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Use annex in a sentence

Definition of annex:

  • (noun) an addition that extends a main building
  • (verb) take (territory) as if by conquest; "Hitler annexed Lithuania"
  • (verb) attach to

Sentence Examples:

Is it used as an annex to the school?

Retrospect annexed them, and rode them hard.

The annexed figure shows its under side.

This was the annex used for dressing.

That pretty little Lady Maisie's annexed him.

His letter and my answer are annexed.

That fourth party is the annexing country.

The annexed is its form and dimensions.

Yet the government still declined to annex.

You know what consequences are annexed to that.

We'll annex the first animal we come across.

At the south-west corner is a strange annex.

A bathroom has been annexed to every room.

A very large amount of territory was annexed.

This animal is shown in the annexed figure.

Some time after his death it was annexed.

She had also annexed some of my furniture.

I have here annexed Sir James Long's letter.

A few simple and rude plans are annexed.

I beg leave to annex the different prices.

Its form is seen in the annexed figure.

Shall we annex their territory or again retire?

The annexed building appeared to be a mere shell.

"This is to be a two-story annex," said Dick.

The annexed diagram shows the general arrangements.

The annexed cut shows the sitting figure.

The addition enlarging it is regarded as an annex.

Ptolemy annexed the corpse and much else.

Germany was annexing freely along the coast.

Then he discovered the annex to the party.

"Then I can't annex you, my pretty Maid!"

Annexing provinces and colonies will not do it.

There are foreign annexes full of interesting articles.

In any case it is usual to annex a plan.

Annexed you will find lists of these persons.

Something of the annexed form is first observed.

As honest man, I will annex his temper.

Co., at the southern extremity of the annex.

The Covenanted home is but an annex of heaven.

The intended operations are detailed in the annexed documents.

I think we've annexed a couple of friendly natives.

Now I wish to put an annex to it.

In the annexed drawing, communicated to me by Lieut.

I predict we shall soon be for annexing it.

The colonies were then annexed to the home department.

We annex an illustration of a motor-driven depositing machine.

I here annex a narrative written at the Period.

Awhile ago they were talking about annexing San Domingo.

He had annexed Portugal and its immense dominion.

She would like to have it rented as an annex.

Lambert will be gathered from the annexed sketch.

Those buildings annex, actually, not two separate buildings?

A perspective view of one of these staircases is annexed.

Inscription copied from the original of the annexed Engraving.

They have annexed the revenues of the industrial schools.

The annexing of the writer was at once effected.

The annexed view represents the rear of the palace.

The horns were shaped as in the annexed figure.

Price charges, of which the annexed is a copy.

True as the 'Reason Annexed' to the Third Commandment!

Three of these are illustrated in the annexed Woodcut.

The greatest part of Thrace he annexed to Macedon.

The Americans annexed not a single foot of territory.

I annex a few papers bearing upon this subject.

The territories annexed to Italy have a small economic value.

The English Government intervened, and finally annexed Basutoland.

His interesting chapter on Bees is annexed to these editions

Our route can now be followed upon the annexed outline.

A sketch of a section of the specimen is annexed.

We were to express our continued determination not to annex.

What are the "reasons annexed" to all this uproar?

He had annexed Portugal, with its immense colonial empire.

She sleeps in the annex, I'm happy to say.

From the exchange, let us pass to the annexes.

I'm just getting things to going on the annex.

Certainly the annex could not have been better started.

By force and fraud he annexed weak peoples' territory.

They tried to annex me, but I faded away.

The national arms speedily appeared, with various mottoes annexed.

The arrangement adopted is shown in the annexed diagram.

Gould, according to the terms of the paper annexed.

They also had an annex school for special instruction.

The annexed diagram shows an arrangement of this kind.

Texas had been annexed, and was a slave state.

The description, with illustration of this apparatus, is annexed.

The annexed illustration represents a lady of Ancient Greece.

Aspect, may be better seen by the annexed diagram.

These three methods are represented in the annexed diagram.

These had been conquered or peacefully annexed at various times.

See the skeleton of the foot in the annexed plate.

Pains and pleasures as annexed to action are called 'sanctions.'

That is according to the valuation annexed to the will.

The annexed sketch gives a good idea of his appearance.

I should not think he would be very easily annexed.

Woman is a mere annex to and for his glory.

At first, the universities were mostly annexed to cathedral churches.

The annexed figure represents a section of such a framework.

The short table annexed will render this affair more intelligible.

He was surprised that America had not yet annexed Mexico.

Particularly, the enemy had indicated he wanted to annex Reno.