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Definition of barmaid:

  • (noun) a female bartender

Sentence Examples:

She was a young woman of would-be fashionable appearance, and acted apparently in the double capacity of barmaid and clerk.

"They tell me there's another of them young giants got loose," said the barmaid, wiping out a glass.

Some of them chose for themselves and married barmaids and divorced persons, just for the reason that they were in love and uncontrolled.

The barmaid having listened awhile at the staircase volunteered some particulars of the young couple upstairs.

The barmaid looked down, smiled and shook her head, put down the tumbler, polished, and took up another that had been draining, and shook the drops of water into her little zinc sink.

However, the glimpse of a barmaid at an upper window interested him pleasantly for a moment.

And it was still longer before the barmaid ceased to describe to her favorite customers the incredible spectacle of Samuel Peel, J.P., stumbling up the stairs of the Tiger with an infant in his arms.

I could have married anybody, if I had wished, from the president's old mother to the barmaid at the tavern.

The barmaid and her assistant enjoyed their brief minutes of feverish contact with the great world.

While I thoroughly realized that she was an unusual girl in many respects, still I held to a theory then prevalent that barmaids were created to be kissed.

Still she was a barmaid, and I could not always bring myself to respect her as she deserved.

It is true she was, in a sense, a barmaid, and equally true that I had no thought of marrying her.

That tall, straight chap, his hair prematurely gray, his face sad, had made the barmaid the jewel of a golden setting.

He continued to watch, apparently for some sign that this coincidence of his captain and a barmaid in a public office was designed.

The barmaid attending to this compartment was invisible to Jude's direct glance, though a reflection of her back in the glass behind her was occasionally caught by his eyes.

A shrewd guess as to his probable course took her straight to the tavern which Jude had formerly frequented, and where she had been barmaid for a brief term.

Or else he'd think I was lying, and had got off with a barmaid and wasn't married at all, and was living on some girl.

Asked if he came in alone for his drink, the barmaid said he did so and was prepared to swear that nobody spoke to him in the bar but herself.

The lovely ladies like big handsome barmaids, who sang serious songs in evening dress and diamonds, apparently in the vicinity of Clapham High Street or the Monument, were merely incomprehensible.

The landlady and the barmaid listened with wonder, when who should come in, as previously agreed, but Timothy.

Her duties as a domestic agreed not with the drama, so her next position was as barmaid in a tavern much frequented by actors and artists.

He would not deny that there were some barmaids who were not strictly virtuous, but to accuse them as a class of being dangerous was going too far.

I did hear he married a barmaid, and I'm sure it was a judgment on his mother for saying he was too young to marry you.

If they had any souls they diverted them with coarse amours among barmaids and the women of the streets; they were simply awful.

This was partly because company is quieter than society: and if he enjoyed talking to a barmaid (as apparently he did), it was chiefly because the barmaid did the talking.

This thought had scarcely left me when the door in the rear of the bar opened and in came the barmaid herself.

All in all, I was forced to admit that, from an impartial and artistic view Gretchen the barmaid was far more beautiful than Phyllis.

Does Herr think that all barmaids are as ignorant as fiction and ill-meaning novelists depict them?

She has two daughters who look like barmaids, and ought to be, only they ain't smart enough.

The barmaid, after finishing one penny novel, had gone into the shop next door to borrow another from the milliner.

Fannie Hill, the barmaid, threw kisses at us until we rounded the corner of the street leading to the old Grammar School.

The barmaid stood up, seized a glass and a cloth, and began to polish the glass with vigor.

That was bad enough, but infinitely worse was she who was to have been the full-blown barmaid.

Hitherto most barmaids had treated him with kindness, and in taverns where his powers were known, usually addressed him as "sir."

"Sit down," said his new friend, with a nod at the barmaid, who was still regarding the seaman in a hostile fashion.

He put on a "barmaid" collar and spent much time on the top step of the boys' entrance to the Manor.

The barmaid pushed a second tray over the counter, and Tommy drew up a chair and waved us into three others.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, when Mark Brand appeared upon the scene, and fell desperately in love with the handsome barmaid.

At Bow street, on the corner, is the "Gaiety," a famous drinking saloon, flooded with light inside and out, with more than a half-dozen handsome barmaids.

Yearly, in London and in other large cities of England, a "Beautiful Barmaid Show" is one of the stated features, and is held in some public garden or monster hall.

When Mac went for it, one of the barmaids asked him if he had heard of the great bank robbery.

The barmaid, impressed by his manner and appearance, drew the attention of the landlord to him.

She is gathering statistics, but as the barmaids can never collect their thoughts while they are drawing ale, Aunt Celia proceeds slowly.

The waiters burst out laughing, while the barmaid banged her metal tray against the counter.

Don't stand grinning there, Charles, like a dirty, shock-headed barmaid's dropped hair pin!

It's a bad town for a girl to be living in, especially as a barmaid in a place which we haunt.

There was no sign, said the barmaid and the landlord, that Bolton contemplated suicide, or that he feared sudden death.

I must mention again the barmaids whose business it is to attract customers by exciting their sexual desire, at the same time exploiting themselves by prostitution.

The barmaid sighed again, and raised one of her hands from the counter on which they rested to scratch the smallest surface of her face with the smallest of her fingers.

He paused in silence while, with his dubious eyes fixed on the barmaids, he seemed to consider himself.

At other times he devoted every spare hour to her; but she was the barmaid of a small tavern in the town, and had no time to spare for him on holidays.

