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Use eccentric in a sentence

Definition of eccentric:

  • (noun) a person with an unusual or odd personality
  • (noun) a person of a specified kind
  • (adjective) not having a common center; not concentric; "eccentric circles"
  • (adjective) conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

Sentence Examples:

Miss Young is singularly, as far as I can see, the reverse of her eccentric parents she is moderation personified.

Its manifestations, however, were often a little eccentric, for its owner was as ignorant and unworldly as a child.

Farmer, who was an elegant scholar and a zealous antiquary, was somewhat eccentric both in his appearance and manners.

The cap is more or less irregular and the stem eccentric, the cap being sometimes more or less lobed.

He was an honest and charitable man, and was never known to be inebriated, though he was very eccentric.

If the State or other ruling classes will not provide it properly, eccentrics and faddists will do so improperly.

The innovation was credited at the time to the eccentric liberalizing notions of his mother, the English Crown Princess.

"No," replied his nephew, too taken aback with the unusual and eccentric greeting to reply except in a monosyllable.

He never laughed except with his eyes, and delivered himself of his most eccentric fancies in an unctuous style.

An old silver watch, sophisticated with magnetism, and keeping an eccentric time peculiar to it, was his only ornament.

Besides the above, there was an Italian patriot, whose devotion to the 'Kingmaker' displayed itself in a somewhat eccentric fashion.

He was an amusing and eccentric scapegrace when I last saw him, though that is a very long time ago.

Personally, I fail to discover anything blamable in that act, though I must concede that it is eccentric, very eccentric.

Eccentric in manner and speech, he long continued to be an indefatigable worker for the good of his fellow townsmen.

Dick explained afterward that he wrote this piece with the idea of satirizing a certain coterie of eccentric German astronomers.

Extremely eccentric, he had largely furnished and decorated the house with unredeemed articles that had been pledged with him.

Irving's unmatched legs and eccentric elocution with some genuine and unexpected tribute to his personal character and histrionic genius.

"An eccentric Victorian poet," said the young man, "of much account in his own day, if I mistake not."

No bacteriologist plodding in his eccentric orbit ever studied the outlines of a new-found germ with deeper or more painstaking care.

You hear no strains of country drollery, and no characters of curious or eccentric humor; all is dull, plodding, and lumpish.

Even in the music halls the surrounding "Johnnies" regarded him with wonder as another specimen of the eccentric Yankee.

Because the author favored what are now seen as antiquated and eccentric spellings, many other questionable words have been left unchanged.

That my description may be complete I will now give drawings of my eccentric chuck for the upper mandrel.

She lay awake to croon that to herself, though she denied that she was in love with this eccentric waster.

Faddists, eccentrics, dreamers, mystics, workers chained to lifelong slavery by their dominant idea, have poured out their plans to me.

Oliver Goldsmith, the eccentric genius, poet, essayist, dramatist and novelist, should have special study, for he is a unique figure.

The life of his new friend, eccentric as it appeared at first glance, seemed now to have the beauty of perfect naturalness.

The versification is eccentric to the ear, and the subject (the factory miseries) is scarcely an agreeable one to the fancy.

The conduct of the poetess was, of course, far more striking, as might have been expected from so eccentric a character.

She was never weary of displaying in financial society her new title, her distinguished husband, her eccentric Parisian toilets.

There was the surly old curmudgeon in whom the author vents his spleen, and who draws up eccentric wills.

He is eccentric, I admit, but beyond that he has none of the earmarks of the Transcendental Detective of the story-books.

In allusion to men of singular or eccentric habits, who are believed to have been begotten by the incubus, or goblins, or fairies.

This eccentric old gentleman combined in one the avocations of a bachelor, a man of science, and a justice of the peace.

It is impossible to do more than mention the absurdities in general of women's attire and toilette during the eccentric Elizabethan era.

Among men in general, I believe he passes for mildly eccentric; his own family find him distressingly like other people.

Barnaby had placed her with these very delightful people, to expatiate upon the eccentric character of her half-known aunt Betsy.

When the passions of men are altogether unrestrained, community of wives and all eccentric forms of sensuality will be admitted.

You are like an eccentric old woman I know in Boston, who goes about in the spring feeding catnip to street cats.

Fortunately, there was at the station at this time an eccentric bushman who combined the work of horse-breaking and dingo-trapping.

Then the Frenchman, requiring to shrug, gave way to the Englishman's eccentric obstinacy, and signified that he was his guide.

Having been so long a leader, she continued to exercise various queenly prerogatives, which to many people at the North seemed eccentric.

Somnambulism is the most eccentric condition of sleep; and Reverie is that state which constitutes the nearest approximation to slumber.

To that end I have retained old words and constructions whenever they seemed intelligible, although eccentric and perhaps ungrammatical to-day.

The strangest and most eccentric forms of religion sprang up like rank mushroom growths, with neither beauty nor wholesome nutriment.

He was a man of great though eccentric talent, and a clever Persian scholar, having resided long in the East.

"Paradise Regained" is in one point of view the confutation of a celebrated but eccentric definition of poetry as a "criticism of life."

One-sided and without balance, with his two halves unequally fashioned and joined, must he ever jog his eccentric way.

He was eccentric in other ways which need not be particularized, but he was never so eccentric that he welcomed strangers.

And was not monsieur the seignior eccentric enough for any purpose, with skillful counsel to lay it properly before a jury?

It may be ungenerous to reveal his failings, but he often talked thick, and sometimes was perceptibly eccentric in his gait.

