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Use acutely in a sentence

Definition of acutely:

  • (adverb) having a rapid onset | sharply, sharp | sapiently, shrewdly, sagaciously

Sentence Examples:

Still perplexed and unconvinced, she was nevertheless in those minutes acutely happy.

He had not guessed she was thus acutely sensitive concerning her plumpness.

It acutely accentuates his already aggressive features and reduces his color to ghastliness.

He was acutely sensitive to opinion, with the feelers of a woman for it.

Dead wives, however jealous in their lifetime, seldom feel this posthumous torment so acutely.

He suffered acutely at times from what is now called the melancholia of adolescence.

Patty listened patiently, and cross-examined acutely to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Plotters and conspirators surrounded him, and he suffered acutely from gout in the feet.

Today I am acutely saddened by the loss of a very dear friend, Grant Allen.

And she felt acutely her slightness, her girlishness, and her need of his help.

I have learned from you that to be decadent one must be acutely and untiringly selfish.

Barth, in his enfeebled condition, acutely felt the ill effects of its climatic conditions.

Cure of a Germ Disease First, under adjustment, the acute or acutely increased impingement is relieved.

He was naturally a nervous man, and this hurtling through space distressed him acutely.

Several of the yearlings had reason to feel acutely concerned over their standing in academic work.

He still looks dreadfully ill and careworn, and I can see is feeling his position acutely.

For this very reason, suffering is more acutely felt and more loudly bewailed here than elsewhere.

I had arrived at that acutely nervous and overwrought state when even a respite is welcome.

But the hazy indistinctness was gone; the man was acutely conscious of everything around him.

Then he relaxed into one of those whimsically appealing smiles that somehow are acutely eloquent of pathos.

He, too, wished for success acutely, almost with a throbbing, gluttonous feeling, sitting there unknown.

Poor Mr Goldsworthy, incurable cadger that he was, was bound to feel the family reverses acutely.

The nation was suffering acutely from the reaction after the excitement of the last Napoleonic war.

Indebtedness throughout these years lurked constantly in the background, now and then breaking through acutely.

And that evening he was more acutely aware than usual of the uncolored dreariness of his home.

She had never felt so acutely the desire for free initiative, for a life unhampered by others.

As some sort of allegory, except in acutely sophisticated minds, the affairs of the world are represented.

Donatello, whose sense of light and shade was acutely developed, least required the adventitious aid of color.

These segments are acutely indented on their borders, each having a strong midrib, with numerous lateral veins.

He asked, forcing himself to smile, yet acutely alive to the fact that a crisis was impending.

Euclid must have been dissatisfied with this cutting of the Gordian knot; his successors were acutely so.

He felt acutely that the Empire belonged to Irish Nationalists at least as much as to English Tories.

King Philip in 1675 discerned and acutely defined the utter impracticability of any such joint occupancy.

Tomlinson, the thing of which you become acutely aware on making his acquaintance, is that he is a Londoner.

The blood-thirsty gnat has five, some acutely lanced at the extremity, and others serrated on one side.

He hated the womanish sensibility which made him suffer so acutely from the grotesque chances of life.

Belle licked her lips; for the first time since boarding the starship she was acutely embarrassed.

She was already a unit in the complex structure of the farmstead before she was so acutely needed.

Each generation is likely to be more acutely preoccupied than the last with the desire for novelty of expression.

He became acutely aware of his disfigured face, and felt his swelling bruises with a limp, investigatory hand.

The father, happy, and yet acutely anxious, went to and fro between his children and his study.

I had ofttimes experienced the chill blast of the norther, but never more acutely than upon that night.

The first week she almost wished herself back in prison, for she felt her bereaved condition so acutely.

The salicylate of sodium, given freely, is sometimes signally useful, more especially when several joints are acutely inflamed.

Faust still feels the "pathos of distance;" he is acutely conscious of something incomparably noble just out of reach.

Moreover, Hilda in these crises was further and still more acutely exasperated by the pillage of her handkerchiefs.

The scarcity of fodder, too, was felt acutely, and necessitated the curtailment of the tram and cab services.

But in his other mood, which remains secondary and sporadic throughout his writings, his attitude is acutely dualistic.

A supersensitive man, not in robust health, must have felt acutely the depressing effects of this state of things.

Sir George Saville had a head as acutely argumentative as if it had been made by a German logician for a model.

And any race gifted with one form of artistic originality is always acutely appreciative of other cognate forms of expression.

The Slovenes are an advanced and civilized people, acutely conscious of their racial solidarity with the other Yugoslav peoples.

He was now dressed in an Egyptian officer's uniform much too large for him, and was still suffering acutely.

Her supreme dutifulness, however, a dutifulness of which she had always been acutely conscious, was in enduring Andrew's behavior.

"Judicially, I am bold to say, though it may appear a presumption in one suffering acutely, I abhor a breach of faith."

