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Use batter in a sentence

Definition of batter:

  • (verb) strike violently and repeatedly
  • (noun) A beaten mixture of flour and liquid | a heavy drinking session | a ballplayer who is batting

Sentence Examples:

The captain gave the word of command, and the battering, for a while suspended, was recommenced upon the door below.

Immediately eight firemen, Frank and Dale being at the front, charged the door like a thunderbolt with this extemporized battering-ram.

I got first up the steps and hurried, a battered plate in my hand, along the trenches to my dug-out.

A good man with a quarterstaff can unhorse a knight in armor and batter him to death, in a minute or so.

You left the ship, it being outdated, battered, useless and drifting in normal interstellar where it would never be found.

And the bas-reliefs, their marble shadows, have all been battered and mutilated into the saddest mockery of their original tradition.

At this moment the batter sent a scorching grounder toward third, but a little to the left of the base.

Put a few drops of this into one portion of the batter; color another with cochineal, leaving the third white.

As I paused by its battered perambulator, it held up a rose-leaf hand, as though inviting me to look; and I looked.

He was lighting his pipe, the glow of the match shining picturesquely on his battered features and mild blue eyes.

And in answer, a battered old boat was putting off from a little landing, sculled by a very ancient mariner.

The catcher called for a drop, and it came, causing the batter to swipe for it with a swinging movement.

They had plenty of guns and plenty of ammunition, and could always batter the Russian trenches to pieces before attacking.

Many lads showed the red artillery trim and wore jauntily on their battered caps K.B. separated by crossed cannon.

The charwoman came in and looked gloatingly at my battered countenance, which bore memorials of every projecting corner of the room.

Make a batter with the eggs, meal, and milk; add the bananas, sugar, and sago, and mix all smoothly.

The egg whites are folded in last, as always, the batter poured into ramekins part full and baked to a golden-brown.

The ram was used to batter in the doors of houses which had been locked or barricaded against the German soldiers.

Cried a woman, who was availing herself of her peculiar rotundity as a battering-ram to force her way through the crowd.

How notably he embalms a battered beau; how delightfully an amour, that was cold forty years ago, revives in his pages!

He stuck his hand through the unglazed window of a never-built shop and plucked out a toy in a battered box.

An old entrenching tool, a decayed German pack, a battered tin of bully, and a broken rifle lay at our feet.

In response to signals of distress, a tug took the battered submersible in charge and berthed her alongside a Spanish cruiser.

They had been badly battered, however, by the many rocks; and the next day was spent in caulking them.

The Frenchman has strengthened it with one of his accursed keeps, and without battering-engines you may sit before it a month.

It is rung by means of a heavy swinging beam, suspended from the roof by chains, and moved like a battering-ram.

When the old battered hat and flour-covered coat loomed up in the gloaming and confronted her, she stared with terror.

Sam now staggered forward with battered bones and peeled elbows, blowing like a grampus, and cursing like nothing but himself.

He mounted his horse and rode to the front, receiving there the cheers of his blood-stained lancers and battered infantry.

Battered and moldy, the castellated forecastle seemed some ancient turret, long ago taken by assault, and then left to decay.

Then each had different ideas as to how batters should be judged, about throwing to bases, about backing up the other fielders.

After an hour the buskins on my feet were torn to fragments, and I was bruised and battered as you saw me.

Behind him walked a burly broad-shouldered archer, whose stained jerkin and battered headpiece gave token of long and hard service.

The July audience was scattered among vacant seats as widely as outfielders when the champion batter steps to the plate.

The morning after the shift he came wagging into camp, a faithful and much-overjoyed, but exceedingly battered and used-up seal.

Sam now staggered forward with battered bones and peeled elbows, blowing like a grampus, and cursing like nothing but himself.

Then put in a small tea-cupful of strong, fresh yeast, and thin the batter with the remainder of the milk.

Serve with salt, pepper, butter, and cream; or mash the parsnips, mix with an egg batter, and season as before.

A battered bit of felt draped his head in the semblance of a hat, and one toe protruded from an overlarge shoe.

Russia, forcibly scrubbed, had put forth agonized howls; and now, Russia imprisoned, was battering at its door and yelling murder.

We cut them off from the shore, as you directed, and that old scow of theirs came at us like a battering-ram.

Once more, slowly, a battered and begrimed cohort of broad horns began to assemble, watched by tired, muddy, cursing men.

Not the despair of the battered, vanquished, or oppressed, but the moping of the relaxed, the surfeited, or the morbid.

It was softer, with little scrunching ridges and lumps which he could feel through the battered soles of his shoes.

The air compression waves staggered him so that he tottered drunkenly for a moment and the sound battered his body.

They stifled Guillaume with a pillow, battered him pitilessly with a club, and bled him at the throat like a calf.

They went along noisily at first, beating their battered tinware, setting off giant firecrackers, blowing horns and whooping lustily.

Battering-rams were then brought up, and a night's carouse was indulged in before the work of knocking down the castle began.

The volume she most frequently consulted was an old German "Faust," over which she used to fumble with a battered lexicon.

Not getting any satisfaction from Josh, who was busy making some batter for the camp flapjacks, Nick wandered off.