Containing Strange Sayings, Eccentric Doings, Burlesque Speeches, Laughable Drolleries and Funny Stories, by the celebrated Ethiopian Comedian Charles Fox.

The first visit we pay is up a number of eccentric little flights of shaky steps interspersed with twists of passageway.

For a long while Dennis sat with the letter in his hand, gazing, with unseeing eyes, upon its eccentric chirography.

Eccentricities in some persons take the place of a vile, injurious habit, as the eccentric man is usually free from debasing habits.

Without my donkeys to identify me, my rough, unkempt and most eccentric person caused a sensation at the Mormon capital.

His cadaverous look, his strange hypnotic eye and mysteriously eccentric movements, enhanced a hundredfold his reputation rather than damaged it.

This music is something more than roaring, blaring dissonance; something more than eccentric experimentation in harmonic schemes and daring orchestration.

There were many things to be done a hundredfold more interesting to him than an interview with an eccentric man's childish daughter.

He was an eccentric character, and professed spiritualism, astrology, ventriloquism, and kindred sciences, dabbling a little in magic and chemistry.

His lacquer-ware is distinguished for a bold and at times almost eccentric impressionism, and his use of inlay is strongly characteristic.

The eccentric individualist argues that to accept control, to defer to some center as the classicist demands, is to cease to be himself.

The oscillating tool-holder, instead of being actuated by the rise and fall of the connecting-rod, is moved by an adjustable eccentric.

The question might arise how far we are entitled to correlate the reformatory efforts of this always eccentric character with syphilis.

With the rest of "society" he was disposed to ridicule the abolition movement as a crotchet of the eccentric and the long-haired.

The beams, which cut the ceiling in parallel lines, diverted the eye with a thousand eccentric painted and gilded carvings.

He was a man of varied learning, full of remote information, eccentric from his solitariness, but with a great sweetness of nature.

He gained the name of being an eccentric preacher, as most preachers do who never prevaricate and always speak as they think.

She, too, was said to be eccentric, but that was only because she was fond of getting full value for a halfpenny.

They cast aspersions on you, call you fresh and green and heap ignominy on your prominent men and deride your eccentric characters.

How a play of that kind could have appealed to an eccentric and highly sophisticated genius like Vincent Starr was beyond her.

What eccentric and inexcusably careless individual could have been carrying about with him such a gorgeous collection in such a flimsy covering?

Governor King, who possessed, by virtue of his office, the most absolute power, was not only eccentric but somewhat choleric.

As he and the attendants left the adjoining room, I heard him remark for the third time, "These eccentric English!"

The music of the country, as the party gathered from a serenade played in their honor, was at once eccentric and laborious.

He had seen one woman issue therefrom in an apparently crazy condition, and he had noted the eccentric fickleness of her successors.

The Wild Huntsman, produced here by Theodore Thomas in 1898, was looked on as the work of an eccentric and theatrical Frenchman.

Every jut and turn, every little projection, every eccentric form of wing or plane or rudder, had its scientific explanation.

What, they asked her, would be her life with a husband as eccentric, extravagant, and impecunious, as they believed Balzac to be?

His purblind eyes sought his mother's; hers were fastened on this eccentric kinsman, but with a look that passed beyond him.

The shaft is made integrally with this gear and has an eccentric portion against which the air pump roll plunger impinges.

Many of them became eccentric, or, as the working bushmen called it, "cranky," and were quite unfit for any other occupation.

An exception to the general beauty of recent decorative work is the incomprehensible and at the same time unlovely practice of this eccentric.

She had grown very eccentric towards the last, and suffered from the mania of thinking herself poor and obliged to economize.

Occasionally the cicatrix is annular, but more often it is eccentric and involves only a part of the circumference of the wall.

Merriam, they are inexpressibly comical, with queer rollicking ways and eccentric pranks, making the woods ring with their extraordinary voices.

This eccentric song Brooke droned out in nasal tones and with a lachrymose whine to the strangest tune that ever was heard.

Openly and scandalously, as the world will, idle tongues hinted that the Earl must have some good reason for his eccentric conduct.

Major Dillon and Walter differ about some minor points, and the former nearly bewilders the others with his eccentric proceedings.

Air for spraying the fuel is supplied by a two stage air compressor that is driven from the crankshaft by an eccentric.

The friend was an eccentric Eastern man, well known in the locality for his fastidiousness and his habits as a recluse.

One of the most remarkable speeches of that day was made by a young man, whose eccentric career was destined to amaze Europe.

Both were talking eagerly, both were gesticulating excitedly, and both looked exactly what they were, two very eccentric specimens of humanity.

In fact, despite his eccentric outside, the German youth possessed a keen, smart mind, which acted well in almost any emergency.

Even when they are produced, it is only to be looked on with suspicion as eccentric symptoms of dangerous, not to say anarchistic tendencies.

When the temperamental and unconventional people are not mere plagiarists of dead eccentrics, they lack, in almost every case, the historic sense.

Voluntary eccentrics are even worse than the imitators of some model or the careless souls which take their coloring from chance surroundings.

The sprightly, aggressive, unhesitating, and practical Dana, and the ambitious, but eccentric and somewhat visionary Greeley found their paths diverging.

The general effect of the book, however, is not to be inferred from this or some other passages of antiquated and eccentric criticism.

Living with an eccentric couple, whose austerity would have tried an adult, and deprived of playmates, he soon began to mope and pine.