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Definition of enema:

  • (noun) injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation; sometimes used for diagnostic purposes

Sentence Examples:

If dog is paralytic give it an enema.

An enema containing it is useful in relieving flatus.

Tell how to prepare and give a soapsuds enema.

If the bowels are constipated, give enemas of warm water.

The treatment consists of purgatives, enemas, and milk diet.

Lead Acetate, by mouth, or as enema or suppository, along with opium.

The bowels may be emptied by means of a soapsuds enema.

Or instead of a glycerin enema, a glycerin suppository may be used.

It was often administered with beneficial results in dropsy as an enema.

If the bowels are constipated you should take an enema (injection) or salts.

During fasting only enemas or colonics permit elimination from the large intestine.

In from four to six hours a normal saline, or soapsuds enema is given.

The bowels are emptied by means of soapsuds or salts and glycerin enemas.

Classes were also offered on colon health including herbs, clays, enemas, and colonics.

Instead of water, we may advise an occasional enema of two to four drams of glycerin.

Correctly given, enemas (and especially colonics) serve as strengthening exercises for the colon.

A hot fomentation (see) over the liver, before using the enema, will make it more effective.

The administration of an enema to a false coiner will sometimes bring to light hidden treasure.

Used locally as an enema, it is useful in flatulent colic, and convulsions that come on through teething.

In giving enemas, the nurse must use great care to avoid touching or infecting an injured perineum.

These should be given in the form of an enema, or a suppository, if the stomach is irritable.

Early Egyptian writings refer to rectal enemas: numerous prescriptions, including several for nutrient enemas, are given.

It is necessary to cleanse the lower bowel with a saline or soapsuds enema at least once a day.

Being demulcent it is generally employed as a vehicle for the exhibition of opium in the form of enema.

Enemas of Lime Water diluted with an equal part of tepid milk or mucilage have also been used with benefit.

If constipation be present give warm water and glycerine enemas, and an occasional dose of castor oil if necessary.

These enemas should only be taken every other day, and between days a suitable dose of purgative elixir.

Abdominal distention was rarely seen, and when it occurred a plain soapsuds enema with turpentine was administered.

It may be necessary occasionally to use a suppository or an enema now and again until the habit is established.

The bowel should first be washed out with an enema of warm water; the opiate may then be introduced.

Whatever dilatation the use of the enema may transiently produce would be only healthy exercise for the diseased organ.

If he is constipated give him a cleansing enema, and if hot and feverish a sponge bath may be administered.

Persisted with long enough, enemas will clean the colon every bit as well as a colonic machine can.

Well-done enemas work the colon somewhat less effectively and do not improve muscle tone quite as much as colonics.

If they are imprudently handled and become constipated it is necessary to resort to either the enema or some mild cathartic.

The yolk of an egg, a dessertspoonful of brandy, and a teaspoonful of sulfuric ether makes a useful, sustaining enema.

Very strong purgative enemas and emetics prove the advantage of the excitement of the mucous membranes in this case.

When an enema is used in infants or older children for the relief of constipation, the best medium to use is glycerine.

People don't want to think about the colon or personally get involved with it by giving themselves enemas or colonics.

The best general remedies are warm baths, and, if the bowels are constipated, enemas of starch and castor oil daily.

Salt may be used as a gargle in the same way as soda, and even mixed with soda, also for enemas.

After the enema is finished give the bedpan immediately; the enema will, however, be more effective if retained a few minutes.

Make a lather with clean warm water and plain soap, and fill the enema syringe (a half-pint size is useful).

A soapsuds or salts and glycerin enema to flush the colon will often give quick relief by dispelling the gas.

Their slight disinclination is not to be considered alongside of the relief and cure you effectuate by the use of the enema.

Their slight disinclination is not to be considered alongside of the relief and cure you effect by the use of the enema.

Shelton strongly insisted that enemas and colonics should not be employed; the juice advocates tend to strongly recommend intestinal cleansing.

