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Use acutely in a sentence

Definition of acutely:

  • (adverb) having a rapid onset | sharply, sharp | sapiently, shrewdly, sagaciously

Sentence Examples:

His courage was good enough, but he was becoming acutely conscious of the physical drawbacks of the situation.

After this departure, however, the horrors of the siege began to be felt more acutely on both sides.

In the afternoon he was restless and suffered acutely, and as evening came on his temperature rose rapidly.

He wouldn't have felt your light touch ordinarily, but he was acutely conscious of those spare poisoned needles.

He was unable to carry on a light, witty conversation, and was acutely conscious of his own awkwardness.

No one has so acutely described this symbolism as Herrick, often an admirable psychologist in matters of sexual attractiveness.

Perhaps, of all the five, the one least qualified to endure it realized the prospect of suffering most acutely.

He felt himself powerless, and suffered acutely from the thought that Monica was in rebellion against him.

Then acutely across that silence cut the long wail of a lonely wolf wandering across the heights.

The girl's manner changed so absolutely that there could be but one inference: she was acutely suspicious.

In each of these cases the worker is acutely conscious, in a deliberative manner, of his own bodily actions.

He felt the separation so acutely that he was neither aware of the blue sea nor the sunny day.

If I feel so acutely here in safety and comfort, what shall I feel over there in peril and agony?

I should be only too glad if I could feel less acutely, if I could take things less to heart.

The sharp-sounding, high-pitched Southern voice, though it may argue very acutely and rapidly, appears at an increasing disadvantage.

She suffered acutely when with girls of her own age, because she felt unfit to be with them.

He grew acutely nervous, and as he drew nearer he made the air hideous with shouts to wake the garrison.

As he took this ascent the mind of Jones, far from being clouded or dulled, was acutely active.

It could never have been described as acutely sensitive, and it never developed much beyond the rudimentary stage.

He could not, if his wild scheme were possible, find a better method of making them acutely wretched.

They who feel most acutely for its sorrows, are, for the most part, too ignorant to alleviate them.

He looked acutely at the faces so near him, the cloth-covered table with its instruments, the white-capped nurse.

As he sat in the library reading aloud before luncheon, he became acutely conscious of a change in her mood.

Eleanor was deeply impressed by what she read and was also acutely conscious of the world about her.

Scarlett had suffered, and though perhaps I did not show it as much I felt it most acutely.

These and a thousand other revealing touches I noticed acutely, because I had expected something so absolutely different.

It feels sorrow or joy more acutely than its neighbor, or it could not take in or give out impressions.

He was sure it was true, but it would pain him acutely were rough hands to examine it too closely.

Had she been altogether away from him in those days, he would probably have missed her presence acutely.

It was a revelation, and must have given frightful pain, for I remember it acutely after sixty-five years.

New boys who have been leading lights at their private schools feel it acutely for the first week.

I paced up and down, acutely conscious of my great secret, the secret inspiring my voyage to Egypt.

No one can see more acutely and clearly, in more terrible and melancholy detail, than myself what one misses.

Of late, he had given way to outbursts of passion, feeling acutely the position in which he was placed.

He knew how hard the bitter cold pressed upon his helpless wards, and suffered acutely for sympathy.

She could well understand the misery it must bring to see one most dear having to suffer so acutely.

She possessed the heart of her husband Francis; but she only felt his loss the more acutely.

The path bent so acutely that it was impossible to see further than a hundred yards before or behind.

He is acutely conscientious toward his employers, the more so the less they are visible and near to him.

In such a contest all classes are seriously affected, and failure is more acutely felt than it was formerly.

She was horribly, acutely conscious of that man who lay in a mass on the floor behind them.

She was acutely conscious of his tall, loose-limbed figure as he threaded his way carefully between the tables.

She knew so acutely how this other woman felt that she almost seemed to lose her own individuality.

Not that he had lost confidence in his ability, but he was acutely conscious of having lost interest.

Of course, he pictured her wandering about the wood in the hope of seeing him, and acutely imagined her disappointment.

From her position, face downward on the ground, Madge had been acutely conscious of everything that had occurred.

His efforts met with little success; he felt horribly wide awake and acutely conscious of the smallest sound.

He was wrapped from head to heel in fine net, to every tiny mesh of which he was acutely sensitive.

She had been suffering acutely from remorse; she had sought to cover it with pleas of physical illness.

She had been moved and excited, as well as made acutely unhappy, by what had happened yesterday morning.

