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Use annex in a sentence

Definition of annex:

  • (noun) an addition that extends a main building
  • (verb) take (territory) as if by conquest; "Hitler annexed Lithuania"
  • (verb) attach to

Sentence Examples:

Electricity had just annexed magnetism.

To annex again or anew; to reunite.

They have annexed characteristics distinctly French.

Place, as shown in the annexed woodcut.

The annexed drawing shows a seedling Tulip.

How much more rouge do you mean to annex?

To the college is annexed a botanical garden.

Of that prospectus, the annexed is a reprint.

With something for Explication and Exhortation annexed.

This circumstance annexes indelible shame to our crime.

The annexed note of commendation from the Rev.

Furthermore, many American politicians wanted to annex Canada.

Peter has been annexed to the episcopal dignity.

His religion indeed was of an encroaching, annexing sort.

The annexed cuts exhibit different sorts of mufflers.

Two of these are shown in the annexed woodcut.

Its present appearance is shown in the annexed woodcut.

A slight compendium of this history is therefore annexed.

Freedom of sale is necessarily annexed to fixity of tenure.

On the principle of reparation for damage it was annexed.

The act of annexing, or the thing annexed; appendage.

"The viceroy annexes a little condition to his consent."

They were formally annexed to the American republic in 1898.

I annex a long thought in verse for your perusal.

Park's first journey, was also annexed to the quarto edition.

They had lost their foothold in the annexed provinces.

The professor annexed several of the reptiles for specimens.

Their arrangement will be understood from the annexed woodcut.

One kept in the annexed form will be amply sufficient.

She's only doing it to annoy you and annex Jerry.

The best of these is annexed to the present ballad.

The annexed are drawings of two tomahawks in my possession.

There seems something of a fatality annexed to that name.

Jones that the delineation in the annexed plate is copied.

The annexed woodcut will convey an idea of their appearance.

The duties of this officer are enumerated in the annexed passage.

Figures of some of these are given in the annexed woodcut.

There is also annexed to the Museum a small botanical garden.

The annexed engravings are of the same size as the originals.

The annexed woodcut will give you an idea of its appearance.

What enviable privileges are annexed to the birth of an Englishman!

He annexes you, and he disapproves of you at the same time.

Not if the Germans promised not to annex French territory?

In the annexed woodcut the fruit is represented natural size.

Soon after they annexed their second goal, and equalized matters.

On June 23 he had to be evacuated to the Fleury annex.

The annexed sonnet, by Coleridge, is defective from this cause.

The annexed outline of a transverse section exhibits the radiated structure.

The panorama which is annexed is on a fine day truly magnificent.

Its form will be best understood by the annexed woodcut.

It is represented in the annexed woodcut. Coin: Olaf in Dublin.

The annexed woodcut represents the lamp which is in present use.

The annexed design is well adapted for working in raised crochet.

Such is an outline of the histories of the annexed three Boroughs.

They really formed an annex in order to entice stray European guests.

His realm was annexed and partly settled by the conquerors.

Annexed to the temples were large buildings used as seminaries for girls.

We had no idea of annexing Tibet or establishing a protectorate over it.

The annex is up as far as the bottom, waiting for cribbing.

If it can only crawl and coo, there is the nursery annex.

A fief was essentially a trust, and to enjoyment was annexed obligation.

After annexing Broadway he took Belgium and his book thereon is history.

A part of the vanquished country might be annexed to the victor.

"Never drink water," murmured Dam, absentmindedly annexing, and pocketing, an apple.

Ah, here is a sort of annex and evidently devoted to pious purposes.

Must it annex the whole low plane of such a squalid disposition?

The annexed figure represents the apparatus as arranged for flushing a sewer.

Or he can buy a Stock certificate with coupons for dividends annexed.

This relic, to which an anecdote so curious is annexed, is now unfortunately ruinous.

There had indeed been sundry attempts to annex still more of the world.

Annex one or more ciphers to the numerator and divide by the denominator.

His work formed a palace, with a ruinous castle annexed as a curiosity.

The annexed table indicates that the full sentence was sparingly executed.

"You see you've annexed a few of hers, which naturally makes her peevish."

A strong and useful form of peg is shown in the annexed illustration.

There's a prejudice nowadays against subalterns annexing empires without orders, you know.

The saddle with the pendent cloths is exhibited in the annexed coin.

The penalty annexed to it is in the first instance, corrective, not penal.

Religion annexes to its doctrines a curse and a blessing, damnation and salvation.

Under these circumstances one may sympathize with his desire to annex a congregation.

Beneath the players' names occurs a woodcut, of which we annex a facsimile.

They have been annexed to European states without reference to their will or consent.

The following famous stallions died at or about the dates annexed to their names.

Cochin China had fought the French, and had been conquered and annexed.

Probably the extraordinary monstrosity shewn in the annexed block had an actual existence.

Welland had a larger annex, more solidly built, which he called the surgery.

Deign to look with an eye of pity on the errors annexed to our natures!

On the east of the main building is the annex used principally as a dormitory.

To this calling, which after all might be avowed, he annexed several others.

The neck is annexed to the spine, and the spine to the loins.

Texas was annexed by joint resolution a few days before the inauguration of Polk.

My right to annex unoccupied territory over the equal right of all other people!

We annex a hasty synopsis of the critical portion of the article in question.

Was it to pave the way to annex the island to the English Government?

The figure annexed represents it as laid in the dish, with its back uppermost.

I should have abhorred myself for annexing to my benefits so bloody a condition.

I annexed two of the chief's robes and turbans and four or five blankets.

The annexed woodcut will give an idea of the second method which is possible.

On the contrary, he began at once to overrun and annex the neighboring states.

The annexed woodcut is designed to show a few of the most remarkable varieties.