When much chilliness is produced by the contact of water with the skin, the cold enema is a most admirably useful measure.

Surely it is unhygienic and irrational to ignore the valuable service of the enema in cases in which the bowels are in an unnatural condition.

Others again use blisters over the abdomen, in conjunction with purgative enemas and moderate bleeding; but this mode seems to do but little good.

Sometimes the vulva and perineal region are shaved and scrubbed at the onset of labor, either before or immediately after the bath and enema.

The enema may be repeated daily, or if this is objectionable to the patient, the castor oil or Russian oil, may be given as a routine.

If this does not suffice, an enema of warm water, to which a little soap or two teaspoonfuls of glycerin have been added, may be given.

Eyeglasses, false teeth, crutches, etc., are unnatural but invaluable aids, but no more so than is the enema as a means of relief from overloaded bowels.

If the enema has to be frequently employed, cold water should be used, for the repeated use of hot water is likely to enfeeble the constitution.

A second case, which came under my observation, was that of a Russian, who for many years had only been relieved by medicine or enemas.

The patient must live low, her feet must be frequently bathed in hot water, and her bowels regularly opened either with saline purgatives or enemas.

This is used as an excellent emollient enema in an inflammatory condition of the large intestines, or in irritation of the rectum, but chiefly in inflammatory cases.

Take no cathartics, but where artificial aid is needed, use an enema of a quart of warm water, in which you have placed at least an ounce of glycerine.

It may ofttimes be necessary, and it is far less harmful, to insert a glycerine suppository into the rectum, than to get into the enema habit.

In many cases no relief can be given, but attempts should be made to cause the obstruction to pass by giving mild purgatives and copious enemas.

This should be followed by oils or oleaginous purgatives, and the intestines should be cleaned and washed out with an enema of warm water and turpentine.

Shelton strongly opposed bowel cleansing, so I did no enemas nor colonics, nor herbs, nor clays, nor psyllium seed designed to clean the bowel, etc.

Hot baths, hot drinks, hot enemas, and sweating are also constipating because they extract so much liquid from the bowel leaving the contents excessively dry.

If the ordinary dose fails to relieve the bowels, an additional treatment of glycerine enema at or about the time that the stool is to take place is to be employed.

Care must be used in preparing this flatus enema on account of the danger of curdling the milk with the acid in the molasses and the hot water.

I see no objection to an occasional enema if purgative medicine has been taken without effect, but constant use of them, more than likely, will result in the enema habit.

This time I advised the surgeon against the use of any purgative, and he took my remarks so seriously that he did not even allow an enema to be given.

Many times when a faster seems to be retracing or experiencing a sudden onset of acute discomfort or symptoms, these can be almost immediately relieved by an enema or colonic.

An ice cap should be placed to his head (cracked ice done up in a towel), and while in the bath or immediately upon taking him out, give a warm soapsuds enema.

The rectum should first be thoroughly cleansed by an enema of soap and water and then from four to six ounces of milk and brandy or eggnog may be injected.

After complete tears, the bowels are kept constipated for two or three days, and then moved with a high enema of sweet oil, followed by castor oil by mouth.

The rectum is irrigated with a simple enema, once daily, immediately preceding one of the injections, consisting of an ounce of dextrose or glucose and one dram of salt to a pint of water.

The bowel movements should never be allowed to become hard, the dietetic advice of another chapter should be carefully followed and the oil enema, as described in the appendix, should be used if necessary.

The use of a half ounce of gentian on the feed night and morning for a week has been recommended, but the use of rectal enemas will give more prompt and perhaps more certain results.

Frequently it is desirable to take another preliminary injection before taking the large one, which latter is variously called "flushing the colon," "taking an enema," "taking an internal bath" or "a washout," etc.

A so-called low enema is given to clean out the rectum of constipated matter, or for the introduction of food or medicine by rectum, when for various reasons it is necessary to spare the stomach.

