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Use demented in a sentence

Definition of demented:

  • (adjective) affected with madness or insanity

Sentence Examples:

That same evening, an extraordinary scene took place in the house of this demented creature.

Millward looked at me as though he feared I had become demented by the recent disappointment.

These demented savages were so fully occupied that they were scarcely likely to observe him.

Savages, the world over, are superstitious about the demented, and so they treated me kindly.

The people jest at me in the streets and your Royal Highness probably considers me demented.

The man was pitiful in appearance, but scarcely demented, as the operative had described him.

Gardener appeared flushed and troubled, and the bridegroom seemed to me to be looking like one demented.

As illustrative of the demented character of the man's brain, some portions of the petition are given.

Adrian went without food or sleep for several days and rode about the country like one demented.

Again a pause, and then a slower, more thoughtful tone, as if doubts disturbed that demented brain.

Like one demented she ran about in her excitement, as nearer and nearer crept the tiny craft.

Was ever a man in such a position as I, between a demented captain and a ghost-seeing mate?

Bond that eternal vigilance was the price of safety, when a demented brain roamed at large.

If a scientist had predicted such events, a hundred years past, he would be regarded as demented.

The knife fell into the sea, and the demented creature collapsed and followed it, knocked unconscious.

Domestic cattle and horses often eat this plant; where it is abundant, and become demented in consequence.

Her father and mother had engaged a female keeper, and kept the poor demented creature at home.

I am certain that the blond one, who answered to the name of Bobby Willard, thought me demented.

A flushed face turned towards him, while the policeman regarded our hero as if he thought him demented.

The world, in which I had moved like one demented, suddenly seemed stripped of all interest or attraction.

One such crack would send me demented, I know; but our men bear it all with rude philosophy.

No, he was a monster, particularly in his last years when I think he must have been demented.

None but one demented could have so spoken in such hearing; and Sir Walter Stewart is no madman.

"As I did before," said Butler; "that I never saw the poor demented creature in my life before."

Half demented, she left the letter where it had fallen, a white square upon the shabby rug.

Eva continued her caresses, but the demented man showed no signs of recognizing even his own daughter.

Said poor Jones, half demented with weakness, "it is really the battle; my dream is coming true."

His daughter is half demented with fear, remorse, shame; she is incapable of deciding what to do.

His grandmother, a demented old woman, suffers from a mania which takes the form of aggressive jealousy.

Her first action was to take possession of the demented man, and surround him with every comfort.

His wife was surprised at the question, for she had not thought of Walter as being demented.

A savage cry sounded, and, with a last bound, the demented partner had thrown himself upon Crawford.

In the meantime Fred and Flossy were having "barrels" of amusement at the expense of the demented ones.

He spoke like a man demented, and yet his earnestness, his evident hatred of crime made me patient.

He had often heard stories of men who, living so long in lonely places, had become quite demented.

This actor gave up the stage, and it was rumored that he was slightly demented before he died.

The destructive demon in men temporarily demented was abroad, and his ruthless hand had fallen heavily.

They will not even permit me to remove my poor, demented sister home without proof of my assertion.

And the poor demented bird laughed in hoarse ecstasy, at having got in touch with synthetic reasoning again!

Exhausted, they lay along the coasts, wasted by suffering and disease, and half demented from starvation.

For a moment the demented creature stared with a puzzled, troubled look at the form upon the ground.

It seemed to him that he had been lying there for years, lost in a labyrinth of demented fancies.

There was a funeral almost daily, and the mothers of the town were nearly demented with fright.

The demented dog ran into the midst of the meeting, carrying terror and confusion wherever he went.

The reigning king had become hopelessly demented, and anarchy prevailed in almost every part of his dominions.

That was what Toby was shrieking excitedly, as he struggled with the poor demented Spanish War veteran.

Every Sunday nearly three hundred demented women assist with the greatest devotion at the celebration of mass.

Van bent over the wheel, and like a demented man glued his wildly staring eyes to the road.

I ran forward demented like the others, as if things could not be other than what they were.

These men had known Cobb to be a student, but neither of them had ever thought him demented.

