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Use embodiment in a sentence

Definition of embodiment:

  • (noun) a new personification of a familiar idea; "the embodiment of hope";
  • (noun) a concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept; "a circle was the embodiment of his concept of life"
  • (noun) giving concrete form to an abstract concept

Sentence Examples:

She was like the embodiment of all the Greek heroines of myth and history.

It was a grisly embodiment of their secret griefs, a tantalizing vision of the unattainable.

She was, indeed, the breathing embodiment of the legend with its intoxicating witchery.

I will present you to the Smithsonian Institution as the last embodiment of effete theories.

It is frankly ugly, brutal and repellent, an embodiment of frightfulness, a frown in stone.

Later it led to any idealization of existing institutions as themselves the embodiment of reason.

Religion would be better than endurable in the company of such an embodiment of it!

To him Bettina was the embodiment of the loving grace and willfulness of 'Mignon.'

No idealized conception of a poet could find more suitable embodiment than in this gentle singer.

It is the first embodiment in the Swedish law of the reforms of Martin Luther.

Each on one leg, they stood shoulder to shoulder, the very embodiment of connubial bliss.

The man in the solid silk hat was the embodiment of silkiness and solidity.

Teeming with much that is ancient, she appears the embodiment of youth and beauty.

We always think of Japanese women as the embodiment of everything that is feminine and gentle.

He is a diplomatist, an ecclesiastic, an embodiment of all that is severe and archaic in authority.

She looked very bewitching as she stood before me, the living embodiment of my work.

He was a type of strength and grace, and the embodiment of rapacity and cruelty.

He was the embodiment of friendly interest, showing just the proper degree of complaisant expectancy.

Either you are the cleverest of dissemblers, sir knight, or else, forsooth, the embodiment of sluggishness!

He used to describe the magnificent old pachyderm as the living embodiment of a justifiable revolt.

Face and figure alike are the very embodiment of youthfulness and grace, verging almost on effeminacy.

Land being indestructible and irremovable, is believed to be the embodiment of the idea of intrinsic value.

He has made it the embodiment of the Egyptian belief in the semi-divine nature of their Pharaohs.

He is the embodiment of all that is magnificent, possessing strength, swiftness, courage, sagacity, and gracefulness.

Helen, extended in her chair, an embodiment of lovely aimlessness, kept her eyes fixed on him.

Courage is supposed to hold a solemn aspect, but the Major was the embodiment of heartiness.

Through the next two years he stood in every eye as the embodiment of constructive statesmanship.

He perched motionless and sharply silhouetted against the rarefied space, like an embodiment of spent disaster.

Intrepid, Captain Malloy, whom he stigmatizes as the embodiment of all that is brutal in man.

Would she be the embodiment of ingenuousness which her grandfather had evidently believed her to be?

No man since Luther has been a more complete embodiment of German nationality than Otto von Bismarck.

There was an air of restrained voluptuousness about her, and she seemed the very embodiment of passion.

Even Uncle Tom was a conventional embodiment of patience and meekness rather than a highly individualized character.

And such experience had found embodiment in the marvelous melody of the serenade which I had heard.

The age recognized in him the embodiment of its ideal: that of medieval monasticism at its highest development.

His attitude, when he is crouching for the final bound, is the embodiment of suppleness and strength.

Melissa's brother stood before him, the very embodiment of the ideal of Greek strength and manly beauty.

In action, the embodiment of an Achilles, and in repose as graceful as the statue of the Greek slave.

The consciousness of this would hearten him to entertain free thoughts, and to strive for their embodiment.

Even when the color goes, the corpuscles can still be distinguished as pale images of their green embodiment.

As a child Nietzsche was holy; as a man he was the symbol and embodiment of all unholiness.

Hades was quite the opposite of the Greek mind, which demanded embodiment, and hence was inherently artistic.

A Mexican who is the embodiment of taciturnity when afoot, will become a howling organism when he is mounted.

They could not see, as Raphael saw, in womanhood the embodiment of gentleness spiritualizing the brute in man.

Surely that engineer was the embodiment of dignity and impudence, that peculiar combination that marks the true Briton.

And on his psychical side he is not an unsubstantial wraith, but a being inconceivable apart from outward embodiment.

She became at times an embodiment for Ann Veronica of all that made the suffrage movement defective and unsatisfying.

Greeley, his nomination would be a deathblow to the reform movement, because he is the embodiment of centralization and monopoly.

He is the embodiment of that "missing link" whose nonappearance had hitherto given so much comfort to the skeptical.

Then from over the dyke-top floated a noiseless, winnowing, sinister shape which seemed the very embodiment of the desolation.

She seemed an accentuated, dignified, concentrated embodiment of them all; and Myra longed for Billy, to share the joke.

There was an aspen in the orchard, the very embodiment of youth and spring in its litheness and symmetry.

They view them as the embodiment of heroism, unsympathetically and disgracefully treated by the narrow understanding of the law.

Not only is the Emperor conceived as the living symbol of Japanese nationality, but he is its embodiment and substance.