And this portion of a man's nature remains acutely active, even while the other part has struck work.

The statistics are the thermometers, the very pulse by which the health of the railroad is acutely judged.

Acutely aware as she was of her youth, her beauty, and her charm, she wondered at her refusal.

He was a young Muhammadan who was suffering acutely from education of the English variety, and knew it.

A painter-etcher of intense feeling, fiery, impulsive, he feels acutely the evils under which his country is groaning.

If he goes back to the world, he goes back feeling more acutely than ever that it cannot satisfy him.

He was a young Muhammadan who was suffering acutely from education of the English variety and knew it.

Of the two, perhaps three, experiments in Social Relations which he had then in hand, one interested him acutely.

He would never suffer acutely from any mental strife or agitation due to any but immediate and personal causes.

As far as I am personally concerned, it is largely a matter of food whether this affects one acutely or not.

Nevertheless, he found himself acutely unhappy regarding them, aware of an urgent and instant need of being with them.

He would have mourned for this the more acutely, had Kathryn given any evidence of mourning on her side.

Drew did not know why he was explaining, or even why he wanted the mule so acutely right now.

And this made him acutely aware that Stetson or an aide had heard everything said between them that afternoon.

Then he became acutely aware that Pamela was still talking, telling him other things of an equally painful nature.

He began to realize acutely, and locally, that he had been riding horseback, fourteen miles, for the first time.

And hence it is most acutely painful to array his past sad career before his vision and the world.

Aunt Elizabeth made herself so charming, so acutely charming, that I heard the boy draw one quick, sharp breath.

She has the acutely dramatic sense, she has imagination and a creative imagination at that; what else has she?

To my acutely listening, sharply jealous ears there sounds a tone of faint and carefully hidden annoyance in his voice.

I might call him acutely intellectual, and he is an adept in many out of the way branches of knowledge.

A woman, if you'll allow me to say so, is much more acutely sensitive to ... this kind of thing.

Too often his actions indicate he is not acutely conscious even of the existence of these related branches of knowledge.

He was aware, most acutely aware at this moment, of what, two years ago, she would have done for him.

Then he shifted the ball to his right arm and turned acutely toward the middle of the field.

The relation between Boer and Briton had long been acutely strained, but the strain was now approaching cracking-point.

The tenants run because the piano gives forth all that is inside of it, and the inanimate is acutely animate.

Paul not only resents the charge; he feels it so acutely that he finds an ingenious way of retorting it.

By nature and by training her conscience was acutely sensitive to the finest shades of right and wrong.

But it is in his spare time that he most acutely feels himself outside the general life of the school.

In the nature of things a delicate woman feels more acutely than a robust prisoner the rigors of prolonged captivity.

Fortinbras passed his hand over his broad forehead and his silver mane and regarded the young man acutely.

People who are very vain are usually equally susceptible, and they who feel one thing acutely will so feel another.

She admitted a loyalty due to the dead, she was also acutely conscious of a loyalty due to the living.

The nervous tension was stronger than it had been two years before, and I felt the heat more acutely.

The feeling of Emily's loss does not diminish as time wears on; it often makes itself most acutely recognized.

I have felt it, but never acutely until to-day; that is why I want to get the truce extended.

At the moment he was perhaps neither so acutely conscientious nor such an ass as his critics considered him.

I felt, more acutely than ever before, the distance between Rosa's environment and what I would have had it.

I doubt if he did not suffer less acutely than when Helen was alive, and in her husband's power.

Bancroft arose, perceiving acutely that the only course left for him was to make a strong bluff and retreat.

Jack was acutely uncomfortable, but he had the satisfaction of believing that what Dodo said about him was true.

And he dared not look at Mollie June, of whose bright eyes fixed on his face he was nevertheless acutely aware.

Davis was acutely uncomfortable, but nevertheless he felt strangely disappointed when the dim line of the coast appeared ahead.

Then he wished vividly and acutely that he had finally rewritten that line in the proof of his book.

Without being selfish, it is still impossible to feel a wrong of this kind to another so acutely as to yourself.

You were never more acutely conscious in your life than during those long moments when you looked at me with love.

Suddenly, he felt acutely jealous of the rubber-jointed Sidney Mercer, a man whom hitherto he had always heartily despised.

Some obscure woman's trouble, something in the delicate organism that had never been quite right, was becoming acutely wrong.

When she caught hold of her fork she began to tremble so acutely that she let it fall again.