It was expected of our battered and traduced chieftain that at least he should withhold official recognition from these lawless invaders.

He tried to batter it with the flagstaff, but soon found that, in his cramped position, it only increased his danger.

The floe, as you will remember, had been battered and tormented by the autumn gales till it was one frozen earthquake.

The batters batted out long flies, low liners, and sharp grounders; the fielders fielded these difficult chances without misplay.

A parrot jabbered atop its cage and a monkey squealed and battered at its bronze ring, until its owner brought bananas.

Boil the milk and the vanilla bean together, add the sago, and cook until well done and like a stiff batter.

The rain battered the top of our vehicle as if enraged at the opposition it presented to its impetuous descent upon the earth.

It is the wreck of a handsome instrument, its gold is tarnished, its white is smirched, its stucco rose-wreaths sadly battered.

The groom, a tall fellow in a battered bassinet and a frayed brigantine, stood by the yew trees, as on guard.

His two field-batteries were run up into the fighting line, to batter the earthworks and to reply to the Spanish guns.

Mix these with flour enough for a batter, and add a gill of distillery yeast, and half a teaspoonful of salt.

It was a dingy little room, sparely furnished, with a bed and two chairs, a dilapidated washstand and a battered bureau.

Fruit Fritters Fresh peaches, apricots, or pears may be cut in pieces, dipped in batter, and fried same as other fritters.

And when she concluded, Mary stooped and picked up the battered little gewgaw, which had cost her three pounds.

From an inner pocket the sailor drew a small flask of battered metal and unscrewing the cap handed it to Trot.

Yet one there was quicker than he, one whose goodly armor, smirched and battered, yet showed the blazon of Bourne.

"Peter writhing on the cross, Stephen battered with stones, Sebastian stuck full of arrows, Bartholomew flayed alive," and so on.

Most of them are as much bewildered as the battered proletariat; but there are some who are less well-meaning and more mean.

It came so swiftly that the batter did not offer at it, and looked aggrieved when the umpire called it a strike.

The energy poured over it, drenched it, battered it, and the leech grew frantically, trying to contain the titanic dose.

When he came to his senses he was stripped and mauled and battered, and a stranger stood over him with a gun.

Shrewd Connie Mack soon realized this and ordered his batters to wait everything out, to make the twirlers throw every ball possible.

Sam now staggered forward with battered bones and pilled elbows, blowing like a grampus, and cursing like nothing but himself.

She turned, and a young rowdy fell into step with her, and pushed his battered hat rakishly over his eyes.

He took off a battered hat with a courtly air of respect, and discreetly turned away and slipped back into the crowd.

An army truck may bring them, or it may be they have a battered jitney to move them and their scanty outfits.

Then the batsman elicited laughter and applause from his supporters by crossing the plate and suddenly becoming a left-handed batter.

Thieves, prostitutes, men and women, the very dregs of life, pass their battered days and nights in these foul caves.

The news of an auction still has the effect upon me that a bugle might exert upon some battered, superannuated cavalry horse.

The floating wreckage, now blown together in solid masses, drove into the city and began to batter the inundated dwellings.

From the east pressure corresponding to Teutonic battering, although exerted with less intensity, is applied by Russian endeavor to create national homogeneity.

To batter in breach implies a heavy cannonade of many pieces directed to one part of the revetment from the third parallel.

Up the trail, the whippet tank's motor caught with a roar, and he heard Whittaker traversing the battered tank's turret.

The approach and entrance, however inconvenient, were strong, and almost precluded any regular attacks by battering-machines, or even by escalade.

The German shells were still falling about it, and its great walls stood grim and battered in a wrack of smoke.

There was a battered high hat on the back of his head, and his hair was uncombed, and his face unwashed.

Cover apple slices with batter and drop them into plenty of Crisco heated so that small breadcrumb browns in sixty seconds.

Divide the silver cake batter and color it pink with a little cochineal; this gives you pink, white and yellow layers.

It was as if by doing so, he could only reach her mud-spattered and chipped and bedraggled, an unworthy, battered object.

Sis sniffs at that, and mutters something about cups of raisins and nuts and citron hiding a multitude of batter sins.

He held his battered hat in his hand, and his head with its spare locks of grizzled hair was reverently bowed.

They may be battered and even sundered for a time, but each successive shock will only serve to resuscitate their vitality.

He had all the new ragtime songs and dances, which he rendered to his own accompaniment on an old battered banjo.

Spanish Fried Fish Salt and dip Barracuda or any tender fish in a batter made of egg, flour, milk and salt.

Stir in as much water as will make the whole into a thick batter; add some yeast and a wine glassful of salt.

A breach having been thus made, the ships that bore the battering-rams were withdrawn, and others carrying pontoons took their places.

The next batter electrified every one by lacing the ball to deep center for three bags and bringing in a run.

Buck noticed that in many cases, the rough cap of a French infantryman hung side by side with battered German helmets.

They are made more digestible and, to my taste, more palatable by cooking the batter, as you do griddle-cakes, upon a soapstone griddle.

Even my seven dead pullets, which had been battered to death by the hail, were left to lie where they had fallen.