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Use fall-through in a sentence

Definition of fall through:

  • (verb) fail utterly; collapse;

Sentence Examples:

Suddenly the cry of a muezzin from a nearby minaret came rising and falling through the streets.

He'd fall through the floor slats.

The waning light falls through the window and illumines the philosopher's venerable face.

The coarse stuff that escapes pulverization falls through e into the cavity c.

Not a dollar of mine shall fall through the pockets of that shiftless breed.

By this means most of the crushed husks and leaves fall through the interstices of the sieve.

It seemed to his befogged mind that the wave had broken and that he was falling through the air.

So, your ladyship, your scheme to inculpate me falls through!

He was seized by a sense of falling through that Stygian shroud.

Why does any liquid in falling through the air assume the globule form?

Lead the fall through a snatch-block, to the capstan.

The straight warm rain was falling through the dusky, windless air.

When full-grown, they fall through the nostrils to the ground and assume the pupa.

Was the hallucination of falling through the earth destined to mar his newly returned sanity?

There was no light in the room save that of the moonbeams falling through the windows.

Ferns and flowers strew the ground and the sunlight falls through the branches in flecks of gold.

The uterus falls through a certain distance before the uterine ligaments become suspensory.

If you cross-examine me about her charms, without doubt I shall fall through.

A ray of sun falling through a narrow, barred window high up illumined his shoulders.

A small stick set into the masonry under the lintel kept the door slab from falling through.

All at once the great desperado realized that he was falling through space.

The white bird screamed shrilly, his bright whistle falling through glissandi of sound.

He felt himself falling, falling through mental parsecs.

The moonlight, falling through the thinning forest, showed her white cerements.