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Definition of amalgam:

  • (noun) an alloy of mercury with another metal (usually silver) used by dentists to fill cavities in teeth
  • (noun) a combination or blend of diverse things; "his theory is an amalgam of earlier ideas"

Sentence Examples:

Your buttons are gilt by means of an amalgam.

As Egyptian copper is naturally hard, it required no amalgam.

This last amalgam may also be used for filling carious teeth.

The mercurial alloys or amalgams are, perhaps, exceptions to this rule.

In fact the amalgam is distilled in order to separate the gold and mercury.

The national character was to him a mere amalgam of obstinacy and unblushing treachery.

Formerly, after having cleaned the piece to be gilded, a gold amalgam was applied.

After fusion the mercury in the amalgam volatilizes, leaving a deposit of almost pure gold.

Heat decomposes all amalgams, vaporizing the mercury and leaving the metal alloys as a residue.

After a few hours the amalgam congeals again into a very fine-grained, rather malleable mass.

An alloy of mercury with another metal or metals; as, an amalgam of tin, bismuth, etc.

In a few seconds the new compound (ammonium amalgam) of the consistence of butter is formed.

A cluster of rather coarse wires, apparently an amalgam of several metals, rose above the granulated contents.

Sodium amalgam converts it into formic acid; whilst with alcohol it yields the normal carbonic ester.

Make an amalgam of a small portion of fine gold, and ten times the quantity of purified cinnabar.

The application of mercury to a metal with which it forms an amalgam, or with which it amalgamates.

The amalgam, therefore, being subjected to heat, the quicksilver escapes by sublimation, leaving the gold pure.

For although such interviews meant an amalgam of shame, remorse, slackness, and cynicism, they necessitated no lying.

In his address to the electors from the hustings, there is a pleasant amalgam of pun and sarcasm.

I pan out the previous day's clean-up and amalgamate the dust, squeeze "dry" the amalgam and weigh it.

The precipitated gold is thus amalgamated, the amalgam being removed at intervals, retorted, and the gold recovered.

Few men were without quackery; they had got to consider it a necessary ingredient and amalgam for truth.

A cone of silver amalgam prepared for retorting; also, the residuary cone of spongy silver left after the retorting.

If the original liquid be rendered strongly alkaline before adding the amalgam, no antimony will pass off with the arsenic.

A native gold amalgam is found as a rarity in California, and bismuth from South America is sometimes rich in gold.

The amalgam of Boer methods, with Zulu theories and modern German tactics, was sufficient to try the most ingenious intelligence.

These same refractory metals are also amalgamated superficially when immersed in the amalgam of sodium or of ammonium in presence of water.

Our horror would be as great were we shown the repellent amalgam of contradictory truths which find lodgment in our mind.

The mixture of mercury and gold is termed amalgam, and the process of extracting gold by mercury is called amalgamation.

He made the amalgam in a concentrated form, and it was added in various proportions to the mercury used for gold amalgamation.

Mercury occurs native and, occasionally, alloyed with gold or silver in natural amalgams; but its chief ore is the sulphide, cinnabar.

In this way he obtained an amalgam, from which on distilling off the mercury the barium was obtained as a silver white residue.

An amalgam of mercury and gold is employed for the gilding, and of mercury and silver for the silvering of metals.

You've got your gold in the riffles, then, and you've got a mixture of gold and quicksilver which has formed an amalgam.

And there is assuredly none which has more valuable elements to contribute to the ethnic and psychical amalgam of the people of to-morrow.

Chiefly used for amalgamating the zinc plates of galvanic batteries, also as a substitute for mercury in gilding by the amalgam process.

Some mill men prefer to amalgamate their copper plates with silver amalgam, claiming that silver-coated plates save a higher percentage of gold.

Their alchemy was closely associated with metallurgy, the making of alloys and amalgams, and the handicrafts of the goldsmiths and silversmiths.

The amalgam obtained is squeezed through thin dressed skins, and is then of the consistence of stiff putty, and of a silver color.

A peculiar and perplexing amalgam Boston always was, and although it had changed much in ten years, it was not less perplexing.

A leather cushion, stuffed with horsehair and covered with a powdered amalgam of zinc or tin, presses against one side of the cylinder.

It may thicken; the dust proceeding from the impact of the escapement forms with the oil an amalgam which wears the cylinder.

Sometimes the enamel itself is engraved, and an easily fused gold amalgam is rubbed into the incised lines, and fused to form the decoration.

