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Use banteringly in a sentence

Definition of banteringly:

  • (adverb) in a bantering (teasing/joking) fashion; "he spoke to her banteringly"

Sentence Examples:

"You are interesting, but discreet," complained the German, banteringly.

"We must beat our swords and pistols into scalping-knives and bludgeons," remarked Burr, banteringly.

He took the upraised hand in his banteringly, but listened to what she said, nevertheless.

He asked banteringly, finding pleasure in the perplexed little frown which persisted on her pretty face.

One destined to the trade of arms, he disclaimed banteringly, must regard such a brush as of no more moment than the merchant's assistants did the measuring of a bale of cloth.

An hour later she returned to the study looking more perplexed than when she had left him before, and the President banteringly asked, "Haven't you found out yet about that generous donation?"

A great many other things were banteringly asked for, from cold tongue and horse-radish to blackberry jam; but the imperturbable face of the Mongolian never relaxed, and his ears remained deaf to all entreaties.

I could not tell whether he was speaking banteringly or really angrily, and, keeping my glass to my eye in the hope of seeing something to report, I mumbled out some excuse about meaning it for the best.

"A guinea," she cried banteringly, and she looked into his face with her beautiful violet eyes, as she had into many another whose love, though nobly born, had been no less scorned in the days gone by.

Forster banteringly suggested that the League should obtain the assistance of a well-taught elementary schoolboy who would be able to show them that it was impossible to get the return which they supposed they might obtain.

She was quite friendly, even inquired banteringly if he were angry because of the manner in which she left him that morning, but there was, invisible, indefinable, a reserve in her attitude that forbade a resumption of the former intimacy.