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Use back-against-the-wall in a sentence

Definition of back against the wall:

  • (noun) A very difficult situation with no beneficial options available for action.

Sentence Examples:

Always coming closer to me, so that I was edging back against the wall, with his hard, bright little eyes fixed on mine, and always the same sharp, jerky tone.

The only exception was the goal-keeper, who leaned with his back against the wall, cracking nuts, and remarking that he "wished they'd hurry up and not keep us waiting all day."

French Charlie was leaning back against the wall, his hands jammed in his pockets, and his big slouch-hat pulled over his brows.

As soon as the repast was concluded the servants cleared the long table in a twinkling and pushed it back against the wall at one end of the long room.

All was in order, the beds made and pushed back against the wall, the hearth swept, and some clusters of bright red berries arranged above the fireplace.

I had a vision of a poised decanter; a second later, the missile caught me in the chest and hurled me back against the wall.

Into the vacant place dropped the stranger, stretching out his feet, throwing his head back against the wall, and half closing his eyes with the drunkard's own leer of self-sufficiency.

There was a fiendish roar, a crash that shook the house to its very foundations, sending us staggering back against the walls.

Larry the Bat plunged down a staircase, and halted in the darkness of a cellar, drawing back against the wall while the flying feet of his fellow fugitives scurried by him.

Waring, seated upon the ledge, leaned back against the wall, watching the angling shadows shorten as the moon drew overhead.

It was not my boy's own hand that struck the blow which forced me to leave my hold, and sent me staggering back against the wall.

He reared back against the wall, and Alexander was obliged to dismount and drag him up the street, panting for breath himself, although his back was to the wind, and he kept his head down.

He shut the door of Julia's room and stood with back against the wall staring at Humphreys, who did not forget to smile in his most aggravating way.

Under its first blow we staggered back against the wall, and I understood plainly that its purpose was to prevent us getting back into the circle in the middle of the floor.

He quite failed to make the boy hold his instrument according to the accepted method, but his custom of making his pupil stand upright, with his head and back against the wall while playing, no doubt gave to him that repose and grace of bearing which was so noticeable in later years.

He turned to the captive, who by this time was leaning back against the wall in his chair, the central figure of present affairs, but apparently quite unconcerned.

His face must have been easy to read for her own promptly lost its color, and with an involuntary recoil she stepped back against the wall, staring at him in pallid silence.

There was not apparently an inch of space to spare in all those narrow streets; but by the madness of religion which drove the packed humanity back against the walls, a way was made for her who appeared to the multitude as the long-promised earthly incarnation of the Goddess of Death.

He put his arm under her head to raise it, when she started up, so suddenly as to alarm him, leaned back against the wall, still in her cramped, sitting position, and glared into his face.

Thomas, rendered more expeditious even than usual by their interest in the topic, had cleared away all traces of the meal and moved the table back against the wall.

He leaned back against the wall of the hut, crossing his long limbs negligently over the soft fur of the robe beneath, drawing from his pocket a small mirror.

She cowers back against the wall and drags away her hand; Hazel's purity and loveliness raises in her only a shrinking dislike and dread of contact.

Now I had touched him twice, once in the face, and I held him with his back against the wall of the way that led down to the water-gate, and it had come to this, that he scarcely strove to thrust at me at all, but stood on his defense waiting till I should tire.

There was nothing else for it but to stand well back against the wall on the side of the door on which the hinges were; and as that would make the range too long for quick action I had to invent some other means of dealing with the owner of the first head than jumping in and punching it.

Concealed by the tapestry which covered the doorway, and leaning his back against the wall, he could in this way listen without been seen; resigning himself to the post of a good watch-dog, who patiently waits and watches without ever getting in his master's way.

The door burst open, hurling him back against the wall, as his man came flying through, fairly projected into our arms by the pressure of wind in the porch.

Despite the shaft beneath, there was little danger of falling, for one could lean back against the wall while seeking for the foothold above.

At this moment Salisbury rushed into the room, and throwing himself in a sitting posture on the floor, with his back against the wall as if completely exhausted, laughed on without uttering a word, till his mirth became so infectious, that nearly all the room joined him.

They were standing very close in the narrow glass enclosure, and as he looked down at the small, trembling figure with her back against the wall and her eyes full of frightened defiance, he felt uncomfortably like a hunter who has run down some young wild thing and holds it at bay.

Then as she saw him, lifting one hand to her head while the other unconsciously sought her heart, she shrank back against the wall, and stared at him in voiceless terror.

