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Definition of wean:

  • (verb) gradually deprive (infants and young mammals) of mother's milk;
  • (verb) detach the affections of

Sentence Examples:

Among the associates who strove to bring the poet back to the anchorage of fixed belief, and to wean him from the error of his thoughts, Francis Hodgson was the most charitable, and therefore the most judicious.

In our helplessness she does all for us as though we were yet part of her; but in the measure that we are weaned and begin to fend for ourselves as responsible agents, we are deprived of the aids and easements befitting the childhood of our race.

There is another cause which also may give rise to diarrhea at this time, independently of weaning, viz. the irritation of difficult teething.

I should say further, that if child and parent are both in vigorous health, if the infant has cut several of its teeth, and been already accustomed to be partially fed, weaning ought to be gradually accomplished at the ninth month.

The calves are born in May or June, and are weaned during the rutting season, for the bulls are very apt to drive them away from their mothers.

Children are sometimes so old before weaning, as to be able to ask for the breast; and it has not been remarked that the health of mothers, thus suckling, was in any way worse than that of their neighbors.

As the change, whenever it is made, and however gradual it may be, is an important one, in its effects on the stomach and bowels, it is better to wean a little earlier or a little later, than to do so just at the close of summer or beginning of autumn, at which season bowel complaints are most common, most severe, and most dangerous.

A maverick is an unbranded calf that has been weaned and shifts for itself.

Medicine should not be required except for worms, and the puppies should be physicked for these soon after they are weaned, and again when three or four months old, or before that if they are not thriving.

His enthusiasm for his art seems at this period to have been gradually waning, although he still strove to command success; but it needed a decisive stroke to wean him entirely from his first love, and Fate did not long delay the blow.

The calves had been weaned, and the two cows were now giving their largest quantity of milk, furnishing almost as much butter as was wanted.

The fancied object was not fixed: either his eyes pursued it with unwearied diligence, and, even in speaking to me, were never weaned away.

Wolfe Tone, the ablest man by far on the revolutionary side, had never weaned of pouring contempt upon it.

It is clear that efforts at weaning the cowgirls from him have so far failed and something further must be attempted.

If calves are weaned, and have only one brand on, it is very hard for any man to swear that they are not the property of the man to whom that brand belongs.

It affected Bud unpleasantly, just as the incessant bawling of a band of weaning calves used to do.

When the lambs are weaned great attention is necessary to prevent them from wasting away in their longing for the dam: they should be tempted to eat by giving them appetizing food, and care should be taken that they do not suffer from cold or heat.

When the calves are weaned the dams should be comforted by having green stuff thrown into their stalls for them to eat.

When they are a year old they may be fed barley in the grain mixed with bran, and this should be kept up as long as they suckle, for they should not be weaned until they have completed the second year.

Then we've got to round up the calves and wean 'em, before cold weather sets in.

We've got to wean and feed all the calves you've got hay for, and I can save some loss by going careful and taking 'em away from the poorest cows and leaving the fat ones to winter their calves.

And he also counted those kine whose calves had not yet been weaned.

John fancied he saw his little Lillie subdued into a pattern wife, weaned from fashionable follies, eagerly seeking mental improvement under his guidance, and joining him and Grace in all sorts of edifying works and ways.

He had by this time formed an infatuated attachment for Lady Hamilton, which totally weaned his affections from his wife.

No other convent was so fitted to wean the heart and teach it that aloofness from the things of this world which the religious life imperatively demands.

For a year I have heard no decent French, I have been weaned from French faces, and satiated with Germans, to such a degree that, I believe, in my patriotic mania, I could talk to the chimeras on a French candlestick.

It is our duty to wean him from these womanish apprehensions.

The fancied object was not fixed either; his eyes pursued it with unwearied vigilance, and even in speaking to me, were never weaned away.

To move a horror skillfully, to touch a soul to the quick, to lay upon fear as much as it can bear, to wean and weary a life till it is ready to drop, and then step in with mortal instruments to take its last forfeit: this only a Webster can do.

For my part I never had any use for a woman since I was weaned, and have always mistrusted the creatures, seeing how many of my messmates ran on the rocks over 'em.

From these lofty aims and exasperating methods Bonaparte was speedily weaned.

And yet it was of the first importance for Napoleon to receive the holy oil and the papal blessing, for only so could he hope to wean the affections of royalists from their uncrowned and exiled king.

To be sure, "the fools are not all dead yet," for certain people still pay five dollars to have their horoscopes cast, and not a few rustics consult the moon or the almanac before planting beans or weaning calves.

