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Definition of barmaid:

  • (noun) a female bartender

Sentence Examples:

Now and then a young gentleman of the town dropped in to take his modest half-pint of bitter beer and to dally in the presence of the barmaid; such looked with awe at the patriarchs: as for the patriarchs themselves they were lost in the past.

I compliment him on his splendid mendacity, in which he is unsupported, save by a little plea in a theatrical paper which is innocent enough to think that ten guineas a year with board and lodging is an impossibly low wage for a barmaid.

She believed in herself too, for that matter: if there was a thing in the world no one could charge her with it was being the kind of low barmaid person who rinsed tumblers and bandied slang.

The callow youth of sixteen who served my lunch was muttering something to the barmaid, who replied that he was lucky to be in a class that was not likely to be called up yet.

He was then allowed to say and do what he liked almost, even to mauling the barmaid about.

Ridiculously ashamed of her origin, she sought to hide it under what her friends assured her was the air of a duchess, but which, as a matter of fact, resembled rather the Sunday manners of an elderly barmaid.

Barmaids supply a considerable number to the ranks of prostitution, largely on account of their addiction to drink; drunkenness invariably leads to laxness of moral restraint in women.

At different times I had imagined that Betty was in love with Hamilton, and had suffered strange twinges of jealousy on account of my fear; twinges that surprised and angered me, for my heart had no business going astray after a barmaid.

They were regarding with indulgent interest and a little shy respect an elegant figure overlooking them, and posed negligently against the bar, on the other side of which rested the large bust of a laughing barmaid.

At the back of the barmaids rose bevel-edged mirrors, with glass shelves running along their front, on which stood precious liquids that Jude did not know the name of, in bottles of topaz, sapphire, ruby and amethyst.

He drank a pint of ale, and was seen conversing with a shabbily dressed stranger, whose face was unfamiliar to the publican and the barmaid.

There was a barmaid or two at the pub where he lunched at noon; but chaff was the alpha and omega of this acquaintance.

The husband was exchanging a little graceful badinage with the barmaid when she joined him, and perhaps this made her look a little cross.

Under the first heading I find a barmaid, three cooks, carpenters' apprentices, three gardeners, two nursery governesses, two housekeepers, three men desiring any employment, seven nurses, a tailor, and the rest miscellaneous.

We all noticed the cleanness of the barmaid, her beauty, the neatness of her dress, her cultivated talk.

There is a barmaid in that establishment who is very much addicted to the exact sciences, and I could not help having a long discussion with her, to avoid which I never pass through this street at noon, or any other time of day.

I merely said that abstract things are to a poet as near and real and visible as one of your bookmakers or barmaids.

Asked one of the younger members of the party, winking at the barmaid, who, having supplied her customers' needs, was leaning over a copy of the handbill which somebody had laid on the bar.

No female shall be hired as barmaid, or to compound or dispense intoxicating beverages in any place where the same are sold or offered for sale.

A person who hires, or causes to be hired, any female as barmaid, or to compound or dispense intoxicating beverages in any place where the same are sold or offered for sale, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

In the Buffet of Dover Harbor, in the cold gray dawn, in the brief interval between boat and train, the large young man, shooting his cuffs, strode forward, struck a confidential attitude across the counter, and began to flirt with the barmaid.

Foster was therefore the more surprised and amused a year afterwards to overhear a young "masher" calmly inform a barmaid serving on the Brighton pier that he was the originator of it, and that he possessed the original drawing!

McNab put the red-hot end of a cigarette into his mouth, stammered with wrath in a medley of international profanity at the unexpected warmth, and would not be comforted till his favorite barmaid had placed a slice of cooling lemon on his tongue.

He rode boldly to the door, but he rode a piebald mare not to be confused in the most suspicious mind with the no more conspicuous Barmaid.

The barmaid being of a different social class than Tom, this relationship causes problems for both of them, and it is important for the modern reader to realize that such social distinctions were very real and inflexible in those days.

Patty was there, of course, and her services were in great requisition; for though each of the crew only took a small glass of the old ale, they made as much fuss about it with the pretty barmaid as if they were drinking hogsheads.

Dean suggested a drink, which we ordered at a side window, and asked the barmaid to bring the liquor into an adjoining room.

He did not care twopence about the pleasures of the bar unless he wanted a drink, and for barmaids and their allurements less than nothing.

They sat at the table smoking and sipping the drinks before them, occasionally ogling the barmaid, when both were rather startled at the entrance of Hal and Reg.

How wondrously, how ineffably beautiful a barmaid appears to us, who have seen no white woman for nearly four months!

She argued that ignorance was bliss, and beyond everything she was weary of the unsettled life she had been leading, now as waitress, now as barmaid, or as something quite different, and she wanted to find rest in an honest marriage.

Everything in this picture reeks of gin; the only persons not imbibing it are the proprietor and his dowdy barmaids, whom I have no manner of doubt the artist intended to look captivating.

The barmaid ran out with the fresh glass, and she was followed by one of the other maids with a dustpan and brush.

My entreaties were in vain: she always retorted that she wasn't good enough for me, and recommended me to marry an accursed barmaid named Rebecca Lazarus, whom I loathed.

Each vaudeville singer, barmaid, etc., is ex officio placed under control.

The barmaid, as fat and cunning as her master, slipped out with a tray containing a dozen foaming tankards, after she had received a few whispered instructions from him, accompanied by a knowing nod and wink.

The barmaid nodded meditatively as she flicked the flies from a pile of stale rusks.

They are welcome to run after all the girls in the neighborhood, whether dairymaids or barmaids, to their hearts' content.