Snobbishness is a puling infant, but it may grow to a deeply whiskered ambition, and most virtues are, on examination, the amalgam of many vices.

This process is similar to that used at present for gilding with amalgam, by means of heat, especially as amalgamation was known to the ancients.

The Russian character is a strange amalgam; some of its moods are noble and poetic, others are fierce and ruthless as those of a wild beast.

The philosophy was little more than school-logic, derived at second or third hand from Aristotle, the science a grotesque amalgam of empiricism and tradition.

The metal to be gilded is first rubbed over with a solution of nitrate of mercury, and then covered with a very thin film of the amalgam.

No, it was not that; it was Ellen Terry, that peculiar amalgam of witchery, charm, and willfulness which has baffled every critic of her work.

As I was talking with my new acquaintance, I recollected an amalgam of mercury with lead and bismuth, by which the mercury increases one-fourth in weight.

Shaken by the civil wars, bereft of strong leaders, and deprived of the invigorating amalgam of the unspoiled desert Arabs, political unity could not endure.

In this amalgamating solution the objects become at once covered with a layer of mercury, which forms an amalgam with the copper, while the zinc passes into solution.

McGinnis found a retort, adjusted it, set it going, volatilized the mercury from his amalgam, and in time had his button of dirty but quite valid gold.

Add to this that in the newly built Prussian capital society, utterly artificial as it was, an improvised amalgam of incongruous elements, was predisposed, so to speak, to dissoluteness.

It should be remarked that the last portions of quicksilver in a silver amalgam submitted to distillation are volatilized only under the action of a high and prolonged temperature.

The chief reliance is upon amalgamation, and in some large quartz-mills mechanical appliances are not used at all for catching the particles of gold, but only for catching amalgam.

When an amalgam of potassium and mercury is brought in contact with an ammoniacal salt, the potassium seizes upon the oxygen, and the hydrogen and nitrogen unite to the quicksilver.

The surface was first covered with tinfoil and then rubbed down until smooth; then the whole was coated with quicksilver, which formed an amalgam with the tin.

Some say that an amalgam of quicksilver was used for these pearls; and if that was the case, the object of the Venetian prohibition was rather of a medical nature.

By this means he obtained an amalgam, and by oxidizing this he reproduced magnesia and left the mercury free, thus proving that the earth was an oxide of a metal.

The vessel is heated for several minutes and then allowed to cool, the excess of mercury being removed from the granulated crystalline amalgam by pressing in a leather bag.

He discovered either a new metal or an amalgam, alloy or compound, which when formed into plates possessed the property of preventing the passage through it of the influence of gravitation.

The amiability, the ruggedness, the nervous instability, the obstinacy as of a rock, the tenderness and the sardonic bitterness which made up so strange an amalgam, are all frankly revealed.

In gilding, the amalgam is applied to the surface of the metal to be gilded, and the mercury is driven off by heat, leaving the gold attached to the surface.

A corresponding quantity of the molten amalgam is then poured in, and the mold moved rapidly to and fro, so that the alloy is thrown against the sides all over.

When the washing is finished for the day, the green baize lining of the trough, with many particles of the amalgam clinging to it, is washed in the larger well.

Upon investigation, it appeared that another charwoman who had been instructed to "dispose" of a bottle of sodium amalgam, had carelessly emptied it into the waste bucket with the startling result narrated.

Rather, the two melted together, with the resulting amalgam often seeming to be all Zen, while actually being, in many instances, merely older Japanese beliefs and ideals in a new guise.

In addition to these, a filling of tin amalgam had been inserted while the deceased was abroad, in the second left upper bicuspid, the rather gray spot that we have already noticed.

The aversion to scholasticism, bred by the revived knowledge of the older Greek philosophies in the original, produced a curious amalgam; but scholastic habits of thought were still dominant through it all.

A solution of tin in mercury, or liquid tin amalgam, when shaken up in water containing sulfuric acid, produces hydrogen peroxide, whilst iron under the same circumstances does not give rise to its formation.

The marked leaden bullet, however, was exchanged for one composed of an amalgam of tinfoil and quicksilver, which was as heavy as lead, but was broken into bits and dispersed in firing.

This done, it is again heated by fire, in order to enable it, when thus prepared, with the aid of an amalgam of pumice, alum, and quicksilver, to receive the gold leaf when applied.

Set the stemless pipe on end in a clay bed, and fill with amalgam, pass a bit of thin iron or copper wire beneath it, and bend the ends of the wire upwards.