I was told that I forgot their calves, which would be worth a hundred and sixty dollars the day they were weaned.

That's nothing; just a little bunch of calves being weaned.

They were going to start the wagons out again to gather the calves for weaning, and he was absorbed in the endless details which fall upon the shoulders of the foreman.

Besides this in this present abominable situation of mankind, the act of carnal copulation is oftentimes repeated during the pregnancy and before the child is weaned.

At holy wells the cross was set in order to remind the frequenters of the sacredness of the springs and to wean them from all superstitious thoughts and pagan customs.

She felt, however, that her son, who was a boy like other boys, must be gradually weaned from the dreams that had bewitched his fancy.

She was constantly consulted about weaning calves, and planting crops according to the stage of the moon.

"In Germany mothers give their babies a sip from their steins before they are weaned ... that's what makes us such a great nation."

Such kine, freed from every vice should, at the same time, be accompanied by healthy calves that have not been weaned.

In order to wean him from his meditative tendency, his father, in order to cure him, and prevent him from forsaking his caste, married him to a beautiful princess, and introduced him to the splendid dissipation of a luxurious court.

As he had said to Will, he was wedded to a cause, to a resolute aim and object, and nothing nearer or dearer had ever yet intruded itself upon him to wean away his first love from the object upon which it had been so ardently bestowed.

Could he see what had weaned her from him, and was still, like a baleful star, wiling her farther and farther on its treacherously lighted path?

I tried in vain to wean her from her anodynes, and failed altogether in doing her any good, although many remedies were resorted to, and various modes of treatment adopted.

Such ceremonies were a clever device of the Jesuits and Franciscan missionaries to wean the Indians from their native feasts by offering them something equally attractive in the new religion they were teaching.

Most of the calves have been disposed of as soon as weaned.

It is certain that these numerous losses weaned her much from life; it is also certain that her splendid reasoning powers gave way for a time, and the infirmity of premature old age crept over her mind.

Nicky was then three years old, and a daily growing delight to Ishmael, but the Parson was not without a guileful plot to wean him somewhat from that allegiance.

He'd stand 'em all up in a row and make 'em sing that fool song till they were hoarse as calves on the fifth day of weaning.

The wives of clergymen, as far as I've ever seen, are weaned on the milk of suspicion.

Perhaps the lovely creature is after being weaned from the udder of its affectionate dam; or, perhaps, she grieves for the absence of some favorite in the palace of whom she is the pet.

Nay, I am persuaded his race is not yet run, and that I shall yet see him again in the flesh; weaned by much affliction from some earthly dross which yet encrusts his loving nature.

Indeed, it was said by his friends that his death was accelerated by his devotion to medical quackery, from a belief in which no arguments could wean him.

The pretty needlewoman guessed that her new friend had been long weaned from tenderness and love, and no longer believed in the devotion of woman.

Those who have tried it attest the fact that few things more completely wean the attention, for the time being, from the vexations and worries of the day than the collection and arrangement of postage stamps.

It is a knowledge acquired by instinct, the depraved instinct of our fallen nature, and supplemented by the experiences weaned from the daily sayings and doings of common life.

All the threats of theologians with infinite stores of time and torture to draw upon, failed to wean men from sins which gave them a passing gratification, even when faith was incomparably stronger than it is now, or is likely to be again.

He was at home at last, and wanted his niece to mix his toddy, and scold his servants for him, from both of which enjoyments he said he desired to wean himself in time.

The armies against us are the last word in discipline, fitness, and equipment; and are led by men who, born in barracks, weaned on munitions, have but one aim and end in view "World-Dominion or Downfall."

She weaned him from the embittering brawl of politics, and warded away the sourness and despair, which, at one time, seriously threatened to possess him.

I hoped to wean my father from his willfulness, and yet protect my affection by a secret marriage, to which with difficulty I prevailed on my betrothed to consent.

A strong infusion of the herb has been used with success to dry up the breast milk for weaning; and as a gargle Sage leaf tea, when sweetened with honey, serves admirably.

It should be weaned between the periods of dentition rather than when it is actively teething.

He thinks, I believe, that I have not been altogether weaned of the potentates and powers I abjured when I crossed the water to become a member of his family.

If the colt has not been weaned, attention should at once be given the mare, and if anything is wrong with her, it may be best to take the little patient away from its mother and feed it on cow's milk sweetened with sugar.