Such things don't usually happen to typewriters and stenographers, although they have happened to barmaids.

The barmaid, a practiced hand, quickly takes the article called for from a shelf behind, and passes it across the counter, and with like alertness counting the shillings laid upon it, and sweeping them into the till.

Our hostess, who seemed to be proprietor, clerk, porter, cook, chambermaid, waitress, barmaid, and bootblack of the establishment, was possessed of a kind heart, and she made us as comfortable as her limited facilities would permit.

"A fine lass that," said the man who sat nearest him, as the barmaid moved across the room, with the force and rude grace of a leopardess.

He called familiarly, peering under the frame of pivoted glass panes and flipping on the counter with a florin to attract the barmaid's attention.

His own excited mind, on the scent, as it were, in spite of himself, for all that could damage his brother, had even perhaps attributed to the tavern barmaid an odious intention of which she was innocent.

Mooney, doubtless stimulated by lady-like titters from the barmaids; "and had this romantic gentleman made any previous proposals for your daughter?"

She was a tall woman, gaudily handsome, conserving in clothes and coiffure the fashions of her prime as queens do and barmaids who become the wives of publicans.

His wives, both of whom were dead, had scarce enjoyed the possession of a barmaid's jewelry.

In passing a hotel at the end of the wharf he suggested a highball, which was served in due course by a red-headed Irish barmaid.

The attractive barmaid was very much annoyed at my ordering ginger ale, turning around and looking at herself in the glass and adjusting her white crocheted cap as if to make sure that she was really awake and not dreaming.

Of course these barmaids lay themselves out to the best advantage, in the doing of their hair and their white frills, and what not, which is human nature again, sir.

And, finally, a murder having been committed, its circumstances are investigated on the spot, by a Queen's proctor, assisted by two policemen, a barmaid, and a physician.

Let us hope, in all charity, that purse-proud bounder and the barmaid married, and lived happily ever after.

A sleepy barmaid, who was lolling behind the counter with a novel, pricked up her ears when she heard us talking of our journey.

Workmen then applying to him for instructions were despatched to the bar of the hotel, bearing the recommendation to the barmaid not to supply them refreshment if they had ever in their lives been seen drunk.

The mother had been a barmaid in one of the numerous inns forming one of the Swedish capital's most characteristic features.

The barmaid asked what I would take to drink and for a moment I thought of calling for brandy, but it was not on that occasion I broke my vow never to touch spirituous liquor.

When the commercial traveler, who was devoid of sense, pointed out that it was not proposed to rob anybody of a livelihood, and that existent barmaids would be permitted to continue to grace the counters of their adoption, she grew frostily vicious.

He saw the face of the barmaid, the gabbling drinkers, his own glass on the slopped, mahogany board, in the distance.

Have these two clods carried home, and make pretty Sally, the black-eyed barmaid, bring me a large basin and a ewer of water.

The American plants, birds, and animals, representing prodigal nature at home, are buried in twilight passages, while mythological barmaids, misnamed goddesses, dance in the most conspicuous and preposterous places.

The compression of his lips relaxed, his eyes twinkled and his face shone with good humor, and he made them and the barmaid and the two or three men who were shyly taking their beer roar with laughter.

Just and self-reproving thoughts do not come to us too thickly, even in the purest air, and with the best lessons of heaven and earth; how should those white-winged delicate messengers make their way to Molly's poisoned chamber, inhabited by no higher memories than those of a barmaid's paradise of pink ribbons and gentlemen's jokes?

Into the saloon bar of this hostelry he walks staidly, nods to the company, and asks the barmaid for a drop of the usual.

Under the rose, it will help the stock damnably, for your mother was a barmaid.

His brief, harmless flirtations had been chiefly with damsels of the barmaid class; and, after these meretricious charmers, Justina, with her wild-rose tinted cheeks and innocent blue eyes, seemed youth and purity personified.

When he could slip away from these sportsmen the landlord straightened his hat and talked business to the barmaid with some anxiety and no false generosity.

He was assisted in his business by one Mary Vaughan, who stood in what would have been the character of barmaid in a larger hostelry, and brought to the company such drinks as were called for from the inner room in which she sat.

Two Norwegian barmaids pose as a countess and her maid in resort hotel.

He does not prattle and sentimentalize for six months and then revert to a barmaid.

In one of the big Parisian hotels at this time was an Irish barmaid named Kate Kelley.

Some girls are very quiet and nice in business, and very ladylike, and a credit to the house out of it; but are still not good barmaids, because they are not able to suit their manner to the class of customer they happen to be serving.

Similarly, a friend told me in shocked tones that when he was served a pint of beer in a suburban pub the barmaid handed him "a damned doily" to put under the glass.

It was not the knowledge that people were talking which had roused her indignation, but the suggestion that Geoffrey was madly in love with this girl, this common, crude, flamboyant creature, this barmaid.

A crimped, corseted, vulgar barmaid to be my daughter-in-law!

His daughter had acquired the air of a dexterous barmaid, undisturbed by the circumstances of love and war, so apt to perplex her in the exercise of her vocation.

She's got the airs of a superannuated barmaid!

Her beauty, always that of a handsome barmaid, though higher in type and better kept, gave her a likeness to Mademoiselle George in her palmy days, setting aside the latter's imperial dignity.

Hawkins asked of a young lady, in a very smart cap, who officiated as barmaid.

When he was quite a young man, I should not have been in the least surprised if he had come home with a flaunting barmaid, or something exquisitely vulgar in the way of a music hall artiste.