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Use acute in a sentence

Definition of acute:

  • (adjective) Extremely sharp or intense | keen | ending in a sharp point | High or shrill | of an angle; less than 90 degrees (acute-angled)
  • (nonun) a mark (') placed above a vowel (acute accent)

Sentence Examples:

Septic poisoning, super-induced by an internal abscess, developed into acute Bright's disease.

Acute rheumatism is known by the pain and swelling in certain parts.

Two days afterwards he developed acute jaundice, and died in three days.

It was an acute attack of bronchitis which aggravated my chronic bronchitis.

Still, it very rarely involves as many articulations as primary acute rheumatism.

The shape can usually be described as acute, pointed, obtuse, or conical.

Chatterton possessed naturally acute sensibilities; he was unquestionably a man of genius.

The course of the disease, whether idiopathic or secondary, is either acute or chronic.

The poor girl closed her eyes, as if from unendurable acute suffering.

Such hemorrhages are not infrequent in the acute fevers and in scurvy.

Fitzgerald stared at him fascinated, his nerves strained to an acute pitch.

A man bred to the work, acute, rough, and not too scrupulous.

The acute rake of the gables determined the slant of the roofs.

Happily my acute homesickness was soon forgotten in another kind of malady.

It relieves acute fever and the difficult breathing of bronchitis and asthma.

The disease is either acute or chronic according to the amount of poison ingested.

Acute irritation of the epidermis, quickly followed by paralysis of the limbs.

I shot into an acute fissure with ferns and dust piled overhead!

His temperament was nervous, his sensibility acute, and his sentiments exalted.

It leaves me with my energies worn out, with my sensibilities frightfully acute.

Gills when called acute have sharp edges or are pointed at either end.

No conversation was allowed, as the hearing of the moose is most acute.

No one wants to run such a gauntlet of acute and merciless hyper-criticism.

But he was too acute a lover to misinterpret what he knew, alas!

He suffered from acute attacks, so to speak: these were his unmanageable times.

Hearty fidgeted about from place to place in a state of acute nervousness.

She had an acute, a devastating curiosity to hear what he would say.

Jonathan is sometimes so acute about my friends that it is almost annoying.

Tributaries, as a rule, join their mains with an acute angle up stream.

The thrift I had advised scarcely met so acute a case of poverty.

Acute systemic poisoning is often caused by its local use on mucous membranes.

Claws rather long, moderately arched, much compressed, laterally grooved, very acute.

He prepared to listen to her with a disconnected smile of acute attentiveness.

He speaks very good English, and made very acute observations on European society.

The apex requires a descriptive word or two; as, taper-pointed, acute, or obtuse.

The neck may be long or short, distinct or obscure, obtuse or acute.

Bill about as long as head, straight, stout, tapering to an acute tip.

In very acute cases we find areas intensely inflamed, even bloody in places.

I found him on the third day of a most acute bilious fever.

That is the verdict of an acute, but at best a lukewarm, judge.

No treatment was ever invented which stopped a case of acute articular rheumatism.

The incisors meet at a more acute angle in old than young horses.

This is impressed upon us in an accentuated and acute degree in city living.

That perfect amenity under acute constraint was part of a larger system.

The never-ending racket of traffic was torture to his abnormally acute ears.

She could not meet him now without an acute and painful self-consciousness.

Any diagnosis would have revealed spring fever incipient and trout fever acute.

Excitement paralyzes the efforts of some individuals, but renders others especially acute.

Then he commenced untying the scarf, his acute brain hard at work.

The ends are sharp, the prow much more acute than the stern.

Again acute and startling hurt, from the mere contact with the water.

He also sought to prove that they are either right angles, obtuse or acute.

Fleming has therefore recommended small doses internally in cases of acute rheumatism.

This defect is counterbalanced by very acute hearing and sense of smell.

He lay back on the ground suffering with faintness and acute pain.

The drift slants across the river at an acute angle, roughly S.S.W.

This point has not escaped the more acute students of Chinese civilization.

Red Jacket had a quick and acute perception, he was very adroit.

Arnold put in practice an acute stratagem, which materially facilitated his success.

Dogs are commonly affected by the acute and chronic forms of eczema.

Their bite caused acute pains to adults and endangered the lives of children.

In her mood of acute sensitiveness, she was for not answering at all.

Mingled with it was an acute pain, a profound regret, a sad humility.

She seemed to have become abnormally contained, her mind abnormally acute and active.

The nights were no longer made a torment by the acute rheumatic pains.

But now we entered it with a torpor more painful than acute suffering.

They are both mammals, both are sagacious, and are gifted with acute senses.

In this acute attitude the modern reader will be vitally and hopelessly wrong.

The traits of race and family are manifested and self-consciousness becomes more acute.

But now my exasperation became acute, for not a syllable more reached me.

She looked insolvent, a dweller in the past, crippled by an acute memory.

In fact, the external treatment is similar to that employed in acute eczema.

It sometimes occurs as a complication of typhoid fever and other acute diseases.

In acute meningitis the fluid is turbid, and contains an excess of albumin.

Subtlety or no subtlety, these impressions are very acute in my own mind.

I think these spiders are mainly guided by a marvelously acute tactile sense.

Drink was flowing, scorching out the none too acute senses of these savages.

Their behavior when in acute pain is much the same as that of a European.

Would the schoolboy necessarily be more learned or more acute than those judges?

He presumably experienced the first attack of acute dyspepsia he had ever known.

Pleasure departs with tranquility, the irritation of revolt and passive helplessness is acute.

These particular biscuits were less spiky, and less liable to create acute inflammation.

"Suppose we drop the matter for a time," said Vesper, in acute sensitiveness.

The buds are long and acute, and are coated with a red fuzz.

Such wakefulness is a frequent precursor of acute meningitis in children and adults.

The sort of yearning I feel towards those lonely rocks is indescribably acute.

He alone is an acute observer who can observe minutely without being observed.

The invariable monotony of landscapes, faces and thoughts, become an intensely acute suffering.

The earl scrutinized the sleek, serene face of the speaker with acute anxiety.

Often acute mania discloses itself in just some such small irregularity of conduct.

A consideration of the subject of acute inversion following labor belongs to obstetrics.

It requires great quickness and acute observation on the part of the workman.

When the extremity near the nose is acute, it denotes cunning and finesse.

More frequently, patients are seized with acute spasms in the breast and stomach.

A certain proportion of acute cases will recover without resection of a rib.

His life was suddenly ended in 1922 by an attack of acute appendicitis.

This division, always acute, had attained now to the dimensions of a Schism.

Local Treatment for the acute and sub-acute (between acute and chronic) eczema.

The former fallacy pervaded the speeches of the acute and learned Eldon.

This is sometimes expressed by saying that it is a period of acute self-consciousness.