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Use wrangle in a sentence

Definition of wrangle:

  • (noun) an angry dispute; "they had a quarrel"; "they had words"
  • (noun) an instance of intense argument (as in bargaining)
  • (verb) to quarrel noisily, angrily or disruptively;
  • (verb) herd and care for; "wrangle horses"

Sentence Examples:

The miners jangle and wrangle as they gamble.

For an hour they wrangled and haggled and swore.

A Japanese coolie will wrangle for an hour over a sen.

And so it goes on through thirteen wrangling, jangling verses.

Even a beardless lad is too good to wrangle with women.

They became two sets of disputants wrangling with each other.

Experts are wrangling over the numbers of the German reserves.

He became enraged, and they commenced a low, bitter wrangling.

Ranger brushed away the wrangling tinkerers and examined the machine.

Georgie and Julia wrangled over them down to the last moleskin.

Are you come to be a sordid huckster to wrangle over your price?

We simians naturally admire a profession full of wrangle and chatter.

The little Russian kept up his cunning and baffling wrangle.

What's the use of all this wrangling, Grammar and emotions mangling?

Why should we leave room for illiterate fishermen to wrangle and chicane?

Quarrelsomeness is a religion, and wrangling for a price, a fine art.

And the significance of these recommencing wrangles, after such a silence?

The philosophy of both was a garrulous, declaiming, canting, wrangling philosophy.

She and her old mother wrangled over money like two pickpockets.

The Balkan races in their varied garb jangled and wrangled by.

Come, Phil, I thought we had done with wrangling over sordid mammon.

These exhibitions were intermingled with the most wrangling and horrible convulsions.

Hoary hair mollifies minds that are fond of strife and petulant wrangling.

My mind misgives me, mine old friend, lest wrangling lead to blows.

And from that point they went on to a thoroughly embittering wrangle.

He ran out and stopped a wrangling noise of the cowpunchers several times.

The noise, the groaning, the wrangling, the fighting, the pilfering, were distracting.

Public politicking or wrangling by delegates to a party congress would be unprecedented.

"And I shall have a wrangle boat, of course," babbled the woman impishly.

Most uncivilly, I fear, I fell almost into a wrangle with him directly.

What do those wrangling, yapping, bellyaching rotters back home give us for it?

Much expostulation therefore, contradiction, wrangling, and confusion of tongues was the result.

He does not dogmatize, wrangle, quibble, as though he was an autocrat or a pugilist.

We met, we loved, we married, we parted; or at least we wrangled and jangled.

Le Guise, he began to wrangle with his physician and gave expression to various vagaries.

The rival candidates sat in rigid erectness, disdainfully aloof while their supporters wrangled.

Remember how the senses wrangled, anger like a vicious exorcism of betrayals not worded?

The voices arguing, wrangling, enunciating emphatic phrases, dinned for a minute in his ears.

Here and there rival theorists were audible, disarmed by the occasion and affably wrangling.

Spectral figures in the driving atmosphere collided and wrangled and swore and blasphemed.

This imperial termagant, this "wrangling queen, whom every thing becomes," becomes even her fury.

The three women fell to wrangling, altruistically, of course, over the two front seats.

A few dogs fought and wrangled over mangled remnants of bone, skin, and entrails.

The patience of the coolie became exhausted, and he exploded in an unintelligible wrangle of Chinese.

She was in a hurry, another time; and the two wrangled like old housemates.

In support of their friend, they argued slyly, wrangled tumultuously, and voted almost unanimously.

Their home had become a regular shambles where they wrangled the whole day long.

All this theological wrangling may be focalized at one point, almost on a single word.

Ecclesiastics may fight and wrangle about names and terms; we have to deal with facts.

With a chug like a great, pounding heartthrob the wrangle boat sprang for the sea.

For an hour he wrangled with these drivers, who seemed to have formed an anti-American trust.

Essex was not patient, and the whole wrangle must have been inexpressibly distasteful to him.

He is no base grater of his tithes, and will not wrangle for the odd egg.

The senate, however, was violently enraged, and once while they were wrangling left the room.

Wrangle who makes life a burden by everlasting fault-finding, squabbling, worry, suspicion, jar, and jolt.

