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Use banteringly in a sentence

Definition of banteringly:

  • (adverb) in a bantering (teasing/joking) fashion; "he spoke to her banteringly"

Sentence Examples:

When he returned, Napoleon said, banteringly, "I heard you had emigrated."

"You will have to look to your laurels, Nan," more than one declared, banteringly.

Cried Holly banteringly, while he dusted his baggy trousers with his palms.

To appear this was the talisman with which he banteringly encountered the universe.

"Looks as if I had fallen in with a band of smugglers," I said banteringly.

"You'll get used to this before the winter is over, Philip," he exclaimed banteringly.

She exclaimed banteringly, as if she were teasing him for such a good opinion of himself.

He did not speak carelessly or mockingly or banteringly; rather with a gentle, somewhat deliberate utterance.

"You are already homesick," he said, banteringly, though the placid expression of Tilly's face belied his words.

Lawler heard a man's voice answering, the words unintelligible to him; then the woman laughed, banteringly.

When one of them banteringly asked them whether he was going to stand by the flag or the country he answered seriously, but with perfect good nature: "I shall always be found on the side of my country!"