The crowd seemed to regard poor, demented Hannah as inspired, for a space was kept clear before her.

"I was trying to make money out of the newspaper business," replied the editor, to humor the demented one.

Gary stamped his foot, more with the air of one demented than that of a sane and sober commander.

The lawyer reported him demented to the Consolidated officials, who declared war on him from that day.

The condition of the demented affords the best evidence of the care given to the patients in an institution.

I stared at her, as did also Catherine and Mary, almost as if they suspected she had gone demented.

A young person who was apt to excite herself about trifles, and who on this occasion seemed absolutely demented.

Such a one may have been insane on a single point, and no other; or he may have been entirely demented.

"Demented," said he, darkly, "is the right word for them when it comes down to fussing about me."

Small wonder that she had deemed him repressive, she told herself, for she looked like a demented creature.

The only pistol carried there was the one with which my demented wife chose to take her life.

They did not, of course, know that the father was wandering over the mountains in a demented condition.

She paused when she was beside the bed, and stood looking down upon him in that demented fashion.

I can only think my daughter became suddenly demented; I can think of no other reason for her conduct.

He stared at her almost like one demented, or as if he thought that she, perhaps, had lost her reason.

It was a curious thing to observe how willingly the demented man's appeal to reason was listened to by all.

In a flat just below my mother's five out of a family of six perished, leaving but one demented girl.

Unconsciously, like one demented, I hummed an air we had been singing recently in the camp and which haunted me.

Like one demented, pale with agony and terror, the deacon rushed forth into the deserted streets to seek for aid.

As the chief spoke, he tapped his forehead significantly with his finger, meaning that the prisoner was demented.

She fled as if demented, running in a circle around the house; then darted in at the back kitchen door.

Every living creature there held life as of no account, and was demented with a passionate readiness to sacrifice it.

All her life afterwards she could never forget the anguish of poor Stella, who was like a thing demented.

We took a few pieces of bread and meat for the poor demented creature at the camp and made another start.

What anybody wants with more, I never can make out, unless they're demented with the mania of owning things!

And now it seemed to her that anyone might be justified in holding him demented, so reckless was his utterance.

And from that moment the homeless and demented tramp had a warm place in the old man's heart.

The machine was no makeshift of a demented builder: it was a beautiful bit of construction that Jerry Foster examined.

A great grief is like a delirium, and sometimes gives us strange thoughts, and makes us act like demented persons.

Of course, it was possible that his demented brain had urged him on to the use of the fire escape.

The moment these words were said, her cousin sprang to his feet and glared at her like a man demented.

Had it not been for his missing arm it is doubtful if we should have recognized him, for he seemed demented.

They found the demented man awaiting their coming as though he had guessed what Hugh had in his mind.

From the limp fingers of the demented creature who sat gazing at his two victims, the envelope fluttered down.

They broke ranks and fled in a positively demented panic, which unfortunately proved to be instantly and universally contagious.

"In six hours father will be here, then let us hope that sanity will return to this demented household."

In feudal law, the lawful successor might be a child, an invalid, a demented person, and in some countries a woman.

Really these good people seemed to think that she was demented, and did not know what she was saying.

They told me how they had rushed about like two demented people, searching far and wide for the girl.

If this thing kept up much longer he would be demented himself; what was the matter with his family?

I know he's out of his head, and so I believe him to be wandering about the hills in a demented condition.

He had been partly demented for years, but you will be glad to learn that his final hours were peaceful.

To those who observed my reckless charge without being in the secret of my object I must have appeared demented.

The latter was stamping about in a great rage, flourishing his arms over his head, and acting like one demented.

Some subjects seemed to be either too confused or too demented to be capable of understanding and following the instructions given them.

Still grasping the dagger, she rushed, like one demented, from the room, down the staircase and into the courtyard.

The sixty starving and half demented men were taken on board the ships, which set sail down the river.

Last week he had a dreadful turn, and said the most cruel things, shouting and sneering at me like one demented.

He appeared at the window for a moment, showing a demented face, then he jumped out, and the bees with him.

Truly it is such acts as this that brings many a well-meaning but apparently demented husband into the divorce court.