This is felt so acutely that several leading privates have quite discarded that absolute attribute of the infantryman, the rifle.

The fact that a servitor should make any claims to superior godliness made his employers, for some reason, acutely annoyed.

He became acutely conscious of its tick in the long waiting; it stole into his nerves, and heightened his misgiving.

Her presence would chasten him and enable him to realize more acutely the disloyalty of his attraction towards poor Bess.

He was devilishly ingenious and fertile in the evolution of ways and means to make us feel our position as acutely as possible.

She turned sharply and gazed at him with a look of inimical contempt that aggrieved and scarified him very acutely.

Novelists and dramatists hinge the interest of readers or spectators upon this curiosity which is kept acutely sensitive about results.

His own omniscience was emphasized in such fashion as to make his employers acutely conscious of their youth and ignorance.

It was good not to be a gopher or an ant, but to be something that counted very acutely in the universe.

There was something of scorn in the tone, and I became acutely and unpleasantly conscious of my red embroidered shirt.

As Edith looked out of the window he was stooping low, on acutely bended knees, sorrowfully preoccupied with a broken hyacinth.

Then, too, both the General and the Minister suffered acutely from that distressingly useful new invention, the electric telegraph.

Acutely mindful that he had left the service and would earn no more juicy credit bonuses, he took the monorail instead.

Psychically developed persons possess an increase of sensibility which enables them to see, hear, and feel more acutely than most people.

Surely these priestly tricks must be meant to incapacitate these young children throughout life from thinking ever acutely on religious subjects.

In many cases of disease, particularly those of acutely inflammatory or febrile character, they judge it to be not at all indicated.

Obviously she preened herself after the fashion of up-to-date typists and stenographers, acutely sensible of the cash value of appearances.

And it is at the same time what makes a writer most acutely conscious of his place in time, of his contemporaneity.

"And, mamma," suddenly and acutely sensitive to pleonasm, "you begin every sentence with 'say' and you say 'certainly' so often."

His feelings had that night been much lacerated and the prospect of seeing a woman in a prize-ring affected him acutely.

Once more I felt suddenly the coming of something acutely impending; I took my courage in my hands and went boldly forward.

Probably no one in the room had suffered so acutely as Mr Morgan; his face was crimson, his eyes suffused and angry.

There it stood to tantalize him, in the slush, and he knew that it had aboard everything he now wanted so acutely.

His surrender on the religious question had left a rankling bitterness behind it; the problem of the clothes was acutely painful.

"The poor little woman is very sensitive, you know, Alicia," the baronet said, gravely, "and she feels your conduct most acutely."

But at this point I became acutely aware that her stream of pleasant impressions dried up suddenly, and she became stonily silent.

They will be acutely exasperated by every picture of plutocratic luxury in their newspaper, they will readily resort to destructive violence.

The result seems more in the nature of kaleidoscopic variance, a perhaps more acutely realized sense of opposites, than in the former mode.

The population within the Pale and without it became one, "not as the Irish nation," it has been acutely said, "but as Catholics."

But on this occasion he felt himself to be completely outclassed in the items of manners and culture; consequently he became acutely embarrassed.

Day after day, week after week, and no tidings from him came; conscience too acutely accounting to her for his faithlessness.

He also becomes acutely conscious of an awful vacuum in the region of his stomach which even crinkle-root and ground-nuts will not fill.

In the agonizing silence she felt acutely her girlishness, her helplessness, her unreason, confronted by his strong and shrewd masculinity.

This continued more or less acutely for many years, when menstruation suddenly stopped altogether, much before the usual period of the climacteric.

It is not pleasant to be in the company of one who has just shown himself a poltroon and is acutely aware of it.

With a heart that had palpitated violently at every sound, he had lain listening acutely to every noise that broke the silence.

His sermon that morning was acutely exegetical: with no more relation to his own trouble than to the rest of contemporary reality.

Her resentment did not cool as she laughed and talked mechanically, acutely aware that he was answering in monosyllables or with silence.

He suffered too acutely at seeing his daughter, that pure and delicate child, the focus of every lorgnette, the subject of every conversation.

Man, acutely aware of himself as an individual adventure and unawakened to himself as a species, finds life jangling and distressful, finds death frustration.

Indeed, nineteenth century civilization, which has made the world of commerce acutely grasping, has also made the world of Politics unscrupulously selfish.

Henry, as he snatched glimpses of this awe-inspiring figure, was acutely conscious of his own deficiencies; he felt tumbled, rumpled, and crumpled.

The main body of marchers, wet, hungry, and suffering acutely from the cold, toiled on until darkness made further progress seem an impossibility.

Tootles felt this, and felt it acutely, when it suddenly occurred to him that, with a little diplomacy, relief might be at hand.

Though acutely sensitive and easily dejected, yet he was dogged, and sometimes almost pushing in his desire to be thought a great writer.