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Use demented in a sentence

Definition of demented:

  • (adjective) affected with madness or insanity

Sentence Examples:

Very keen logicians may be demented.

This closet looks like a demented bedlam.

How demented a matchmaker she would appear!

And he walked to and fro like one demented.

Is it bewitched ye are or demented in the head?

"It is demented idiocy," murmured my astounded master.

Their wild ululations were the screams of the demented.

His hands were rumpling through his hair like one demented.

After several apoplectic attacks, he died demented in an asylum.

He will look at you pityingly and think you are demented.

Young girls ran about the streets demented and unchaste.

The bookies all looked at the man as if he were demented.

Insane (as in fevers), mad, deranged, demented, raving, frantic, frenzied.

The movements of the demented creature seemed to take on more definiteness.

She ran to and fro across the room like one demented.

The two stowaways watched this demented exploit in sheer wonderment.

It was obvious that he was mad, demented by her aphrodisiacs.

The brutal Barrett seemed to delight in maltreating these demented unfortunates.

Idiots, cretins, and demented persons are sometimes incapable of expressing themselves.

I am only a poor demented idiot, a fool who cumbers the ground.

Kraepelin describes demented, depressed, expansive and agitated forms of general paresis.

Letter has just come, and I am demented about my new godchild!

Recently his chief misgiving has been that he may become ataxic or demented.

The chief seemed stupefied, and stood gazing around him like one suddenly demented.

Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things.

The appalling terrors of the music possessed him; he seemed like a man demented.

The Government was in a parlous state, with three demented Ministers on the loose.

Not one is dissatisfied nor not one is demented with the mania of many things.

In the background, as they stood entwined, the poor demented old mother was seen.

The imaginary vision of the cadaver acquired such an intensity that, like one demented, I arose.

Just sit with your head bent on your hand, or mope about the rooms like one demented!

Cried Klein, who was now pacing to and fro, wringing his hands like one demented.

I am half afraid that you are in that demented state, which befits the wretch ordained to perish.

Her life, she said, was spoiled by being known as the daughter of a demented monomaniac.

This astounding intelligence came near upsetting Souk's better judgment, and for a while he was nearly demented.

More than once I had come on such a wreck, straying demented, babbling, all but famished in the hills.

On her pylon tower she sang, and men died, demented and hopeless, struggling for a single smile!

Inquired the red-headed man in a voice whose harshness and coarseness, half demented as I was, I remember noticing.

The Japanese youth crouched in the bottom of the boat and muttered and shook his head like one demented.

Then such as were not encumbered with children or goods flew through the streets, shrieking like demented beings.

Louis, as I was saying, regards the man in the romantic light of a humanitarian monomaniac or a demented food reformer.

Night gathered her cloudless darkness over the wilderness; and still the demented baronet followed his aimless quest.

Ursula began to sway to and fro, pressing her hands to her bosom, whimpering and muttering like one demented.

For some days, he had wandered about like one demented; and all who witnessed, respected and commiserated his anguish.

Nick stared as though he were demented, but obeyed, unbolting the heavy plastic window panel and lifting it aside.

We had a housemaid once who was demented enough to marry a scamp of a stoker on one of the Thames steamers.

Sir Isaac looked upon the man as demented, and rode on, not, however, without being caught in a drenching shower.

The most arduous duty of the police is the bringing in of demented Indians or white prospectors from the North.

For if the great Londoners thought us quaint, surely the little country station idlers would swear we were demented.

He passed just where we are now standing, and he was gesticulating and talking to himself as if he were demented.

He dashed about the cage like a thing demented, and so alarmed the myna that I had to let him out.

A few blasts on the horn brought Kate, and the poor demented woman was overjoyed to see her friends again.

Hypnotized by good fortune, we have become demented with an overweening vanity and a philosophy which must end in our undoing.

The demented paralytic and the imbecile, like children, are easily influenced by the suggestions of others or their own fancies.

This was in late December; and following them up, I found the woodchuck wandering about the meadow like one half demented.

The chauffeur apparently thought him either demented or inebriated, but his sole duty was to salute, and he did nothing else.

The great part of the German army in the early stage of the war was really an army of demented civilians.

Came up to her; but when the demented creatures had shrieked themselves hoarse, and in vain, they would abuse her vilely.

Another brilliant scheme, practical and statesmanlike, so different from the wild projects of demented Socialists, was started by the Rev.

Blankets and a few groceries, found in the loft, explained the demented man's manner of housekeeping during the last few days.

I have watched him for the past three days, and I am sure he is not deranged, in the sense of being demented.

His voice was raised in demented laughter and every vestige of reason had deserted eyes that were now agleam only with homicidal mania.

