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Use eccentric in a sentence

Definition of eccentric:

  • (noun) a person with an unusual or odd personality
  • (noun) a person of a specified kind
  • (adjective) not having a common center; not concentric; "eccentric circles"
  • (adjective) conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

Sentence Examples:

This man was a born eccentric, perverse, whimsical, and humorous.

Lamb's character was amiably eccentric, but always full of loving-kindness.

The horsemen of Stuart were going to move in an eccentric orbit.

A genius is generally spoken of as an eccentric, erratic, unbalanced, person.

This eccentric American author and naturalist was born at Concord, Mass.

His questioning inflection delicately hinted: "Try not to be too eccentric."

It is the eccentric, the discordant, that arrests the roving eye.

He had such an eccentric fashion of being almost curt sometimes.

The house itself was built in a low, rambling, eccentric fashion.

She became more eccentric, unmanageable, and uncertain in temper than ever.

He was twenty-seven years of age, and utterly dissipated and eccentric.

The ellipsis in general is called by astronomers an eccentric orbit.

The eccentric motions of these figures make a very laughable number.

Instead of cranks eccentrics are used having very large wearing surfaces.

That melancholy figure was the axis of fast-flying and eccentric revelry.

One crank and one eccentric engine, with cylinders at right angles.

The center is done by altering the eccentric chuck each time.

He seems to have zigzagged between the normal and the eccentric.

Thomas De Quincey is one of the eccentric figures in English literature.

It is literally eccentric: it has been centered mechanically instead of vitally.

None of the English leaders on the Northern side were marked eccentrics.

This was eccentric perhaps, considering the occasion, but not laughable.

The eccentric skipper passed on, but Stumps did not move.

This reference to the author must have seemed to him unaccountably eccentric.

Was the vanished eccentric Professor Robert Carson the Phantom raider?

We all happened to be out, and Juvenal, our eccentric butler, acquiesced.

I notice an eccentric vehicle which instinct whispers is an English 'hansom.'

He had never suspected that he had had this eccentric godfather.

There are three phenomena in the eyebrow: eccentric, concentric and normal.

The eccentric paused, and fixed his gaze earnestly upon the skipper.

The rime-scheme of the present specimen is, of course, wholly eccentric.

Much else also I rejected as too disjointed and unfinished, or too eccentric.

Many such tales are still current of this kind, eccentric viceroy.

To compare her eccentric fragments with Blake's elfin wildness is ridiculous.

Both Ludwig and Elizabeth were eccentric in their sympathies and antipathies.

She pulled at the end of his eccentric old tartan shawl.

Exclaimed the eccentric man, when told of the change in plans.

Nor is this true only of the wilder and more eccentric sects.

What relation to the main pin is the eccentric crank set to?

My father's a crank, a genius in his way, but decidedly eccentric.

Within an hour the asteroid had been identified, its eccentric orbit plotted.

His last sensational appearance fitted in naturally to his usual eccentric methods.

He was taking the reptile to the house from some eccentric motive?

No wonder he suddenly developed a defunct grandfather with an eccentric will.

His orbit will not be prescribed or prophesied, for it is eccentric.

These eccentric semicircles we were making with the engine running like clockwork.

Only the avowed skeptic or the recognized eccentric can be an eclectic.

I was looked upon as eccentric by the white traders and trappers.

I know I appeared very much embarrassed and eccentric when we met.

He basked all his eccentric life in the sunshine of royal favor.

It is a loose, irregular, eccentric profession, beset with pitfalls and temptations.

This is the compound eccentric chuck to be subsequently described in detail.

He was not yet familiarized to the eccentric whims of his friend.

By natural affinity the social eccentrics commonly sympathized with political eccentricity.

My eccentric companion made no rejoinder, though I fancied he gave a sigh.

Then detach the eccentric cap, and replace it by the other.

It is an oriental bath, and the decoration is very eccentric and fantastic.

She emerged cynical, rough, dictatorial, eccentric in speech, habits, and attire.

They broke their fast upon him, undeterred by this eccentric appendage.

The girl was gloriously handsome; and as eccentric as she was beautiful.

Let us now take the eccentric species, still in the normal genus.

An eccentric young millionaire had offered me eight thousand dollars for it.

This will help to spread the philosophic reputation of this eccentric book.

Hurst, his conduct in thus going away surreptitiously must appear somewhat eccentric.

It must be acknowledged that these dispositions were somewhat droll and eccentric.

Certain animals have not infrequently an eccentric habit of destroying their offspring.

Their peculiarities were no more to be questioned than the eccentric shapes of clouds.

Up higher and higher soared the twin airplanes, climbing in eccentric spirals.

Such eccentric, sardonic intervals and rhythm at once suggest an unholy origin.

When you indulge in the eccentricity of a date you make it eccentric indeed.

Now she regarded him as an eccentric who did good by stealth.

Why handicap yourself by creating an impression that you are eccentric, bizarre?

He held up the broken eccentric ring which he had just detached.

The story tells of an eccentric skipper with a fad for doctoring.

Eccentric by nature, Barrett used his eccentricity as a means toward publicity.

Skips of this extent are obtained principally by using several eccentric cams.

After a free and eccentric life, it is said he died penitent in 1588.

As his life advanced he grew more and more wayward, capricious, and eccentric.

These may be concentric, to inflict a decisive blow, or eccentric, after victory.

She was evidently turning out one of those unmanageable beings, an eccentric woman.

How can it be known if an eccentric has slipped on the axle?

Once this was the sport of eccentric millionaires or of amply endowed museums.

Before I leave the lectern-system, I will describe two eccentric specimens of it.

You felt disposed to set down the wearer as somewhat eccentric at once.

They were the plumage of an eccentric bird hatched to look that way.

Remember the eccentric, the link pin, the cross-head, the crank pin.

A brother of the grandfather was an imbecile eccentric, who also saw visions.

The cylinder is driven from an eccentric on the crank-shaft as before described.

Ought Harriet to unite herself with an eccentric creature whose follies alienated everybody?

Look out for a pallid man with eccentric hair and a silky beard!

It is operated from an eccentric on the crank shaft in the usual manner.

It is usually startlingly modern, even eccentric at the time at which it appears.

There was nothing of the dreamer in his make-up, the eccentric idealist.

The connecting rod, eccentric rod, crank pin, and shaft, are of steel.

"An eccentric; bigoted, sullen and conceited," reflected Josie, in considering his character.

His manner became first morose and abstracted, and then wild and eccentric.

You have lived out of France till you have grown wretchedly serious and eccentric.

Already her entourage was concerned about her visionary and rather eccentric tendencies.

The eccentric Englishman was much addicted to the practice of attending executions.

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