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Use cadaver in a sentence

Definition of cadaver:

  • (noun) the dead body of a human being

Sentence Examples:

He turned back to the disemboweled cadaver.

Who else outfoxed military victory reversing it from the insides cadaver out?

During the evolution of reduced caliber rifles experiments were made on cadavers at different ranges.

Then, for the first time, he experienced a desire to carry out coitus on a cadaver.

Perhaps they are in a catacomb somewhere, in a huge bone-pile containing thousands of anonymous cadavers.

Writing this chapter, I pondered the use of the state anatomical board as a cadaver procurer.

On the breath of the morning wind was carried the sweet, sickening smell of decayed cadavers.

Above this eruptive cadaver, the head, tumultuous, enormous, encircled by a disordered crown of thorns, hung down lifeless.

This place was vacated exactly an hour and fifteen minutes after your stooge used his court order to locate the cadavers.

He saw it enshrined in a room by itself; it should never be demeaned by association with those rusty cadavers he saw about him.

It was observed by Kaufmann that the cadavers of animals which have died from snake-bite are very rapidly invaded by the bacteria of putrefaction.

The word "ptomaine" comes from a Greek word meaning carcass, or cadaver; and the poisons are variously called putrefactive alkaloid, animal alkaloid, etc.

Halo-hello in your fingertips I said, to a cadaver of light boldly striking a tuning fork to ring an engagement of gold flecks by your bed.

Organic waste and cadaver parts unsuitable for constructive purposes (fertilizer) on Charon will be fully sterilized and reduced as close as practicable to zero residue.

Coolly Cliff leaned over the twitching cadaver, ignoring the bedlam on the stairs, the horde sweeping down toward him, hurling aside the waiting humans.

This is a contingency of which we have already had ocular evidence in the shape of bloated cadavers of cats which were en route to those far-off parts.

It has been remarked that the breath of individuals who have recently performed a prolonged necropsy smells for some hours of the odor of the cadaver.

The animals died from plague in a few days and plague bacilli were recovered from the tissues, as well as from the rat cadaver, by culture.

Needless to say, it is essential that these injections to the basal foramina should only be carried out in the first instance after experimentation on the cadaver.

He could dissect a butterfly or a mosquito-hawk and describe their parts as accurately as a spectacled student with a scalpel and microscope could talk about a cadaver.

If the care of the midwife had not saved him he would be now nothing but a little, livid cadaver, a harmless, negligible, and perhaps forgettable thing.

On opening the cadaver, an encysted abscess was found in the hemisphere of the brain, on the side opposite to the paralysis, and corresponding to the convulsed limbs.

He could dissect a butterfly or a mosquito hawk, and describe their parts as accurately as a spectacled student with a scalpel and microscope could talk about a cadaver.

Foul odors had no terrors for the great Belgian, who haunted cemeteries for anatomical material and often kept parts of cadavers in his bedchamber for weeks at a time.

The cadaver is trussed up by having its feet drawn back to its haunches by means of a cord tied around the shoulders and is thrown into the impromptu grave.

Among the darkies there was current a belief that at dead of night he dug up the bodies of those he had hanged and peddled the cadavers to the "student doctors."

After he had regained his equilibrium we spent an enjoyable half-hour talking of cadavers, funeral homes, the comparative merits of inhabiting youthful or wealthy bodies, and other delightfully stimulating subjects.

Some were unrecognizable, charred masses of flesh that had been human before the subjects perished in a fire, while others were the gruesome countenances of cadavers whose faces were partially eaten away by cancer.

Often cadavers are embalmed with ten gallons of a stronger preservative, and they sit and pickle for a year, so that when medical students cut them up all the tissues are gray.

The stench emanating from this spot is appalling and the litters for the transportation of the cadavers which are much in evidence in this neighborhood do not add any attraction to the scene.

At the death of one an attempt to separate the other from the cadaver was made, but it was unsuccessful, the second soon dying; the operation necessitated opening the cranium and parting the meninges.

While the two fields are different in character and scope, they are so interrelated and interwoven that any successful attempt to separate them would leave the inquirer with two segments of a lifeless social cadaver.

For much as our theologians have labored to dissect this cadaver and discover its entrails, they, nevertheless, have not been able to do it as well as the Quakers are now doing it themselves in this country.

I fired a second time, almost resting the barrel against him, so that his bristles caught fire, and the boar groaned and tottered, and with his whole cadaver dropped heavily on the ground.

They killed each other that they might enslave the vanquished on the rolling deck floating over the abyss; they fought that they might cast their victims from the vessel, filling its wake with cadavers.

Whenever a lull occurred in this series of engrossing labors he devoted all the available time to the performance of operations upon the cadaver and to experiments in relation to physiological problems that suggested themselves to his own mind.

I finally got him by telling him if I was right, we'd wire the fourth skeleton together, take it back East and earn a mint of money on the vaudeville stage showing the fastest cadaver in the West.

Helpless and bleeding they were hurled together with the headless corpses into a corner of the court, making altogether a hideous pile but wherein the cadavers protected them from the debris that was hurled into the corner.

At another time the midnight cell of a suspected murderer had been "set" like a stage, with all the accessories of his crime, including even the cadaver, and when suddenly awakened the frenzied man had shrieked out his confession.

In the cold gray sky we see their scattered flocks blowing in the wind with sidelong flight, and in the field below that mocking cadaver, the man of straw, shaking his flimsy arms at them in wild contortions.

Since there was nobody now at the head of the coffin it fell onto the platform, the lid came off, and the malodorous and semi-decomposed cadaver rolled on top of the baggage man who emitted awful shrieks and howls.

The medical schools not only illustrate anatomy by surgery on the cadaver, but standing by the side of the dead body is a living one, in which the action of the muscles dissected before the student may be studied in life.

The destructive lesion to be expected from a given shot at a given range against a certain resistant structure can not be depended upon to occur as it will when the shot is made with scientific accuracy in the shooting gallery against cadavers.

The tenderness of his sympathy was shown by the fact that the first time he witnessed the dissection of a human cadaver, he fainted, while another side of his character was shown, when at one time he saved the life of a fellow student by sucking the poison from an accidental wound inflicted while operating.