I found myself in a clique of wrangling egotists, and not in a body of sensible co-operative supporters.

After a little more jabber, and abundance of wrangling, the mob dispersed, much to my relief.

It need not be wrangling or disputing, or finding fault with other people, or maintaining and confuting.

Dispute, quarrel, wrangle, wrangling, jangle, jarring, jangling, sparring, altercation, dissension, contention, strife, war of words.

And they wrangled for about five minutes, while we kept a watchful eye on the straggling soldiery.

I let him appear to have his way, and we spent over an hour wrangling, disputing, and recriminating.

Sparrows wrangled on the sidewalks and built ragged nests in the interstices of cornice and coping.

The wrangle proceeded monotonously, each party repeating over and over again the phrases of his own argument.

There was no more carousing along the river, no drunken men wrangling in the booths, no affrays.

Financiers and politicians and common citizens may wrangle till doomsday about the ethics of this debacle.

In a few miles of that swinging canter Wrangle had crept appreciably closer to the three horses.

"These wrangling jars of Whig and Tory," says Dean Swift, "are stale and old as Troy-town story."

The new marshal sat a little apart from the eager disputants, taking no share in the wrangling.

A little group of newsboys circled about them, eager for a closer view of the cause of the wrangle.

The university, the street, the theater, even the government offices are converted into scenes of polemical wrangling.

He wrangled in Greek, Turkish, French, and Italian, and they all talked to him at the same time.

All the Hebrew-writing authors were agreed that the time had passed for wrangling over a divergence of opinions.

There was much wrangling among the emigrants as to their quarters on the uninviting Edward and Ann.

She says, suavely, walking along beside Esther, while Sir Thomas and his heir wrangle in the background.

The mere prospective of a wrangle with these ugly customers made his hair imprudently rise like a cockatoo's crest.

Reasoners of such a temper were scarcely inclined to wrangle about their respective modes of faith or of worship.

They wrangled dismally and unconvincingly together, but no one put into speech the fear that rode them hard.

Before her face swarms of birds fanned the air, their wrangle and jangle sounding almost in her ears.

The whole contingent, wrangling and cursing unintelligibly, came to a sudden halt in the bend of the hollow.

There were moody faces and discourteous greetings, half-insolent nods, and more than one wrangle at the workmen's meeting.

It was only after protracted wrangling that it was finally liberated upon the payment of four hundred francs.

The machine leaders during the first month of the session craftily kept the members wrangling in committees.

So, the bickering and wrangling, the insults and tears and sneers went on from day to day.

This is a perfect description of a fugue, which even to the uninstructed listener is a musical wrangle plainly enough.

Fathers and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, were beginning to wrangle, and were prepared to persecute.

The traders have bickered and wrangled all the long season through, till they are scarcely on drinking terms.

Then the next moment the wrangle would recommence, and the harsh trebles of wrath would swell high.

They were years of doubt and uncertainty, of protracted litigation and differences, even of virulent wrangling and bitter strife.

Down at the Corners old farmers had wrangled over the identity of the equinoctial ever since I could remember.

Owing to high-handed action on the one side, and provocative sulkiness on the other, these wrangles were very common.

Very early he was awakened by the bleating, the barking, the crying and the wrangling of the Smiths.

The horses were smoking and restless, and the drivers in oilskins and rubber blankets were wrangling and shouting.

He tried an explanation by likening the dissension to a wrangle in a civilized family over an unjust division of property.

He got up and went out to where the others were wrangling with Slim over the missing bottle of liniment.

A wrangle is the disinclination to each other of two boarders that meet together, but are not on the same floor.

A wrangle is the disinclination of two boarders to each other that meet together but are not in the same line.

The tall dark backwoodsman who presided over these wrangling giants appeared at first to their superior wisdom a dazed spectator.

His wrangling and jangling so upset me, that I went past the station at which I ought to have changed.

Dispute, controversy, contention, strife, difference, jangling, jangle, jarring, rupture, quarrel, sparring, bickering, wrangle, wrangling, dissension, war of words.

For a year previous to the surrender he and I had wrangled beef for the Confederacy and had been stanch cronies.