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Definition of acute:

  • (adjective) Extremely sharp or intense | keen | ending in a sharp point | High or shrill | of an angle; less than 90 degrees (acute-angled)
  • (nonun) a mark (') placed above a vowel (acute accent)

Sentence Examples:

Moreover, in chronic glaucoma the ordinary inflammatory processes are not present, indeed, primary acute glaucoma itself is not an inflammation.

He speaks well, with an attractive manner and a clear enunciation that not even acute nervousness can slur or disorganize.

Was it singular that one could not recover from the sensation of acute distrust in the presence of a German?

"Your opinion is the cool one of an acute reasoner, but also of a person who is outside the circumstances," she continued.

The fibrinogen levels of all four animals were normal, indicating that there was no acute or chronic inflammation in progress.

A series of most acute and learned illustrations of different points in Egyptian antiquity, introduced by different passages of Herodotus.

It is strange that neither in acute nor chronic mercurial poisoning do we observe any marked loss of muscular power.

As a result of breathing the fumes of the lead paint, Schroeder was incapacitated for work by acute lead poisoning.

He was one of the most active men among the Spanish emigrants, and the most acute rabbi of his age.

But even an irate audience could not have misjudged for a moment the acute distress and anxiety behind the bravado.

The steaming fluid so scalded the vagina that a most pronounced acute inflammation of the vagina was the immediate result.

The stormy symptoms that usher in the acute form are absent in the development of the subacute or chronic variety.

The pain is aching, acute, throbbing or boring in character, while tenderness upon pressure and percussion is most exquisitely excruciating.

Acute inflammation of the epiglottis is usually caused by taking cold, exposure to drafts, wet, sudden changes of temperature, etc.

In the young, apoplectic attacks are usually due to cerebral softening, thrombosis following acute disease or embolism resulting from endocarditis.

The pleasures, so long untasted, of liberty, of friendship, of domestic affection, were almost too acute for her shattered frame.

Bewildered by his flow of words, they listened, and at last began to take an acute interest in these figures.

Consequently obtuse and acute ones, liable always to be the images of right ones foreshortened, particularly easily revive right ones in memory.

The recrudescence of anthropomorphic sentiment also seems to have passed its most acute stage before the close of the eighties.

He broke and crumbled his bread with both hands, his mind still intent on that one engrossing, acute point.

Beyond it loomed what appeared to be the acute angles of mountain peaks, pierced here and there by little lambent parallelograms.

He thinks you impugn his wisdom and sharpness, and he loves, above all things, to be regarded as an acute fellow.

By suppression is meant a disappearance of the menses after they have become established, and may be either acute or chronic.

It may be preceded by constipation, as in retained meconium, or by fetid eructations and colicky pains, as in acute indigestion.

One after another all the cardinal doctrines were challenged by writers who were generally acute, and almost invariably vituperative.

Endocarditis may be divided into: acute mild (simple) endocarditis, acute malignant (ulcerative, infective) endocarditis, chronic endocarditis and valvular disease.

It might occur after a serious acute infectious endocarditis, but then it would be associated with other lesions of the heart.

In 1856, no longer juveniles, though still most acute, voluble, and full of grace, they retired from the stage.

Action and Uses: Similar to those of atropine; is usually more sedative to the brain, but at times produces acute delirium.

The ligaments, that no nerve enters, are the seat of acute pain when they are distended, as my experiments have proved.

Besides, it has appeared to me, acute nephritis is a much more frequent occurrence now than it was twenty years ago.

The findings of various observers differ greatly, but they all agree that acute nephritis as a serious sequel is somewhat rare.

It was acute, analytical, perspicacious, discriminating, unimaginative, quick to conceive things in detail, but not calculated to entertain masses of ideas.

The anguish I suffered was acute, and it was some time before I would allow my shipmates even to touch me.

But with living on there, day after day, the acute sojourner became conscious of a new aspect in the spectacle.

His dulling perceptions were sufficiently acute to detect shuffling footsteps on the porch and the cautious unbarring of the door.

Hence, it seems, Farmer took an interest in the successive editions, and supplied many valuable notes and acute conjectural readings.

Their minds are acute, sharp, and practical; mere sentiment and the amiable platitudes of Sunday-school oratory are not for them.

The old chief wore a quantity of wampum, but was otherwise undistinguished, except by his fine head and acute features.

Moreover, in the course of a severe acute or subacute nephritis, hypertension is associated with headache, partial or total blindness, and drowsiness.

There may be a general hemorrhagic hepatitis and acute yellow atrophy, or partial fatty degeneration around the central lobular veins.

Unquestionably, the existence of acute pericarditis, or of endocarditis, or of inflammation of the lungs or pleura, is one of those conditions.

It had an acute, a sickening horror of suffering; to be cruel was devilish and to be hardened to pain was brutal.

Many cases of acute cystitis, if carefully treated in this way, will recover completely without the use of local treatment.

The smoldering hatred, the feeling of repulsion, gave way to an acute sense of pity and anger against the wrong-doer.

In an instant he was thoroughly alert, his senses primitively acute, and his growing sensation of vague depression utterly dispelled.

The greater number had arrived at that acute moment of mental tenseness when some outward act becomes a positive necessity.

The two women eyed each other with acute curiosity, while Maxime, whom this critical situation delighted, tittered on the quiet.

