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Use demented in a sentence

Definition of demented:

  • (adjective) affected with madness or insanity

Sentence Examples:

Too demented to make accurate tests.

The people seemed demented.

"Woman, you are demented!"

I am demented over you.

"They are all demented!"

She is utterly demented.

The demented one chuckled.

He was as one demented.

I cried, like one demented.

"Your hitherto demented husband."

The pair seemed demented about birds.

I believe the government is demented.

Do you suppose I'm quite demented?

Had she driven him demented?

He seemed like a huge thing demented.

I stared at it like one demented.

"You act as if you were demented."

Men are demented upon the subject.

He demanded, plainly thinking me demented.

He was evidently a demented tramp.

I think; 'she has gone demented.'

Is the whole place gone demented?'

I think that child is demented.

He seems demented, staring at nothing.

Oh, of course she was demented.

"What does the demented creature mean?"

Many of the women looked demented.

Why so, not demented am I!

He must be utterly demented, surely.

The poor creature cried, half demented.

He's near demented over the child!...

"Are you sorry I am not demented?"

Is he too demented to tell anything?

He swam about like a demented fish.

He says he must have been demented.

Half demented now, beyond a doubt!

The demented one did not move.

He's demented, that's what he is!

The men were besides themselves, demented.

"To let me know I'm demented?"

The young man is evidently demented.

A few wandered around, wholly demented.

He looked as if he thought us demented.

Why, the girl must be demented!

It's a demented mad place this.

He yelled and acted as one demented.

My lawyer actually believes I am demented.

Demented people regarded by some as saints.

Yelled Dick, dancing about like one demented.

Cried Archie, dancing about like one demented.

Peterson had been like a man demented.

Hull as if he thought her demented.

Drive decent souls drunk and demented.

The old grandmother was certainly demented.

She must have known I was demented.

"The man is demented," said the Professor.

They looked at me as if I were demented.

And Rex knew he was indeed demented.

I was demented, and I knew it.

He will think I am demented, no doubt.

I wandered about the hut like one demented.

Arthur leaped from his seat like one demented.

Was it not enough to make her demented!

You say she is more or less demented.

You will think me as demented as they.

Demented as I was to send for you.

"Now, the man must surely be demented!"

And the demented state expects good fortune!

Alison was now certain she was demented.

Why, the poor dear woman must be demented!

Burton stared at him in a demented way.

The saints have permitted him to become demented.

She walked round the room like one demented.

"I think the lad is demented," he said.

He was invalided as demented. Meningococcus meningitis.

"Yes, I walked the streets as if demented."

De Witt; 'the girl is dreaming or demented.

The man stared at me as at one demented.

Those sailors looked at one another as if demented.

As to Hill, she bustled about like one demented.

Lindsay stared at him as if he were demented.

As radiant Paradise, this poor demented world display!

No ship at all, but rum and demented!

Throw him into the Den of the Demented.

For a space she became like a woman demented.

He was as a man demented, an avenging angel.

She dropped into a seat, staring like one demented.

As a result of these persecutions, Antipas became demented.

I feared to find him there, demented or dead.

If this is dementia, then let me be demented.

She shuddered as she gazed around like one demented.

He was caught, a prisoner in a demented mind.

Or it might have been poor, demented Sarah Glenn.

Joy has turned your brain; you are quite demented.

Would he find these stricken, demented creatures there?

Another pause, and he broke out again like one demented.

My first impression was that I was demented.

Thinking him demented, they did him no injury.

Cried the nearly demented secretary in the chair.

I'm not so demented as some folks think me.