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Use wicker in a sentence

Definition of wicker:

  • (noun) slender flexible branches or twigs
  • (noun) work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches)

Sentence Examples:

The first sign that he was nearing a settlement, was the appearance of what looked like sections of rude wicker fencing, set up here and there in the river and frozen fast in the ice.

Thrusting her other hand into one of these, she drew out a little flask covered with wicker, and set it on a stand beside her.

She set the suitcase out into the aisle with a decided bang, and lifted up the wicker lunch basket.

He bundled its contents about and got a small wooden box and a big wicker trunk to one side.

A man past middle age, he sat in a wicker chair below, smoking innumerable cigars and saying nothing.

Their targets are made of wicker, but they are hardly ever carried, except by the night guards, especially those in attendance upon the emperor and the princes.

Aunt Victoria was unexpectedly pleased by the design of the wicker pieces, and bought and bought and bought; till Sylvia turned her head away in bewilderment.

The three of them went to the rear, passing the private secretary comfortably asleep in his wicker chair.

One sat erect on a cushioned bench, and one had lain at ease in a long, low thing of wicker.

Madeline, just arrived, lay back in a long wicker chair on the veranda, and looked up at them as they mounted green and gray and silent under the beating of the first of the rains.

In one place for a mile the road was lined with those wicker baskets in which the Germans carry their ammunition.

She's left her wicker chair, stretched her lovely arms and, judging from the movement of her dress, I think we're going to take a walk.

Sin, who had been kneeling beside the wicker cage, which was upset, was in the act of standing upright.

The doctor's figure in the wicker armchair drawn close to her own, showed dimly in the dusk.

At last the old man said that he must take his leave and return home; and the bird, offering him two wicker baskets, begged him to carry them with him as a parting present.

She got up from the low wicker chair; he followed her, and they sat close together on two low seats.

When Charlotte had made several small purchases at the market, she did not offer to give Randolph the little wicker basket she carried, but the boy took it from her with a smile and a proud air.

He stirred them slowly, took a stick of wood from the wicker basket, hesitated a moment, and then put it back again instead of burning it.

I went home to see how my captive was getting on; she was gone, and her method of escape was plain, one or two of the wicker bars being neatly cut through.

"Asleep," replied a good-looking, blond young woman, rising willingly from her work and going over to the window, beneath which was a wicker-cradle covered with a shawl.

He was led away wearing the prisoners' cap, a wicker basket, placed over the head and face.

The poor folks used to buy the wicker mats on which they drain their cheeses, and all the baskets needed for the insignificant trade of the district.

The girls may think of all sorts of wicker mats and trays that would make the garden tea more attractive.

The visitor should remark the great royal wicker shield that is on the top of the case, ornamented with the head of a tiger; and the model of a junk.

However, the sands dotted with their peculiar wicker shelters and the beautiful blue North Sea were there.

There was light green matting on the floor and there were also light green cushions in each of the long wicker chairs.

The knight obeyed, and in a small aperture cut out of the wall, and secured with a door of wicker, he found the veil inquired for.

The Ambassador and his friend and counsel, Judge Hilton Claiborne, sat in a cool corner with a wicker table between them.

Inside of this den were several wicker baskets, some of which were open, while others were covered and locked.

My brother stood playing, with his face turned to the window, with the room and the large wicker chair of which I have spoken behind him.

The young man set the paper bag he carried down on the littered round table and advanced to the girl who sat in an old wicker chair before the fire.

She came back to him, drawing a low wicker chair near the couch and putting her music on the floor beside her.

Anyway, Angus brought her back, eating on the way a whole wicker suitcase full of lunch that she put up.

Blanchard had provided; then, as John was about to light a pipe, his brother, with a smile, produced a little wicker globe and handed it to him.

He neared the flight of six steps that led down to the compound, and suddenly became aware of a dark figure lounging in a wicker-chair ahead of him.

They would have with them a wicker basket containing an ample lunch prepared by the generous hands of Bridget.

I ran past the surgery door and found him in his cot almost asleep, and we had a bear reunion in the wicker chair by the window that made us both breathless.

It was very pleasant there on the side porch, where there were chairs, a wicker lounge, and a small table.

His eyes held their fixed scrutiny in an instant, then dropped carelessly away, as he drew forward the wicker chairs.

Max brought out a couple of wicker chairs on the terrace presently, and proposed that we should have our coffee out of doors.

He stretched out his arm and moved a wicker armchair that stood on the hearth till it faced the grate.

The next morning, in the little wicker chair, Polly found the most beautiful doll she had ever seen.

They are usually made of bamboo or other light material with a wicker disk near the end to keep the pole from sinking into the soft snow.

And Ellen established her guest in a high-backed, cushioned wicker chair by the window, and sat down close by.

Tea was served in the garden at the back of the house, where there were some deep wicker chairs, and roses in a riot of bloom.

These venerable, these glorious productions of nature are all now marked for destruction however; all going to be put in wicker baskets, and feed the Grand Duke's fires.

If so, it is because you have never entered the building of the pretty ladies, and sat in the gray wicker chairs of the metaphysical library.

On the landing above she entered a room where Bernard's wife was lying on a wicker couch, cutting the pages of a magazine.

Then, to his astonishment, he beheld the form of a man stretched lazily in a wicker chair beside the entrance, and while he paused, hesitating, the man sat up and bowed politely to him.

Every few minutes she rose and anxiously ran through her fingers the long thin coil of paper which it fed so endlessly into its tall wicker basket.