"Tell me, sir, is this chief burgomaster a fool or a drunkard, or is he, indeed, so demented as to intend to mock us?"

Having performed these exploits, he was wandering aimlessly to and fro with demented gestures, and in this state they discovered him.

I was demented, dreaming of wild, impossible things, recalling men who had set their wives free, we have heard of such things.

The man was acting as conservator for a demented sister, who possessed property that amounted to ten thousand dollars, mostly in cash.

He hesitated a moment, still; she tugged at him like one demented, panting her abjurations at him, though her voice was failing her.

He sat very still for some time, save that he contorted his face more than usual, and rolled his cross eyes around like one demented.

The demented girl seemed not to hear, she did not even raise her eyes, and continued swaying to and fro and to laugh.

Even the wounded men were not spared by these demented Germans who struck them, pulled their mustaches, and spat in their faces.

Dimly streamed the light of the swinging lamp upon the human temple of purity, and Hermann, the Demented, wept like an artless child.

Instead of following instructions, the nearly demented mahogany trader began again to bemoan his loss, and then fell to cursing the cowardly crew.

Further experiment was made by sending those who seemed incurably demented, incapable by reason of their weakened minds of doing any kind of work.

They are not a mere wild, misdirected, meaningless series of insane acts, such as one would expect from a demented person, but distinct reactions to situations.

Tearing along the empty corridors, they began the breakneck descent again to the bottom, a pell-mell, wild rush of demented demons chasing each other.

The proceedings were dilatory, and he gradually became demented; nothing could be done with him and opinions were divided as to the reality of his insanity.

For over thirty years this farce had gone on, and all this time a demented woman had been looked upon and treated as a confirmed inebriate.

Mohammed was well-nigh demented at the loss of his daughters, but, rather unnecessarily, took pains to redouble his watch over the one who had remained.

Seventeen shillings per week paid by the community, plus the labor of the individual, for sensually possessed or demented women to be cured of drunkenness!

The man made a face as if a demented person had waylaid him, growled in a threatening tone and was about to bang the door in her face.

We were bowling along at a fine pace past green trees and undulating veld, and I wondered why the engine should keep on screaming like a thing demented.

All the demented women that could be found in and about Ava were gathered together and conducted to the front that they might bewitch the English.

Whereas the seizures occur most often, according to Kraepelin, in the demented types of paresis, the remissions occur in all cases except in the terminal phase.

Soon after the widow's return, Rose called at the cottage to condole with her over the death of her demented daughter, and the still absent son.

Indeed, it seemed to some almost as if Judge Priest were aiding and abetting the befogged O'Day in his demented enterprises, his peculiar excursions and his weird purchases.

Hazel came back to the nearly demented Amelia Ellen with her chin tilted firmly and a straight little set of her sweet lips which betokened stubbornness.

His face, despite its angularity of outline and its wanness, had that expression of complacency which often relieves from pathos the countenances of harmlessly demented people.

Cried the brigand, becoming really almost demented by a sort of nervous excitement arising from bloodthirsty revenge and implacable hatred, which in vain sought to satiate itself.

"The demented type, without marked delusions or sensory falsifications, is the truly typical variety of the disease and the dementia the basal element of all forms" (White).

On the terraces between the hosts the sweat-soaked horse reared and plunged, and his wild rider yelled and brandished the thing in his hands like one demented.

He prowled around the sled demented, at times weeping and pleading with the brutes for his life there on the sled, at other times raging impotently against them.

With an indescribable howl the worthy man fell back in a paroxysm of agony, grasping his knees with both hands, and rocking to and fro like a demented dervish.

Presently the surgeon came out, locked the door behind him and stamped up and down in the twilight, pulling at his hair and brandishing his arms, like a man demented.

It so chanced that in this place there lived a poor half demented lodger, who was known by the name of Horace, whose profession was that of a flower seller.

This belief was strengthened when some clothing that looked like that which the demented man had worn was found in a secluded spot not far from the river bank.

Not far from the shore stood the ruins of a house still partly covered by its roof; its walls arrested for a moment the demented course of the berserker.

A heavy-handed man will soon render a sensitive-mouthed young horse half demented, whilst at the same time quiet, strong hands exert just that influence that is needed to control his vagaries.

The conviction grew upon me that he had become a little demented, as if his brain had been tainted by the sulfurous fumes exhaled by the smoking crater above his head.

Now this ineffable gift which was placed beside us, in order that the miracle might accompany us and comfort us, we trample under foot in our wrath, blaspheming as if demented.

The participants in the demented chase along the speedway, however, were far too engrossed in their own problems to care for the conflict they introduced into the lives of innocent bystanders.