Leaning back against the wall of their vessel, they fell into companionable silence, which was suddenly broken by Stevens.

The long table, with its accompaniment of chairs, had been pushed back against the wall, and the pianoforte stood in the center of the platform.

The words fell on Margaret's tired heart like balm, and she rested her head back against the wall and closed her eyes to listen.

He dropped the lamp with a crash; the light went out, and he staggered back against the wall, clutching his scarf, straining his ears to hear in the darkness.

The chairs which were tipped back against the wall came down with a thud, and an awed and somewhat uneasy shuffling of feet ensued.

I was standing with my back against the wall, the guns were levelled at my heart, when the rescuers burst into the courtyard and the natives fled.

Mary avoids her step-mother, but retreats to the far end of the porch where she stands shrunk back against the wall, her eyes fixed on Eileen with the same fascinated horror.

Everything movable had been pushed back against the wall and an open space cleared, in the center of which could be seen one drop of blood.

She warmed into vivid life for an instant, to make this reply; then she sank back against the wall, apparently overpowered by utter weariness.

She staggered back against the wall trembling from head to foot, her hands clenched each other, her eyes stared wildly, her lips moved as though she wished to speak, but no sound escaped.

As I staggered to my feet, I saw the four pictures hanging against the wall swing outwardly from it on their cords, and my door swing back against the wall.

Long Jim was slicing the cooked venison with his hunting knife, and Paul, sitting on his own particular collection of leaves with his back against the wall, was polishing his hatchet.

Her father had taken the cat on his lap, and in a chair tipped back against the wall, with a broom splint between his teeth, sat reading the county paper.

By that time he was sitting on the step, his back against the wall, still smoking and still wistfully observant of his surroundings.

Ned, by the flaring light of the match, brushed away the mold which flourished in that unwholesome place and seated himself on the stone floor, his back against the wall.

Dick had risen in horror at the sudden apparition, and staggered back against the wall, where he stood staring stupidly at his unfortunate father with fixed and vacant eyes.

Sleep had come hard, and he had done little of it, napping merely, sitting on the stone floor, his back against the wall, most of the time watching his captor.

He fell back against the wall, panting for breath; he looked around him again for some avenue of escape, but he could see none.

He did not even look round him; and in the room, leaning with his back against the wall, he allowed himself to be carried away by the terrible supposition that he was already dead, as he closed his eyes, in order to avoid looking upon something even worse still.

And at this idea, and at the sight of the very long street which was lost in the distance of the boundless plain, he felt his courage desert him once more, flung his bag on the sidewalk, sat down with his back against the wall, and bent his head between his hands, in an attitude of despair.

He had no sooner laid his hand on Jack's collar than the latter, without a moment's hesitation, struck him a heavy blow on the chest which sent him staggering back against the wall gasping for breath.

As I wandered about I saw a most gigantic ruffian, taking his ease with his back against the wall, looking down on the shipping.

I am pressed back against the wall, and close beside me the soft-rolling carriage is drawn up; a gentleman alights, and, waving aside the obsequious footman, assists a lady to descend.

They had used him very roughly, and he staggered back against the wall, gasping for breath and weeping with rage and fear.

In the street, he saw a girl, leaning her back against the wall, rigid, immovable, listening attentively, looking into space, her marble-like hands extended along the old wall.

Down the stairs they crept, slowly unwinding two delicate coils of insulated wire as they went, and pushing them back against the wall well out of sight.

When it was leaning back against the wall, gaping open widely on its hinges, Master Sean took a long look at the trunk and its lid without touching either of them.

For once startled out of her self-command, Elizabeth gave a little cry, while her father staggered back against the wall.

Standing with his back against the wall he faced the children, and strove to call out for help to the governess; but this time there was an entirely new difficulty in the way, for he found to his utter dismay that his voice refused to make itself heard.

The shop was brilliantly lighted and looked quite unfamiliar with all the show-cases moved back against the wall, and its trimmings of cedar and holly.

By the smallest motion of her hand she indicated the child, who was now, in sudden sleepiness, toppling back against the wall.

It was characteristic of him that, although the day was never long enough for the work he crowded into it, he could always find time to give a helping hand to a pal with his back against the wall.

He was sitting there, his back against the wall, and at once she sank down opposite him on a stone that made her a prim little seat.

Price leaned back against the wall and slid slowly down that wall until he reclined in a sitting posture, upon the floor.

With a hoarse cry like the angry roar of wild beasts they went at him, looking for an easy victory, but planting his back against the wall Grenville used his revolver freely, laughing in their faces as they discharged at him gun after gun at point-blank range without penetrating his singular armor.