She chose the quietest; and entering the jug and bottle department, found herself alone, and screened from all eyes, save those of the barmaid, who stepped forward to take her jug.

Behind the counter she had time to see the barmaid, a beautiful girl with dark eyes and vivid yellow hair.

He urged the barmaid, and sank back exhausted, like a person who is satisfied that his day's work is done.

Michael turned, half rising as he saw her standing there, for, if he had neither kisses nor smiles for pretty barmaids, he treated every woman he met with a deference which they found vastly pleasing.

The barmaid looked at her from top to toe, as it is much in the habit of barmaids to do when such a request is preferred.

You will understand, therefore, why I was so eager to see it, and I went into the bar to consult with the barmaid as to the best manner of getting to it.

The woman who stole her died when the child was four years old, and he then placed her with a woman whom he had known as a barmaid.

As he tossed a bit of gold on the table, Storms gave the barmaid a look over his shoulder, that fell like ice upon her wrath.

I shall be there myself, of course, to supervise the whole thing, and I've got half a dozen dear things to help me: but what I want is girls, who'll run about and play barmaid and wash up, you know.

I must fly back to my barmaid's job now; you'll see me behind the counter in another minute, Joanna.

If you put on an overall, and really turned into a perfect barmaid, as I do, it would be different, but just to stand and look on helps nobody, and tires you for nothing.

The barmaid leaned on her elbows, eagerly interested; but Vivienne, white-lipped, listened because she must.

Barmaids are young women who, by the exacting demands of their calling, are bound to be healthy, active, intelligent and shrewd.

Upon this the landlady rose and locked the door, and while the barmaid was supplying the customers, her employers were kneeling with the Missionary, while the clergyman engaged in prayer.

A deep blush rose to the face of the younger barmaid, who had not been long in the business.

The allusion to the barmaid 'who young at the bar is just learning to score' reads like a line from some forgotten song.

I should have expected your tastes to run rather to barmaids, with an ultimate vote in favor of the daughter of a well-to-do butcher.

"He is the sort of boy who might fall in love with a barmaid or a ballet girl and marry her."

She was a respectable woman of the barmaid class, slightly gray, and therefore rather old for employment.

The ordinary beast who reads the Moon loves anything about a barmaid; they are his society.

This same barmaid, an obliging, neat, and modest young woman, presenting a rare contrast to the barmaids of the present day, saw him come in.

The farmers in the courtyard watched the baiting, Grinning, the barmaids grinned above the window grating.

Those that were engaged at that work when the act was passed were allowed to remain, but when a barmaid leaves the proprietor must fill the vacancy with a man.

Two or three men of the sea were smoking in one corner, a bar and a red-cheeked barmaid were in another, and two huge, yellow, Great-Dane dogs occupied most of the remaining space.

Her trials, however, were after all comparative; well-looking barmaids suffer much worse things, and men lose their lives over them in various ways once or twice a year.

There was the landlord, landlady, thin and bulky barmaids, house and kitchen maid, cook, pot and post boy, and a number of customers.

Why, yes, other men of his standing wedded barmaids and girls from the houses of business, and so on; but they had neither his tastes nor his brains.

He got up, paid his score, turned a jest for the amusement of the barmaid, and went out to his carriage.

We offer him a lift in our motor and I tell the barmaid to give a glass of whiskey to his car driver.

We entered it, and were conducted by the barmaid to a back apartment, here we found the fair one seated.

The barmaid and the waiters themselves felt the contagious ecstasy so far as to neglect their duties.

He, and we also, were obliged to hear in immense detail Miss Annie Brett's complete notions of the movement for the abolition of barmaids.

And yet, strange as it seems, she was assuredly not sincere in the expression of her views on the question of barmaids.

He talked to barmaids, to almost any woman, but there was that dark, strained look in his eyes, as if he were hunting something.

When the poor barmaid returned (taking out the queen from your pocket) with the wine, great was her astonishment to find the room empty.

There were, of course, only Barmaid and Pawnbroker to run, and I felt none too comfortable as Lean pulled his great brown beast up to my side and looked the mare over.

That same day the prospective heir, who had married a barmaid, became the father of twin sons; and the man made up his mind.

He is the son of my uncle who quarrelled with his father, and ran away to America with his barmaid wife.

He had married Judith, and had deserted her for a barmaid whom in her turn he had abandoned.

And we gaze with admiration and reverence upon the well-displayed charms and attractions of the barmaids in the saloons.

Behind the bar the landlord and landlady, and a barmaid, were working away, and getting every thing into order.

He was gazing past the barmaid at the orderly rows of shining glasses and various shaped bottles behind her.

She saw the cart in the market, and ate three (for she had the health of a barmaid), and bid in the load, and George with it.

Here stood a woman with a baby in her arms, a regular customer, who was explaining domestic troubles to the sympathetic barmaid.

The door stands open opposite the old tree, and through it the eye finds the bar, the plain country barmaid, the lamp, and the bright bottles.

The other room was a big room with sand on the floor, a bar and a barmaid to one side, and a counter to the other with a man behind it opening oysters.

He felt altogether different when in the society of Miss Jennings, the barmaid at the King's Head, who, in her way, was a very pretty girl, and also a good girl.

That remarkable lady was English, of overwhelming size, and she always denied ever having been a barmaid at the Alhambra Theater.

Pretty Polly supported herself as a barmaid during the interval, but being detected in helping herself from the till, she went into prison just as Bob came out.