Sometimes the gilding of a piece failed, and had to be begun again, and there was endless trouble in saving the gold, as well as in preventing the workmen from stealing the amalgam.

The fiery Edson, already a legend in the Corps for his heroic exploits in Central America and Guadalcanal, worked tirelessly to forge the amalgam of veterans and newcomers into an effective amphibious team.

We cannot wonder that all people who were capable either of generous feeling or comprehensive thinking turned aside even from truth, when it was mixed in this amalgam of destructive sophistry and cynical illustration.

The weightiness of the gold, and the facility with which it forms an amalgam with the mercury, occasions it easily to part from the dross or earthy matters of the stone or matrix.

A very special property of copper amalgam consists in that it becomes very soft when laid in water, and attains such pliancy that it can be employed for modeling the most delicate objects.

It is also advisable to lay a little amalgam with tallow on the rubber, between the silk and the leather: a piece of tinfoil is also said to be of advantage when amalgam is not handy.

The conditions assured under this process appear to be all that can be required, while the amalgams obtained are those most calculated to preserve the "quickness" and prevent the "sickening" of the mercury.

Water is decomposed by the amalgams of potassium and sodium, because the heat of formation of these amalgams, although considerable, is even less than the heat disengaged by potassium and sodium, on decomposing water.

If, however, we are merely amalgamating, then at stated periods the battery and pans are cleaned out, the amalgam rubbed or scraped from the copper plates and raised from the troughs and riffles.

If, however, we are merely amalgamating, then at stated periods the battery and pans are cleared out, the amalgam rubbed or scraped from the copper plates and raised from the troughs and riffles.

Once in a while he would shut off the water to examine the rich amalgam at each cleat across the trough, removing that which was saturated with gold and replacing it with fresh mercury.

An endless apron travelling over cylinders is sometimes employed, composed of slats the surface of each of which is coated with an amalgam, and on this belt the powdered ore is spread thinly and carried forward.

To amalgamate with zinc amalgam, clean the copper plate by means of a swab, with fairly strong sulfuric acid diluted with water; then while wet apply the zinc-mercury mixture and well rub in.

It is, however, impossible to discuss the practical ethics of modern gambling without regarding that factor of pure gambling, which we have analyzed, in its actual place as part of a vicious amalgam in a dissipated life.

All savages know of the glistening qualities of surfaces, but few of them, as was the case with Chief, had ever seen any made with the white amalgam, which, of course, made a perfect counterfeit resemblance.

The amalgam is rubbed vigorously with a piece of soft leather, which manipulation must be continued for a long time, until the excess of mercury is expelled, and the mirrors have a fine, bright reflecting surface.

In order to obtain the greatest effect from an electric machine, it must be carefully freed from dust and particles of amalgam adhering to the glass, and the insulating column rubbed with a warm woolen cloth.

The principal agents employed may be said to be mercury and horseflesh, or rather mule-flesh; the mercury forming an amalgam with the precious metals under the incorporation brought about by the trampling hoofs of the mules.

The edges of such a filling are better, and remain better than those of the ordinary filling, for the reason, I believe, that the cement controls, or at any rate lessens, the spheroidal tendency in the amalgam.

The greater part of it has entered into combination with the acts and feelings of life, thus forming as it were, a kind of amalgam with them, giving them new properties, a new color, a new consistence.

He looks particularly graceful at the head of his table, and, indeed, on all occasions where he acts as president or moderator: he is a man who seems to listen well, and is an excellent amalgam of dissimilar ingredients.

To apply it on new plates use somewhat dilute nitric acid applied with a swab to free the surface of the copper from oxides or impurities, then rub the ball of amalgam over the surface, using some little force.

The amalgam is then put into conical bags of coarse linen, which are hung up; and the weight of the mass presses out a quantity of quicksilver, which oozes through the linen, and is caught in vessels below.

The amalgam is squeezed through a piece of leather, in which these precious metals remain with a certain portion of the quicksilver; and the former are freed from the latter by means of fire, which volatilizes the mercury.

The affinity of iron for mercury is so feeble that the amalgam is speedily decomposed when left undisturbed by the pressure of the atmosphere, and if a greater pressure be added, almost all the mercury is driven out.

Numerous other electrolytes constituted by acids, alkalies, and salts can be used to form an amalgam permanently maintained in a condition of "quickness" and freed from all liability to "sicken," whatever the components of the ore may be.