In matters of philosophic and religious speculation the Greek mind was more acute, and more subtle, than the Western mind.

He guessed the hour with the acute instinct of one to whom the vagaries of night have become familiar through long understanding.

He had a nostalgia for the training camps that was actually physical; it was so acute that it sickened him.

I have a strong and acute enjoyment of great works of the imagination; but I have never habituated myself to dissect them.

On a couch a woman in the firm grip of consumption was lying; an emaciated, feverish woman, fretful with acute suffering.

While he never took a shilling without sweetening his depredation with a joke, he was, like all humorists, an acute philosopher.

From this dangerous place it was not dislodged, as an acute disease, until certain constitutional predispositions had been aroused into activity.

In truth, he united all the qualities of a great judge, an intellect comprehensive, quick and acute, diligence, integrity, patience, suavity.

Sometimes I argued as I have told, sometimes I tumbled along in moody vacuity, sometimes my torment was vivid and acute.

It is seen in cases of certain acute febrile ailments, such as fevers, inflammation of the lungs or even in a severe cold.

The indications are the same as in any other acute suppuration; the pus must be evacuated and the bone cavity drained.

They looked to temporal prosperity as the reward of righteousness, and to acute misery as the retribution of apostasy and sin.

While coldly reserved towards strangers, they were kind and hospitable, and noted far and wide for their acute inquisitiveness.

He again was salivated; but still the sight became more obscured, and the pains in his forehead and temple more acute.

John's Ambulance man, who was admitted on the 16th with acute rheumatism (he had had enteric in South Africa).

The disease may present all the phenomena of acute urethritis in the male, or it may be subacute from the beginning.

Thrush is principally a disease of early infancy: it is likewise often a concomitant symptom of some febrile and acute diseases of adults.

The habit of English surrender to Irish importunity, when sufficiently persevering and acute, had, when Anthony Trollope crossed St.

The patient with an infection of the biliary tract has an acute exacerbation, or may have an attack of biliary colic.

A dropsical disorder occasioned by an acute distemper, is seldom cured: especially if followed by the opposite symptoms to those above-mentioned.

Acute enteritis, unless we choose with some pathologists to consider cholera as of that nature, is very rarely attended with purging.

He did not remember springing up from the couch, though he did remember a crisis, a moment of acute, agonized strangulation.

The reason there are so few deaths from acute tobacco poisoning is that but very little of the nicotine is absorbed.

Indeed, none but Casanova, with eyes preternaturally acute to pierce the darkness, could discern that they were human outlines at all.

The Chinese here are very numerous; and the Dutch acknowledge that they are more industrious and acute traders than themselves.

Memory and acute intelligence are not always cognate (the latter proposition, true not for children alone, was known to Aristotle).

Left alone with a Frenchman, I can stumble along, slowly indeed, but still along, and without acute sense of ignominy.

She was indeed an acute and bizarre contrast to the troop of shyly enchanted children by whom she was surrounded.

Acute dilatation is not an infrequent cause of death during ordinary labor, and is more apt to occur in these cardiac patients.

Suppose locked-jaw to have supervened from an attack of acute indigestion: would it not be more rational to restore the lost function?

Yes, she has been in there just on three years; acute melancholia, they call it, brought on by nervous shock.

Nor were there lacking omens of disaster which did not escape the acute detection of the wary and wily Spaniard.

Frequently a leg, which is the seat of varicose veins, or which is edematous from other causes, is attacked by acute eczema.

She was torn with a great repugnance, a greater joy, and a sense of acute pity that overmastered them both.

This is a low-growing tree having large pinnate leaves with acute, alternate leaflets, which are about one to two inches in length.

The pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis is the subject of differences of opinion very like those existing in regard to acute articular rheumatism.

An acute sense of the realization of the tangibility of his surroundings seized upon him and brought a chill to his heart.

On the fourth day pneumonia, the result of shock, complicated by acute inflammation of the throat and pleura, set in.

But his stubborn and acute reason would not be convinced by the sophistry that had so often deceived the public.

More acute reasoners it would be difficult to find in any country; and in the line of erudition they have never been surpassed.

For acute cases of indigestion where the stomach and bowels are full and distended, or sour stomach, spitting up of food.

If the egotist is strong, acute, full of distinctive character, his egotism is precious, and remains a possession of the race.

Acute she is in her powers of reasoning; but with royal taciturnity she knows how to veil her conclusions in secrecy.

The doctor fidgeted about a little on the hearth-rug, and looked comical, perfectly understood by one acute observer in the corner.

The contrast between my mental excitement and the inanities of the stage was too acute, so this resource speedily failed me.

The mental agony of the unfortunate young headsman had been so acute, that a reaction upon his bodily health was inevitable.

He sat half stupefied in his deserted rectory, like a man marooned, his one acute sensation that of his sudden solitude.

Not cheerful reflections, these, to add to the pangs of acute gout and the consuming anxieties of seamanship under such circumstances.

The stem is very straggling and slender, from one to three feet long; and the leaves are grass-like, sessile, and acute.

I felt that the German psychology of the situation would be acute enough to see these points and to lead to a signature.

Your acute ears waste not a moment in conveying the delightful intelligence to your parched tongue, empty stomach, and languid limbs.

These and suchlike blots on a gentleman farmer's agriculture, common-sense and Giacomo had made clear to the acute comprehension of Leonard.