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Use amnesty in a sentence

Definition of amnesty:

  • (noun) a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment
  • (noun) a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense
  • (noun) the formal act of liberating someone
  • (verb) grant a pardon to (a group of people)

Sentence Examples:

Amnesty brings the same idea through the Greek.

Two men only were excepted from the Pontifical amnesty.

Changes in the Austrian Government and the general political amnesty.

The Emperor orders amnesty, pardon, commutation of punishments and rehabilitation.

The Russian government is magnanimous; it has proclaimed a general amnesty.

Further, a general amnesty was extended to the baronage on both sides.

A general amnesty is proclaimed; all malefactors may return to their town.

The authors of the revolt were leniently treated under a general amnesty.

As you know, I am neither amnestied nor has my sentence been remitted.

It's a thieves' amnesty at this moment, and I must not lose the opportunity.

Redmond in a position where he can insist upon an amnesty for dynamiters and conspirators.

The Emperor has the right of pardoning, even in correctional cases, and of granting amnesties.

A great many rioters were imprisoned in spite of the popular clamor for universal amnesty.

He is talking now, feeling in the humor of Augustus, of granting amnesty to the proscribed.

The President may declare general amnesty, special pardon, commutation of punishment, or restoration of rights.

Minister Bar expressed to me the grave qualms he still felt about the amnesty granted me.

He even hit upon the expedient of declaring an amnesty for Persians incarcerated in the local jail.

A general amnesty was proclaimed, and the Spanish garrison were allowed to depart with their arms.

As in other German states, the government bowed to the storm, proclaimed an amnesty and promised reforms.

Offers of amnesty miscarry when it is the victim who alone should have the right to grant pardon.

Fernando informs the buccaneers that under the amnesty act of the king they are no longer outlaws.

Fourthly, I demand amnesty and oblivion of the past for all those who have served me until now.

The platform demanded universal amnesty and a liberal policy, no more land grants to corporations, and denounced repudiation.

I was still soaring in the rarefied heights of love, and inclined to a general amnesty towards my enemies.

For the leaders the price of amnesty was conversion to radicalism, but this price few would pay.

The revolutionists, dismayed at this disaster, on receiving promise of an amnesty, replaced Castillo, the late captain-general, in command.

Finally, amnesty proposals from the Iraqi government are an important incentive in reconciliation talks, and they need to be generous.

In 1859, after the general amnesty which followed the Italian war, he at first thought himself included in it.

This was nothing less than the Turkish Revolution of 1908, with its consequent amnesty for all political offenses.

Would become a party question, and perhaps a general amnesty for mere debaters is the most practical solution of the problem.

I believe this act of amnesty is only a device to put the plotters where he can get his hand on them.

The amnesty, descending from supernal regions, had been ushered into the presence of mortals as a messenger laden with heavenly gifts.

He had no power to grant them an amnesty for their past ill-doing; that could be given only by the Portuguese government.

He celebrated his victory with a general amnesty, and bade the Swedish nobles to a great feast, held at the capital in November.

It was in vain that Justinian issued from the palace next day, and proclaimed an amnesty; he was chased back with insulting cries.

This was an amnesty for political offenses, and, viewed in that light, is entitled to be regarded as an act creditable to its author.

Gladstone himself would grant this amnesty if he dared, and that there is a great weakness in the rest of their Irish policy.

Had the punishment of the rebels rested entirely with Mary, she would have signalized her advent with a full and general amnesty.

The Chambers had voted an amnesty with eloquent speeches about the beauty of forgiveness, and had promised to redress the grievances of the mutineers.

Canute had proclaimed an amnesty; but on seizing power, he immediately proscribed all the partisans of Edmund whom he did not put to death.

This ebullition of feeling was undoubtedly the result of the general amnesty, and the bright expectations then cherished of a new era for Italy.

The only point in which the amnesty satisfied the public was its application to all matters relating to the press and its misdeeds.

He had run away basely from the invaders, and been brought back to promise amnesty, and to massacre men, women, and children by thousands.

An amnesty was granted, but with certain exclusions, among them being the triumvirs, the military chiefs and the members of the provisional government.

An amnesty was granted to criminals, except traitors, murderers, and ravishers; but prisoners for debt were not released, lest any creditor should be defrauded.

