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Use eccentric in a sentence

Definition of eccentric:

  • (noun) a person with an unusual or odd personality
  • (noun) a person of a specified kind
  • (adjective) not having a common center; not concentric; "eccentric circles"
  • (adjective) conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

Sentence Examples:

"Wouldn't your ideas be considered rather eccentric?"

I once knew a very eccentric dog.

The eccentric man continued to call.

He may be sensitive about being eccentric.

He is quite young and very eccentric.

You're evidently going to be thoroughly eccentric.

He decided therefore on an eccentric retreat.

He would simply be regarded as eccentric.

The dear girl is already too eccentric.

"Are you not a little eccentric, monsieur?"

What is the throw of an eccentric?

Joe was as eccentric as his master.

The man didn't seem a mere eccentric.

I confess to being eccentric, you know.

He is very eccentric, at the worst.

The expedition was certainly an eccentric one.

I can be as eccentric as I like.

He was also said to be slightly eccentric.

He might have done a more eccentric thing.

My action might have made me appear eccentric.

Uncle Moses' mount was rather eccentric.

"Try it," suggested the eccentric man.

This eccentric has turned Mathilde's head.

Schools the most eccentric admit it.

The eccentric man shook his head.

Maybe I would look like an eccentric executive.

The most eccentric things may happen.

Baudelaire came of an insane and eccentric family.

The father was eccentric, perhaps insane.

The eccentric man shrugged his shoulders.

"Last night," replied the eccentric man.

"That's so," admitted the eccentric gentleman.

Her habits grew more and more eccentric.

He was somewhat eccentric, was he not?'

The world expects him to be eccentric.

Eccentric old Englishman long resident in America.

"Well, how does my eccentric please you?"

The men were seldom eccentric in appearance.

He was very able and very eccentric.

He moves in his own eccentric orbit.

What an eccentric young man he was!

Mary's reply was too eccentric to mention.

He is only seemingly eccentric and erratic.

Uranus has been called the eccentric planet.

Harvey in his own mind as eccentric.

The tack top is an eccentric spinner.

Life and eccentric forms are occasionally found.

The Chinook is nothing if not eccentric.

Isn't he a very eccentric gentleman, sir?'

His mother was eccentric to a degree.

His pursuit of her had been eccentric.

He prefers eccentric to typical everyday instances.

Acquaintances spoke of him as being eccentric.

He was too eccentric for my taste.

Sleeve and eccentric motion for governor cut-off.

I must apologize for my eccentric behavior.

He was eccentric to the last degree.

What an eccentric creature that Johnstone was!

Then his movements began to be eccentric.

They were eccentric fellows, but quite harmless.

I said he was eccentric, did I not?

"I can afford to be eccentric," he said.

The idea seemed eccentric enough in her eyes.

I have no sympathy with eccentrics or poets.

We can't have anything eccentric in our profession.

He was an original and an eccentric creature.

One hates to be thought eccentric, of course.

Nothing is easier than to be thought eccentric.

People call me eccentric; I am only logical.

He is a good man, but very eccentric.

He struck me as a rather eccentric man.

Eccentric or animal forms have not been found.

A trifle eccentric, he was a fine pilot.

Eccentric in externals, he is at bottom typical.

Another Rule strikes us as still more eccentric.

He was only a poet and an Eccentric.

Asked the eccentric man, with a chuckle.

His next purchase was rather more eccentric.

I do not wish to pose as an eccentric.

Bell is highly sensitive, and very eccentric.

Would the eccentric Overland Red be there?

I liked him better eccentric than insane!

Goring's eccentric way of approving her sentiments.

Drake was famous for his eccentric humor.

"I certainly do," answered the eccentric man.

"Where is that eccentric young man going?"

She says she will grow up eccentric.

"He was eccentric, like many rich men."

Our friend Geoffrey Rutherford was extremely eccentric.

Jones was an eccentric young chap, anyhow.

Sunny's progress in her studies was eccentric.

Hazard was a remarkable but eccentric person.

Extraordinary situations and eccentric characters attract him.

"Tom, your idea is most interesting," declared the eccentric man.

Eccentric attacks are usually made in greater force than diversions.

Reardon laughed gaily, and made inquiries about the eccentric gentleman.

Such an eccentric old fellow might be capable of anything.

My eccentric friend, whom you call Coonskins, is an example.

That was eccentric, queer, but it would be perfectly respectable!

Nothing against them, but they seem to be terribly eccentric.