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Use banteringly in a sentence

Definition of banteringly:

  • (adverb) in a bantering (teasing/joking) fashion; "he spoke to her banteringly"

Sentence Examples:

The answer was given banteringly.

Harry was becoming banteringly bitter.

He looked at her from afar, banteringly.

He speaks banteringly, the Duke speaks kindly.

"It's useless to deny it," she said banteringly.

She smiled, and looked at her husband banteringly.

Cried the girl, banteringly; "still thinking of Madeleine?"

Said the superintendent, banteringly, as the pantry was entered.

"I shore wish that was so," Starr retorted banteringly.

On such occasions, the colonel spoke carelessly and banteringly.

"And you, Monsieur," banteringly, "did you not make him so?"

Desmond answered banteringly: "You will hate to the end, Molly?"

"Sufficient that you see one another," returned the doctor banteringly.

On all of which points he somewhat banteringly reassured her.

"Why, our Gay is teaching us something," said the Duke banteringly.

He asked, banteringly, at the same time looking at her intently.

He spoke banteringly, but she could not meet his eyes.

Said I banteringly, for I was fool enough to play him further.

She asked banteringly, "or did you ever deliberately break a promise?"

After this the Irishman banteringly asked me if I was comfortable.

He tried to smile banteringly; he thought her mind was wandering.

Cried the other banteringly: 'be not so free with my property.

He spoke banteringly, but she felt the truth of his jests.

"You'd make a decent detective, Fin," he said, trying to speak banteringly.

"I was advising Brother Nikhil to seek your protection," she continued banteringly.

She said it banteringly, as if she dared him to give the reason.

Yet he, speaking half banteringly, felt some frightful catastrophe within her.

Then, passing his arm through hers he looked banteringly down upon her.

He kept on banteringly as my hand trembled a little over the tea-ball.

Once in those days Mark Twain banteringly offered to trade businesses with Mackay.

"Because no one has asked me, I suppose," she answers, trying to speak banteringly.

"Then you cannot tell me the contents of my supposed letter," said Winifred banteringly.

He leaned down toward her and said banteringly, "You'll have to ask me very nicely!"

Returned the elder man banteringly, as he struck the forward paddle into the water.

"I do not know," he answers, banteringly, smoothing away the hair from her hot face.

He finished his sandwich and drained his glass, talking banteringly the while to her.

Although Jake had banteringly called him the Boss, they had no agreement about the matter.

He spoke half banteringly, but very tenderly, and she hardly knew how to take him.

He spoke banteringly, but any allusion to a possible rival always had a sting for Ellis.

As we now sat at the table I banteringly asked him about the last page he had read.

Queried the little man banteringly.

Purposely he spoke lightly, banteringly.

"You know the conditions," she replied banteringly.

"That might be hard telling," he evaded banteringly.

"I am afraid you don't know women," said he banteringly.

"You were in a tremendous fright, I suppose," said Leo, banteringly.