The embodiment of listlessness, it apparently had not ambition enough to flick a fly from its flank with its tail.

Peter at about the time of her marriage; a sweet, young girl with light curls, and the embodiment of daintiness.

And just as femaleness is no more than the embodiment of the idea of pairing, so is it sexuality in the abstract.

Egyptian, Grecian, Byzantine, and Gothic buildings are well-marked species, of which each individual building of the sort is a material embodiment.

Compare that embodiment of fashionable vacuity with this face, whose brute-like eyes haunt you with their sadly stunted look.

Immediately below the rack sat the human embodiment of the label, a solid, sedate individual, sedately dressed, sedately conversational.

Ned himself, appalled at the approaching embodiment of anger and strength, retreated a foot or two from the expected blow.

Nay, my brother, I do not overrate you, for like our father you are an embodiment of all the virtues and graces.

The palace was no longer empty, but enshrined a living presence, a lovely embodiment of Nature's purest and best manifestation.

It was a perfect embodiment of the still, small voice, free from all cold, hoarseness, huskiness, or unhealthiness of any kind.

It was a perfect embodiment of the still small voice, free from all cold, hoarseness, huskiness, or unhealthiness of any kind.

This cynical minister of the Austrian Empire was the embodiment of the reaction which set in after the fall of Napoleon.

Woman herself was nothing more than the embodiment of voluptuousness; it made her what she was, directing and fashioning her.

It now appeared to him that she had immolated herself on the altar of an ideal of which he was the embodiment.

He expressed himself in a language of profound pathos which was in part due to the embodiment of weird and gloomy orchestration.

We are here clearly confronted by the embodiment of a great cosmic principle, causing the helices it is for us to uncoil.

The amateur is the embodiment of the best in the common life, the conservator of aspirations, the fulfillment of democratic freedom.

It seemed impossible that she was going to find Ida, the embodiment of daintiness and refinement, in this dilapidated old place.

Very blue of eye and very ruddy of cheek, she looked the embodiment of health; and this rendered her not unpleasing.

Scarcely more agreeable is the bogie, or witch, blowing from her mouth a malevolent exhalation, an embodiment of malignant and maleficent sorcery.

It was not strange that in such a time Italian poets should have discerned in Orpheus the embodiment of their own ideals.

I revered Dora for her fortitude, and Lucy appealed to me as the embodiment of her mother's saintliness I would watch Lucy.

The cockerel does not take up a new perch in the barn, and he is the embodiment of health and common sense.

No title to property, no idea and no living form (which is the embodiment of idea) is indefeasible if search be made far enough.

With many children any narrative which holds the imagination delightfully enthralled is likely to become more fully realized in a visible embodiment.

There are creatures which are the embodiment of grace; and others whose huge ungainliness is like that of a shape in a nightmare.

Subject as they inevitably were to the idealizing tendency, they became in time the concrete embodiment of the noblest ideals of later generations.

To the old lady herself it suddenly seemed the very embodiment of the luxurious ease against which she was so impotently battling.

If it were possible for him to gaze upon beauty apart from her sensuous embodiment, it is doubtful if he would find her ravishing.

It was refreshing, for example, to witness Miss Kellogg's Susannah, an embodiment full of realism without coarseness and esprit without exaggeration.

People saw in the heroic Judas an embodiment of the victorious Duke of Cumberland, who had ferociously scattered the hosts of the Pretender.

The new farmer is merely the worthy son of a noble sire; he is the modern embodiment of the old farmer's progressiveness.

The French woman is the embodiment of suppleness and gracefulness, more fascinating by her manner than by either her face or figure.

For the embodiment of the latter life one must turn to the music of German Protestantism and study the works of Bach.

Himself the embodiment of life and hope and perfect happiness, he was inexpressibly touched by the pathos of the little lean pony.

The American nation seemed concentrated upon one great and ennobling idea, the freedom of Russia, and upon Gorky as the embodiment of that idea.

Dry as dust, sapless as steel, precise as the magnetic needle, he had hitherto been to me the mummified embodiment of science militant.

A spasmodic, sandy mustache hinted at increasing age, but in other respects he was the same freckled, snub-nosed embodiment of irresponsibility as ever.

To other people than Anne Linton she was always the embodiment of quiet charm in her freshness of attire and air of general daintiness.

A few days afterward official Turkey and the diplomatic force paid their last tribute to this perfect embodiment of the Prussian system.

This noble figure is the embodiment of glorious, inextinguishable youth and strength, and is to me the most inspiring of Michael Angelo's statues.

The stimulus of Italian residence on Browning, then, probably led to the embodiment in his poems of the literary knowledge he already possessed.

The embodiment and essence of Love, which is the author of all good, they are enthroned amid the serenity of the highest heaven.

If the emotion is professedly personal it appeals less strongly to mankind, and it is moreover likely to interfere with its own effective embodiment.

He seemed the embodiment of perseverance, as he repeatedly offered that length of stove-pipe an elbow which it, like a prudish maiden, provokingly refused.

She was the very embodiment of joy as she went to and fro in the house; she brought with her a perpetual spring.