The amnesty offered for the past is conditioned upon an unreserved loyalty for the future, and this condition will be enforced with an iron hand.

The Emperor has supreme control of the Army and Navy, declares war, makes peace, and concludes treaties; orders amnesty, pardon and commutation of punishments.

Universal amnesty was decreed for everything which had happened during the war, except for the Austrian Protestants, whose possessions were not restored to them.

He appoints all public officials, sanctions and proclaims laws, convokes, prorogues and dissolves the Chamber, grants pardon or amnesty, coins money and confers decorations.

Some inconspicuous revolutionists yielded to Spanish blandishments and surrendered; to whom the honest and chivalrous Blanco granted in good faith the amnesty which he had promised.

He was answering the heartfelt detail with respondent gratefulness to that Almighty Power which had shed on his transgressing head such signal "signs of heavenly amnesty!"

However, an amnesty law recently passed by the Italian Parliament has resulted in the dropping of all charges outstanding against violators of the export control regulations.

Come, now, I have hopes of obtaining what I have been for years endeavoring to persuade the marquise to promise; namely, a perfect amnesty and forgetfulness of the past.

The amnesty as to political wrong, and the indelible memory as to the rights of property, stand alike conspicuous as evidences of the real character of the Athenian Demos.

Royalists were to be for a time incapacitated from office, but their fines were to be reduced, the number of exceptions from pardon diminished, and a general amnesty passed.

Then again, before general amnesty was proclaimed I was debarred from bidding on the many rich government contracts for cattle because I had served in the Confederate army.

Mahdi, therefore, could afford to be munificent, and in order to make his accession doubly welcome to his subjects, he began by granting a general amnesty to political prisoners.

To touch at the castle was out of the question; for no second flag of amnesty had yet passed between the angry baronet and his quietly expectant nephew.

A general amnesty is proclaimed, all malefactors may return to their town, and they are absolved from their crimes, which are now forgotten, and they restored to favor.

An amnesty was proclaimed for political offenders except three hundred persons (among these Orange and his principal adherents), and pardon to all heretics who abjured their errors.

Whether by his own adroitness or their connivance, he avoided arrest until the amnesty resolution of August 29th restored him to the world without even being incapacitated from office.

No one doubted that this amnesty was granted by virtue of an agreement concluded in 1905 between the Government and the pogrom ringleaders, guaranteeing immunity to the anti-Jewish rioters.

They adopted a platform which affirmed the sovereignty of the Union, emancipation, equality of rights, enfranchisement, complete amnesty, tariff reform, civil service reform, local self-government, and impartial suffrage.

Lincoln's amnesty proclamation; wherefore there was a general haste to take the oath and so to secure the benefit of the dead president's clemency before his successor should establish harsher conditions.

Amnesty to all deserters from the Spanish army, regardless of nationality, this clause being extended to include all those who have taken part directly or indirectly in the revolutionary movement.

He expressed himself very doubtfully about the stability of the Republic, and was evidently worried over the possibility of a general amnesty, "a very dangerous measure which no government should sanction."

By his command Athene acted as mediator between Odysseus and the kinsmen of the wooers, and an oath of amnesty was taken on both sides, confirmed with solemn prayer and sacrifice.

He was followed by several speakers, who repeated the unreasoning vituperation which had marked the electoral campaign, all of them opposed to the passage of an amnesty bill of any kind.

Charles was to subscribe the "solemn league and covenant," to give pardon and amnesty to all past political offenses, and to agree to maintain the Protestant religion, according to the Presbyterian rite.

Only five persons were excepted from amnesty, but royalists were not to hold office for five years and not to sit in the Commons till the end of the second biennial parliament.

Unattended and under cover of night he rode to the entrenchments of their camp and called aloud to the Turkish insurgents, commanding them to return to their allegiance, promising a general amnesty.

Miranda's failure to obtain grants of amnesty for Bolivar and his fellow rebels, when he came to terms with the Spanish general Monteverde, left him discredited with the patriots of South America.

His friends on the Rhine, hearing of his difficulties, raised a generous subscription, and taking advantage of a general amnesty, he returned to the fatherland and became associated with the Stuttgart Illustrated Magazine.

To all persons who shall be so released, and who shall keep their parole, the President grants an amnesty for any past offenses of treason or disloyalty which they may have comminuted.

