.

He suspected that the little pool, towards the center of which he had waded, would prove but poor protection.

Besides, in meadows in some places there are hollows, made even by drifts through which one must wade to the knee.

The old horse wades till the depth of water compels him to swim, and the boat is pushed off.

You can't wade through, and there's no use trying to look for a spot where it's not running quite so fast.

I looked up, and beheld Zeke wading toward the shore, and towing us after him by the bark cable.

Watt narrowly escaped by reaching the hurricane deck and wading out of the cabin waist deep in the water.

In a word, we are called to wade through deep waters which seem, to our poor, feeble, coward hearts, absolutely overwhelming.

Then, since it was impossible to get his feet any wetter than they were, he waded the remaining distance.

When I wade through by narrow cow-paths, it is as if I had strayed into an ancient and decayed herb garden.

Wading out deeper Ken let the boat swing down with the current till the stern projected over the fall.

This is very much better, though we need not have had to wade through the other poem to get to it.

Judy climbed down from the coal pile and waded bravely into the water with Horace following close behind her.

Martin wading through the snow with the nice warm food that his wife was sending out for the birds.

It feeds chiefly by day, and is fond of wading about in mud-flats or in shallow water feeding on aquatic vegetation.

In a few strong strokes they had swum with the aged man to shallow water and quickly waded ashore.

She lifted her skirts and splashed her bare feet in the shallow creek water, wading persistently up and down.

Ambition, with look sublime, bade them on, bade them grasp at universal dominion, and wade to empire through seas of blood!

He waded into the little pond at the garden gate, and then turned round to look at Lucy and laugh.

You may remember that he took us across all the bare rocks he could find, and made us wade up a creek.

However, a party on horseback had crossed within a few hours, and, without hesitation, he waded out into the stream.

Then he waded forward and one by one carefully lifted the cases of ammunition and tumbled them over the side.

At any rate, the pit was flooded, and nobody wanted the job of wading into it to look for apparatus.

He had hoped that he would be able to wade ashore, but he saw now that he would have to swim again.

More than once one of the men would fall as they waded along, and be swept off by the current.

"Why, don't we all know who likes wading, and can always tell the best places for the fish?"

The bells ring slowly again as the camels wade one after the other through a trench full of salt water.

Up this we waded, but could get no further than the room above, as the upper stair had fallen in.

They sprang out of the canoe into shallow water and threw out the anchor, and then waded to the boat.

They dreamed of freedom, of running down hill, of wading barefoot in the river, playing horses, jumping over the logs.

You may remember that he took us across all the bare rocks he could find and made us wade up a creek.

Latham wading quietly by the side of the horse, until the water became so deep the horse began to plunge.

The boys now waded up to the spot, and then got ashore to see what these strange heaps were for.

As he waded through the last shallow wash of the wave, his foot caught in something soft, and he fell.

"What in hell's that old cat, Susan Walton, up to now, wading by me as if she owned the town?"

Then we can wade along near the edge, while Fred and Teddy do their looking further out in the river.

We have to wade to get it, then cart it to the channel, and boat it across that in a wagon box.

Why am I wading into filth up to my knees, for the sake of an alien race, when they are mine already?

Fisher had waded deep into treason, but, if the King knew it, there was no evidence which could be produced.

When she came to the beach she waded out to the canoe, lifted the covering, and roused the sleeping natives.

I think I could wade in water up to my knees for days at a time and not be conscious of discomfort.

The explorer saw that it would be impossible to proceed in the direction intended, without wading up to his waist.

Standing up Harry saw men wading Bull Run in a long file, every one carrying a rifle on his shoulder.

He was so tall and strong that no matter how high the river rose he could always wade across it.

If I preserved my morning paper for two or three days in my hotel bedroom, I fairly waded in newspapers.

"Going in wading," she announced cheerfully, continuing to push the stocking, which did not seem to want to come off.

When it is known that a "reach" is staked, a third man wades behind the net and lifts it over.

Hugh took two of the heavy traps in his hand and entering the water began to wade up the stream.

Part of the men now waded out into an arm of the river until the water reached to their breast.