Where we found people, they were courteous and cheerful in manners, and smiled at the curiosity with which I lifted up the wicker covers of their pots and jars.

To the amazement of all a beautiful girl threw aside the ticking and leaped out of the large wicker basket it had covered.

When she had gone, Fred pulled one of the wicker chairs to the edge of the terrace, and, leaning forward with his chin in his hands, sat staring down at the lake.

He leaned back in a long wicker chair, his head resting upon his hand, his thoughtful eyes fixed upon vacancy.

To serve, split and fill with jam and then pile on a wicker basket, cover with a napkin and serve with tea.

A long wicker chair was set in one angle, facing them, in such a position that the movement of the sun would not affect the delightful shade in which the chair stood.

For their converse was not meant to reach the ear of the grave, strong man who sat so still in the wicker chair with the afternoon sun shining in his face.

Though, even if there had been, he would not have gone, because he did not wake up till half past ten, and then Mother and Harriet brought his breakfast up to him on the pretty wicker tray.

For a table we split and dressed fairly smooth a pine slab a foot wide in which we bored four holes and inserted therein wicker legs.

The hall upstairs has a polished wood floor, as is usual with such rooms, and a set of very simple wicker furniture.

When the modelling has been started, the damp cloth must not press upon the modelled portions, but be supported on a wicker frame.

He began to study the case with the aid of his new bamboo telescope and a wicker-covered microscope.

Howe settled himself in his wicker chair and lighted his cigar, while Lois sat down on the steps, and began to dig small holes in the gravel with the stick her father had resigned to her.

The furniture consisted of a slab table that extended all the way through the middle of the room, a wicker chair, and a golden-oak dresser minus the mirror and lacking one drawer.

By this time they had arrived at the shore, and Li, in company with his fellow victims, found himself suddenly thrown into a wicker basket.

Gilbert, offered a wicker chair, preferred the grass because, he said, there was grave danger he might unduly "modify" the chair.

By the first, the bird is captured alive in a sort of wicker basket, which drops over it at the proper moment.

"No, don't get up: lie still a little longer," said Judith, standing over him with the wicker flask in her hand.

He took the jar and, filling his pipe, lay back in the wicker chair with something like a groan.

That done, the bride pours a small quantity of water from the wicker bottle upon the young man's hands.

"I'm afraid I have kept you waiting a long time for your coffee, ladies," said Redgrave, as he balanced the tray on one hand and drew a wicker table towards them with the other.

The same may be said of its use in connection with wood and wicker, or with vessels of other materials.

When it began to grow dark, and there was talk of going home, the Sparrow brought out two wicker baskets and said, "Will you take the heavy one, or shall I give you the light one?"

Again the Sparrow brought out two wicker baskets, and asked as before, "Will you take the heavy one, or shall I give you the light one?"

In one hand she carried a wicker basket, in the other a knife, a broad-bladed, sharp-edged, horn-handled knife.

As soon as the questions were written, the manager collected them in a small wicker basket, and emptied them on a table on the stage.

Nolan grinned in sympathy and turned into the cabin, bearing the three-gallon, wicker-covered glass bottle in his arms.

Now, while he had been sitting in the lodge he had not failed to look around him, and he had observed a long row of wicker jars standing at one side.

And though she tried to hold stiffly away from him, he hugged her and kissed her and pulled her down beside him on a wicker seat.

Patty threw herself into a low wicker chair, and, gently closing the door behind her, Ray disappeared.

As he sat opposite the cage, with one elbow on the table and his head resting on his hand, Ambrose would raise his eyes from his grammar to the wicker cage with a feeling of sympathy.

As nothing could be done for him at the moment, he was placed on one of the wicker shields used for the wounded, and carried along with us.

Leaning against the low, wicker chair, that was her grandmother's chosen seat, she slowly turned the leaves of the well-worn volume, her thoughts more on the owner of the book than on its author.

The beer is now to be strained through the loose wicker basket into your cooling tubs and pans; the more you have of these the better the beer, from its cooling quickly.

He saw the man in the wicker chair rise, toss aside his cigarette and come toward them, slowly.

She remembered the charm that would carry her up, and while White Hawk was engaged in the chase, she took occasion to construct a wicker basket, which she kept concealed.

Everything in sight is yours, from, the wicker chairs on deck, to what's in the ice box below.

The young people stretched out in long wicker chairs in the shade of a tree covered with purple flowers.

Cone's at this version of the encounter, was standing behind him with "Cutie" in a wicker basket.

She commented, as she noted the sides of the Nest covered with straw matting, and the cute wicker table and chairs.

Crowninshield was on the veranda, sitting quietly in a big wicker chair, looking out toward the sea.

In the interior of the fort, packed tier above tier against the walls, were layers of tall wicker baskets filled with sand.

Jerry climbed in the front seat while Mary and Beth sat in the wide seat behind, with a large wicker lunch basket on the floor before them.

I would recommend the early spring flowers to be arranged in flower pots or in wicker baskets.

The guests were escorted to the wicker chairs under the trees and the girls seated themselves on rugs.

A number of ducks, trained for the purpose, are employed to lead the wild fowl on and on through narrow wicker channels up to a funnel net.

With this he waved his metal wand again and in the circle suddenly appeared a thin little man, very old and skinny, who was seated on a wicker stool before a wicker table.

The wall completely surrounded the wicker castle and its sharp points prevented anyone from climbing it.

She put this between my sheets with a wicker cage over it, and presently shifted its position.

Every one about the village was on hand, each person bringing a loosely woven wicker basket, into which was put a small quantity of the mixture from the old log canoe.