And if his friends (and we give them credit for good tact) anticipated the 'preferment of a charge,' it does not create any special grounds for an amnesty in contradistinction to a general amnesty.

The Provisional President may declare general amnesty, grant special pardon, commute punishment, and restore rights, but in the case of a general amnesty he must have the concurrence of the National Council.

Fifty-seven of the most prominent burghers of the place were, however, excepted from the act of amnesty, and taken into custody as security for the future good conduct of the other citizens.

This comported so strangely with the "amnesty," etc., of the Lords-Justices, as to render it entirely nugatory, by exposing their covert hypocrisy in the same breath in which their manifesto was announced.

It contained suggestions for an amnesty, national self-government, liberty of conscience, and other liberal measures, but as there was obviously no intention of backing it by force, Russia treated it with complete indifference.

He had heard that his noble patron, after having made peace with the Emperor Leopold I in 1711, was, in spite of the general amnesty, again planning a national rising against the Austrian house.

To complete the general harmony, he published an amnesty, dismissed many political prisoners, and the greater part of his Scottish captives, and entered into negotiations for the liberty of the Scotch King.

Ernest said no more; he still felt that it was so discreditable to him to have allowed any confession to be wrung from him, that he could not press the promised amnesty for himself.

After obtaining these concessions, the rebels grew calmer, the Sultan proclaimed amnesty for all offenders, appointed the chief brawlers to high offices, and distributed money amongst them from the treasury.

We have been instrumental in obtaining an amnesty, from which those alone who had a share in the riots derive a benefit, and the other inhabitants of the western country have gained nothing for themselves.

The cardinals with certain personal experiences to guide them refused to accede to the demand for such amnesty, but the Holy Father in his solicitude for peace, granted the request actuated by the revolutionaries.

Each party concedes complete amnesty to all its own subjects in view of the work which they have done in the territory of the other party as prisoners of war, interned civilians, or deported civilians.

To soldiers serving without pay, as those of the Irish army had been for several months, this twofold inducement of amnesty and reward was a terrible temptation; but it had little or no effect.

In other words, you and your paper must bear a part of the responsibility for the prosecution and persecution of the Socialists, and it is rank hypocrisy for you to prate about your fight for amnesty.

He asked for a general amnesty, excepting only two or three persons; the ratification of the sales of confiscated property, whatever might have been the cause, and liberty of conscience for all the king's subjects.

On account of that nature and of my individual character as an artist, my startling political excess can alone be explained and excused, and the reasons for my amnesty should be considered in the same light.

The most liberal terms of amnesty have already been communicated to the insurgents, and the way is still open for those who have raised their arms against the Government for honorable submission to its authority.

Instead of the proscriptions, which, in similar circumstances, had marked the return of Marius and Sulla, he proclaimed amnesty to all, and sought to avail himself of the wisdom of all parties in reorganizing civil affairs.

William offered an amnesty, which was frustrated by the English hunger for Irish estates; and the capitulation of Limerick, rejected by the Irish parliament, gave it the name of the City of the Broken Treaty.

Apart from this undesirable element, units were filled with the late inmates of convict prisons, owing to the broad amnesty granted by the Government to criminals, who were to expiate their crimes by military service.

Then he brought about a reform of taxation, full amnesty for political offenders, made usury a treasonable act, founded a bank that loaned money to the poor on their character and to the rich on their collateral.

He did, indeed, soon after his accession, publish an amnesty for political offenses; but this was a matter of grace, to show his kindness of heart, not to indicate any essential change in the papal policy.

His mind apparently having become clearer thereby, he has offered his subjects an amnesty and terms of reform, which, it is hoped, will arrive before his troops have begun to bombard the cities in obedience to earlier orders.

Occupied at Brussels in the interests of his orphaned grandchildren, he was requested to leave, on the ground of his zeal on behalf of the fallen Communists; he returned to Paris, and pleaded in the Rappel for amnesty.

Those islanders who, giving way to culpable insinuations and deluded by false promises, have some time followed these seditious agents, have hastened to profit by the general amnesty granted beforehand, and have returned to their duties.

The Spanish authorities accepted his surrender and granted him full amnesty, a circumstance which caused many Cubans to suspect that he had betrayed his chief, by sending word of his whereabouts to the Spanish commander.