"We thought you wouldn't care to wade this here river," said Bud, with a twinkle in his eye, as the four approached.

Then we had to wade in up to our middle among the floating ice in the freezing water to help them out.

Some waded over and about seventy-five came into camp, including the grand chief of the nation, with many war chiefs.

Then he waded into the lake, and with some difficulty dragged him ashore and up a hill overlooking the lake.

It rained heavily as I walked on round the shore and waded the streams that flow out from the glacier.

Work, when uninterrupted by the disagreeable Leon, was a pleasure, and he waded into it for all he was worth.

She'll keep with you as long as she likes, and then up with her pack, on with her wading boots.

I waded out some twenty feet and was nearly swept beneath the surface as the water circled about my shoulders.

Also, while he and Jackson were wading about on the marshes for the next week, kick some sense into himself!

With much splashing of water and stirring of mud, and by wading around the deep places he managed to cross.

The boys now waded up to the spot, and then got ashore to see what these strange heaps were for.

Most of the Recon troops on these stranded vehicles had chosen to swim or wade back to the south bank.

And if they're laying round like that, ain't we taking an awful risk to be wading through here, this way?

Then taking a flute he again wades into the spring and sounds it in the water to the four cardinal points.

When two miles up we anchored boat, then walked or waded for two miles through swamp and long grass.

Unable to wade through the deep drifts by the fences, she had to roll over and over the tops of them.

I waded into Doom a few minutes ago, for all the world like an oyster-man with my bag on my back.

Here there was a high bluff; and, hurrying round its base, I entered the channel, and commenced wading upward.

Twice over we waded in the middle of the water, where it was sandy, and found it nowhere over our knees.

The blue coats were shadows in the fog, the first advance wading the creek now, their rifles held high.

She did not speak to him until Sara appeared and, with an airy wave of the hand, waded into the water.

It was a fine thing to see the fellows trying to keep the music going as they waded through the mud.

He waded in and grabbed the boat when he saw I was sure going, but I shoved her away from him.

He had waded into the pond, and was feeling his way carefully to the spot where the victim was.

When they came to the shallow water, men and boys jumped yelling from the rafts and came wading ashore.

Fortunately for them, they were carried into smooth water, and by wading shoulder deep they reached the large boat.

The girls and boys on the beach all hastened down into the water and swam or waded after him.

They who choose it may fish from boat or ledge: for me, to wade and cast is the poetry of angling.

And it made me angry to see them wading into Aunt Gretchen's liquor supply as though the stuff came out of a pump.

The horses did not reach the shore until midnight, when they were wading breast deep in the swelling waves.

We saw the men scramble out, only to be blown to pieces by land mines as they waded to the beach.

It sounded as if a lot of cattle might be wading across the stream, but we could see nothing but fog.

Then he heard a faint splashing noise, and a minute or two later two figures were seen wading through the water.

Indra is to "give gift for gift;" he is to send wealth "so that one may wade therein to the knee."

Again they hired carriages and drove over the mountains, literally wading into swollen streams and carrying their vehicles across.

The little party of twenty humans waded ashore through the last of the thinning white stuff which was cloud.

Taking an end of the joined nets, they waded across one end of the shallow lagoon stringing it out behind them.

She caught him in her arms, waded through the water, and placed him safe and dry on the grass.

Even if a man is not the woman's husband, he may offer to carry her over instead of letting her wade.

He then waded into the lake where geese were in the habit of feeding, finding the water nowhere above his chin.

It got stuck in the creek this morning when crossing, and he was obliged to wade considerably in getting it out.

As we were tired we concluded we would wade in the water, following the stream down, and thus obscure our trail.

And still the rain fell, and soon the girls had to wade through a foot of water to reach the mill.

Blood was trickling down his face, but he washed it off, and made hastily for the crossing, wading in.

We waded in, and approached him as he lay upon a bed of green aquatic plants with his head towards us.

The remainder of the time we put in by wading out in the bay and carrying out shoulder loads of oysters.

It is pretty wide at this end, quite a little pond, and looks more formidable for wading than it really is.

"It would give me a big pain if you let it drop out of your pocket while you were wading in the river."