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Use barmaid in a sentence

Definition of barmaid:

  • (noun) a female bartender

Sentence Examples:

"Was that Jim Spender going up to see his barmaid again?"

"Then you can get as much of it as ever you want here," remarked the barmaid.

He could not endure loose talk, and he once boxed the ears of a barmaid who teased him.

Barmaids are unknown to the experience of the average cowboy.

The barmaid moved a little closer to his elbow.

The barmaid put her hand beneath her apron and rubbed it.

"Is it true that you are going to make a barmaid of Sheila?"

Because there happens to be a pretty barmaid there?

My father had helped him again and again, until his marriage with a barmaid.

Sinclair, after which drunken act he cut the head of a barmaid who tried to hold him.

Carter called for some more beer and told the barmaid to put a little gin in it.

He then went abroad (with a barmaid) till 1773, when his father died.

He went over the incident the barmaid at the Angel had described to him.

Fancy that bolster of a barmaid being dressed in that way!

She was not an ordinary barmaid, though she had friends whom she delighted to honor.

The barmaid, as he got there, returned, and stopped to say something to him.

I hope to get another situation as barmaid soon.

"You may remember me as barmaid at the Lamb and Flag formerly?"

The barmaids had too strongly appealed to his sense of novelty.

He would have married a barmaid, if necessary, for the same reason.

"He kissed me, dad, as he probably kisses his English barmaids."

My husband can laugh and talk with barmaids.

Your language reminds me of the time when you were a barmaid.

The barmaid came flying out to fetch drinks as they entered.

The article for the abolition of barmaids was dealt with.

The barmaid, seeing his pale face, nodded across towards him.

As a matter of fact, she resembled much more closely her cousin, who was a barmaid.

In the course of my wanderings I had seen few barmaids worth looking at twice.

"I am a poor barmaid, and I never spill any wine."

"Herr does the barmaid too much honor," with lowered eyes.

I was thinking: "Since when has an innkeeper waited on the wishes of his barmaid?"

A philosophical barmaid was certainly a novelty.

I was playing the listener; but, then, she was only a barmaid.

"I know you only as a barmaid; why, not?"

To kiss a common barmaid an insult!

"Well, that's a queer thing for a barmaid to be!"

He soon left his wife, and was abroad (with a barmaid) when his father died in 1773.

Said a smart barmaid with a toss of her head as she caught sight of him.

The barmaids are but incarnations of her own self, thinly disguised.

"There'll be dancing here this evening," the barmaid informed him.

Said the barmaid to the sharp little girl.

Little did the barmaids dream of the treasure that was in the bag at their feet.

The barmaid shut the bar between trains and the traveler went out on the platform.

Tom becomes involved with a local barmaid.

On returning to the room, the barmaid, who was quite pale, asked "Are you dead?"

"You'll excuse me for a moment, sirs," said the barmaid, leaving her post, with a bow.

"Brandy and soda, please," said May, as she squeezed the barmaid's hand on the sly.

It was just upon time to open, and the barmaid had got her Sunday out.

The barmaids looked at me 'with wonder and amazement.'

As a matter of fact the barmaid did receive fifty crowns every month.

Apparently the barmaid would have no more free moments.

Can you fancy me now in love with a barmaid?

"If you'll kindly bring me a glass, I'll drink it here," she said to the barmaid.

The mayor was not at home; he had just gone out into the fields, the barmaid told him.

Cried the barmaid as he passed, 'whatever is the matter?'

It was my cousin, Mary, who was barmaid at the 'King's Arms' at the time, who told me.

Behind the bar stood the barmaid, whom I profoundly saluted, also in Copenhagen fashion.

Just then the barmaid came back into the room.

Who has forgotten to fee the barmaid, I wonder?

You call in at the next pub and chatter to the barmaid.

I think you must imagine you are talking to a barmaid!

The barmaid was not their sister, nor the stevedore their brother.

Man alive, you're not going to marry the barmaid of the "Golden Crown"?

You never looked down on me because I was a barmaid.

It was the barmaid of a neighboring public house, in her Sunday frock.

My barmaid advised me to take off my stockings and hang them up before the fire.

She is not the sort to turn herself into a barmaid.

"Barmaids oughtn't to a' come into existence," he said.

Her next step was to become barmaid in a tavern.

You ought to have seen the way fake Apaches and barmaids laughed at them afterwards.

Nothing was plainer than that she was not of the barmaid type.

After a moment or two the barmaids burst into a chorus.

Meg was no barmaid, and not an easy person to be rude to.

We sit in corners and giggle like barmaids with our young men.

He might have been referring to some barmaid we both knew.

In all innocence, he asked her a question, as he might have asked a barmaid back home.

Then the door opened, and the barmaid came in.

The old barmaid snatched up the dish and carried it to the disposal can.

"Oh, that's right," the barmaid said, "you've been upstairs sick all day."

The landlady murmured, after looking round to be certain where the barmaid was.

No one except the busy barmaids was to be seen.

You see, it isn't exactly a barmaid's place.

The barmaid, concluding that she was ill, served her promptly and with a sympathetic look.

Barmaids do the work, with maybe a barman to help.

This time the grave-eyed barmaid appeared.

We asked the barmaid, and she seemed equally in doubt.

And may I be hanged, my dear, but I mistook you for the barmaid.

Her barmaid's imagination furnished her with an abundance of lies, and she quickly added.

A lovely barmaid smiled farewell when they left the place.

There were three barmaids serving, but only the backs of their heads could be seen.

No barmaids, or dancing, gambling, or oil paintings on premises where liquor is sold.

And a barmaid from the town was missing.

She was not quite the ordinary barmaid.

Nor, as I learned afterwards, was she considered to be the ordinary barmaid.

"I tell you I was glad he did," said the barmaid.

"You won't have to give him a chance over you, that's all," said the barmaid.

One class of woman worker that Canada has no use for is the barmaid.

Duval is really nothing more than a vulgar English barmaid.

He grew surer of himself, cracked a joke with the barmaid, and paid for his beer.

His friend drew his feet up on to the rungs of his tall stool and winked at the barmaid.