Davy waved his hand in the direction of the horsemen that had stopped at the farther corral to inspect the weaned calves.

He had been weaned, but, on coming to his mother, he began to make some solicitations, which, beautiful and affecting though they were, some of us endeavored not to see, but turned to smell of some violets, and to open a book of engravings.

Tom, the Irish boy, gave it as his opinion that they were not old enough to be weaned.

Nothing less than a national campaign can make the vivid impression necessary to wean dairymen of uncleanly habits and mothers of the ignorant superstition that babies die in summer just because they are babies.

Nor will I conceal from you that she hopes, with all the fervor of a mother's hope, to wean her from what she counts the heretical opinions under which she has been reared, and to bring her into the fold of the faithful.

If, where teething and weaning are both coming together, the child should be seized with chill and shivering, a good blanket fomentation (see) may be wrapped round the body and legs.

"This is good of you," she said, extending her hand cordially, and as he took it he suggested, "Meanwhile an old man is not speedily weaned from an idea which has taken deep root, and that brings me to another suggestion."

Insensibly, too, the comfort of speaking to someone in a reasonable tongue, and of being properly considered and respected as her spiritual adviser by a well-born woman, had weaned his thoughts a little from the Search.

Another point is the great attention paid to calves after weaning, and not allowing them to lose the calf-flesh, which, if lost, can never be regained.

Great care, therefore, must be taken by the breeder when his calves are weaned.

The unicorns came close behind the first prowlers, their young amazingly large and already weaned.

Sir Peregrine before he answered bethought himself that any pledge given for a whole life-time must be foolish; and he bethought himself also that if he could wean his heir from rats for a year or so, the taste would perish from lack of nourishment.

The wolf and lamb lying down together and a weaned child in a cockatrice's den.

This brings us to the consideration of the regimen of the mother who cannot nurse her own child, of the rules for the selection of a wet-nurse, of the directions for bringing up by hand, and of the proper method of weaning.

In those instances where mania appears at weaning, it is invariably where the child has been nursed too long, or where the mother has not had sufficient strength to nourish it without prostrating herself.

He also took six weaning calves to bring up.

I wish that we could wean him altogether from his mode of life, and induce him to become a civilized man.

Whenever I was able to match up a pair of steer calves, I would begin yoking them together before they were weaned.

His chief, his darling ambition was to wean them away from their fondness for worthless music and clap-trap performances of it.

Either here or in the snug tunnel nest deep in the bank the young muskrats are born, and here they are weaned upon toothsome mussels and succulent lily roots.

Weaned forth by the generous sunshine, the burgeoning of vine and fig, of olive and cork went on apace, and the skeletons of trees which a fortnight since had stood gaunt and bare were already fleshed in tender green.

Severe domestic trials and bereavements completed the work of weaning him from the world; and it is stated that, in his very last years, the resentments of his life were buried and the ties of broken friendships restored.

"There should be a year devoted to that final year to be passed within the college, so that, by degrees, the mind may be weaned from the ignoble art of money-making."

Parrots so can learn to prate, our speech by pieces gleaning: Nurses teach their children so about the time of weaning.

The little boy indeed happened to look round for a moment, upon which, with the keenness of the predatory age, he recognized in our young man a source of pleasures from which he lately had been weaned.

It seemed as if this marriage were destined to wean Ali forever from his former turbulent habits and wild adventures.

The Fawn was weaned early in the autumn; though he still ran with his mother, and she showed him what herbs and leaves were pleasantest to the taste and best for building up bone and muscle, and where the beechnuts were most plentiful.

Indolence, which sometimes comes in aid of good impulses as well as bad, favored these relenting thoughts; the society of M. did still more to wean me from further efforts of satire: and, finally, my Latin poem remained a torso.

I was well until I weaned my baby, and then I began to bloat and had bearing down pains.

If the child has been weaned, still greater care will be required, for it will often be found that it is no longer able to digest its ordinary food, which either is at once rejected by the stomach, or else passes through the intestines undigested.

The mind may be better weaned from scenes of past distress, by interesting the curiosity, than by a consolation which often, instead of healing the lacerated heart, serves but to increase the torture of the wound.

That he did not, first or last, love his wife as he should have done, was known to all; but few knew that his unmanageable heart could never be weaned from useless repining at the loss of its first idol.

After a while a young Irish Wolfhound was led into the ring for sale, and immediately monopolized the Master's attention, for it was a dog of his own breeding, sold by him from the country home, Croft, soon after weaning time.