The Captain caught her breath, and then with both hands up, as if to defend herself, staggered close back against the wall.

Presently another door was opened, and the poor slave was seen crouching back against the wall to escape from his terrible enemy.

She fell back against the wall and once more covered her face with her hands, while her slender frame shook with convulsive sobs.

Then, swift as a panther, she sprang upon him, only to be hurled back against the wall as if struck by an invisible hand.

Then he turned to Mary Lockwood, who stood with her back against the wall and her tightly clenched fists pressed close to her sides.

There was a desk pushed back against the wall, which the irregular ceiling eloped down to meet behind it, and at my left was a window, which gave a good light on the writing-leaf of my desk.

In the case of a single door, instead of the very general folding doors, it would be necessary to have the cage made to fold back, and the table to let down with hinges, to allow of the door being opened back against the wall; the table might be lowered after midday.

I ducked and twisted away, stumbling down the last three or four steps, and landed on my feet, staggering back against the wall to regain my balance.

They were fast approaching the old butternut tree, when Katharine, whose breath had come quick and short with each step, reeled and fell back against the wall.

He placed both hands on his heart, gasped, and rolled back against the wall to indicate that he was irretrievably smashed by her appearance.

Instead of replying, the gentleman from Bow Street closed his eyes in exquisite self-satisfaction, threw his head back against the wall and folded his arms across his chest.

I followed to find him standing physically with his foot upon the low rail, and metaphorically with his back against the wall.

A man, bareheaded and in his shirt sleeves, sat on a cracker-box on the small porch, his back against the wall, his hands folded peacefully in his lap.

Bud went up alone to the entrance to the building and stood by himself with his back against the wall pretending to lounge nonchalantly.

Relaxing his grasp upon the girl, he turned round to defend himself; but almost on the instant staggered back against the wall.

He began by an attempt to review the situation from a purely financial standpoint, and in this endeavor he stretched out his great muscular limbs along his bed, and propped his broad back against the wall with a dogged do-or-die look upon his honest face.

The viceroy, with his back against the wall, was compelled to fight for his own life as well as for the existence of law and order.

That moment Cora made a leap upon me, and snatched at the book like a hungry wolf; but I wrenched it away from her, and pressed myself back against the wall, holding it behind me.

Soon the fight draws nearer, and the terrier's cry comes to your ear with regularity and clearness; but the badger is only disputing the way, he has not yet been driven with his back against the wall.

Three more men had fallen in as many seconds, and another, staggering back against the wall, held his hand to his breast, where he had received a terrible and mortal wound.

His legs doubled up under him, and he sank back against the wall of the tunnel, greedily sucking in the fresh air that poured down through the opening.

She and the child mounted a ladder-like staircase and emerged through a sort of hatchway, scarcely more than an opening in the boards, with its lid tipped back against the wall.

The prisoners were not permitted to hold any conversation; Sybil sat half reclining on a form with her back against the wall, and her face covered, silent and motionless.

Leaning his back against the wall, he twisted his beard with nimble fingers, and winking his eyes, rapidly looked at the group by the bed.

She staggered back against the wall, stopping her ears to shut out a repetition of the sound, but the echoes of it lingered in her imagination.

I sprang aside, whipped out my sword, sent up a lusty cry for help that made the houses ring again, and set my back against the wall to sell my life as dearly as I could.

She moved into the alcove of the fireplace and crouched down upon the seat, with her back against the wall nearest to the garden.

The person he had supposed to be asleep, tilted back against the wall in a chair, had roused up with marvelous quickness.

When breakfast was over the old Indian lighted his rank pipe and smoked contentedly, still sitting on the floor, with his back against the wall.

Sinclair saw her mother suddenly shrink back against the wall; at the same time she exclaimed, "Oh, May, stand aside and let that person pass."

She shrank back against the wall, the flying feet passed in a wild tempestuous rush, and as they did so the lamp was struck violently out of her hand, and she was left in complete darkness.

The wind had grown terrific, and, all of a sudden, it just took one of the shutters of that lighted room, and ripped it from its fastening, and threw it back against the wall.

A tall, grave, bearded man was the peasant, sitting with his back against the wall, his hands hanging listlessly between his knees.

Laura, standing with her back against the wall, seemed quite calm and unconcerned, except that she shifted her chewing gum from side to side with greater frequency than usual.

He drew back against the wall, so that the smugglers would not brush against him in making their ascent into the basement.