If the animal is constipated, relieve this symptom by injections (enemas) of warm water into the rectum three or four times a day, but do not administer purgative medicines, except of a mild character.

No provision is made for defecation, and hence it is our custom in long experiments to empty the lower bowel with an enema and thus defer as long as possible the necessity for defecation.

The straight tubular tip is intended for enemas; the flared vaginal douche tip can be useful for enemas too, in that it somewhat restrains unintentional expulsion of the nozzle while filling the colon.

For the severe bloating enemas containing turpentine should be given, one to two to six ounces of water used with ten to thirty drops of turpentine in it; sometimes it is necessary to resort to surgery.

If a nursing baby's bowels do not move before bedtime it should be given an injection of equal parts of glycerine and hot water, one-half cupful; or an enema of soap and water, or a glycerine suppository.

Washing out the colon with high injections is often of great value, but should not be continued too long lest the rectum become habituated to distention, and bowel movements not take place without an enema.

Stimulating enemas, as glycerin, should be administered after those already mentioned have emptied the last bowel, with the purpose of still further increasing the natural motion of the intestines and aiding the purging medicine.

In addition, if there chances to be a fountain syringe in the camp, give rectal enemas of hot normal salt solution, which can be made by dissolving a teaspoonful of common salt in a quart of sterile water.

It is also used as an enema; two to four ounces of the oil or meal given daily in mash often suffices to maintain the bowels in a relaxed condition throughout febrile attacks, where there is a tendency to constipation.

To immediately flush out the bowel, a soapsuds enema or a plain water enema may be allowed to flow into the lower colon, or a glycerine suppository inserted into the rectum will quickly bring a bowel movement.

A few well-delivered colonics can quickly accustom a person to the sensations accompanying the enema and demonstrate the effect to be achieved by oneself with an enema bag, something not quickly discoverable any other way.

The enema has also been wrongly accused of causing a gradual loss of colon muscle tone, eventually preventing bowel movements without the stimulation of an enema, leading finally to flaccidity and enlargement of the lower bowel.

Before dressing, therefore, is the time to relieve the excessive pressure from gases and feces, and a slight enema is accordingly advisable, say from half a pint to a pint of water, which should be expelled at once.

When increasingly larger enemas are administered until the colon is nearly emptied of fecal matter and the injection of close to a gallon of water is achieved, beneficial exercise and an increase in overall muscle tone are the results.

In a case which was partially under my care during the past summer the slightest touch made the patient, a boy of fifteen years, cry out with pain, and the administration of an enema gave him excruciating agony.

A colonic machine in the hands of an expert operator can administer the equivalent of six or seven big enemas in less than one hour, and do this without undue discomfort or effort from the person receiving the colonic.

If at the time of the period the pain still continues, an enema or vaginal douche will usually give the necessary relief unless the patient should be exposed to cold by allowing the hands, arms, feet or legs to become chilled.

And she must remember that in spite of the best planning, there will be emergencies and precipitate labors, when the preparation will necessarily be modified, and sometimes so curtailed that even the bath and enema are omitted.

Large enemas of warm water will care for spasmodic colic, and I have, in one instance, relieved strangulated hernia by the same method, and at another time the same result was accomplished by a large injection of warm linseed oil.

We deplore the use of the water enema as a regular daily procedure; in its place we suggest the use of the enema of oil or the introduction into the rectum of a gluten suppository or in obstinate cases a glycerine suppository.

The excreta discharged naturally in cases of constipation do not give a correct indication of the conditions inside the gut; whilst such matter contains few microbes, the substance removed after injection by an enema is extremely rich in bacteria.

A nurse may properly provide a soft rubber catheter and also a syringe; this should be constructed so that it acts as an enema apparatus when one pipe is used, and as a vaginal syringe when the other pipe is applied.

When, however, the operation has been of a more serious character, for example, when there was pus formation or a gangrenous appendix, the feeding by mouth must not be instituted for five days or more, nutrient enemas being used instead.